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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
City rivalries by Ellerd on 16 September 2005 12:49am
I don't know if this has come up here before:
Here in Australia, the cities of Sydney and Melbourne have always had been friendly rivals. Our capital had to be built between the two cities because of this competition. I'm sure there are a host of other cities with an intense rivalry - London and Paris comes to mind. Can anyone help me with my list?
Re: City rivalries by canaveralgumby on 16 September 2005 1:53am
New York and Boston?
Re: City rivalries by edmo1960 on 16 September 2005 5:21am
Timbuktu and Kidal ? Maybe they battle over the salt.
Re: City rivalries by George on 16 September 2005 5:46pm
Houston and Dallas.

Leopold and Loeb.

Sacco and Vanzetti.
Re: City rivalries by intrepid on 16 September 2005 6:25pm
Breaking and Entering

Fear and Costello

Pride and Loathing

Abbot and Prejudice

Toronto and Montreal?
Capetown and Johannesburg?
Rome and Milan?
Sao Paolo and Rio?
Glasgow and Edinburgh?
Guyaqil and Quito?
sorry about the spelling. You'll notice I didn't even try "de Janiero"

The BBC had a week-long series of segments on this a few weeks back. Some of the ones they had were Barcelona and Madrid; Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; Shanghai and Beijing, 2 from Nigeria which I think were Lagos and Abuja(?) and another pair, possibly Bangkok and Syracuse, NY. Wait, it might have been St. Petersburg and Moscow (and not Tampa).
Re: City rivalries by tucsonmike on 17 September 2005 5:02am
New York and Boston mainly for baseball. New York and Los Angeles would be rivals for just about everything else.
In Arizona we have Tucson and Phoenix. Rival may not be the right word though. We see Phoenix as everything we DONT want to be. (Smogged in congested, a new L.A.). It's a good place to keep the state government corralled. Phoenix sees us as quaint, historic, nice to visit if you have the time, but not hustlers and not hard working enough.

And there is something wrong with the not working hard enough? I didn't have my siesta today...
Re: City rivalries by sighthound on 17 September 2005 6:16am
Actually, New York and almost anyplace else. No one's more provincial than New Yorkers.
Re: City rivalries by pandab on 18 September 2005 3:26am
Here in the Roanoke Valley, it's Roanoke City and everyone else (there are 4 cities/towns in the Valley--Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Salem and Vinton). Of course, Vinton is really small, but we're scrappy <G>.

When I lived in the Baltimore region, it was Baltimore and Boston.

Washington D.C. and the states of Virginia and Maryland <G>.
Re: City rivalries by tucsonmike on 18 September 2005 4:42am
That's true Sighthound. I will be curious to see when I am in New York in two weeks.
I am so far removed from how I grew up...
My parents have the infamous New Yorker cartoon (showing Manhattan, then the rest of the planet). My father got mad when I reminded him, Brooklyn would have been BEHIND the cartoon. Maybe I'll wear my cowboy hat, just to be difficult. I wont wear it to the Mets game. Otherwise, the person behind me can't see...

I am waiting for Patty to return so I can do Washington vs. Baltimore.

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