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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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WOW by Miss Lumberjack on 18 October 2002 11:57am
I just wanted to say how wonderful, brave Michael is going to alsorts of countries for months, he must really miss his family. Has anyone ever written a message on here to Michael and got a reply? I have never had a letter or reply from anyone famous that I have written to. So I hope Michael replys to the message I'm going to write to me.
Re: WOW by Ken Dunn on 10 December 2006 5:18pm
As this was the oldest thread with a single posting and a suitable title that saved me having to start a new thread and scroll through 138 pages for :

Space is curved.

I thought I'd put the concept here before going to find an astrophysics website to check.

Because space is curved time travel into the past is possible.


Imagine you are accelerating away from the sun.
Your speed continues to increase until you approach the speed of light.
At the speed of light the image of the sun behind you will disappear as you are travelling at the speed of light and no more light can arrive from behind you.
Still accelerating, now faster than the speed of light, you are catching up with light that left the sun before you did (almost). The more you accelerate the older this image becomes.
The sun also radiates heat energy at the same speed as light (I hope). The faster you go the more of this old energy will be collected at the front.
Eventually, still accelerating, the condition will exist where the 'old' sun will be in front of you as a real object.
q.v. E=mc^2 (Einstein's famous equation)
E=energy, m=mass, c=the speed of light.

It is unlikely that a craft with the required acceleration could be built to test the theory.

Re: WOW by Ken Dunn on 10 December 2006 6:07pm
I've been and had a look at other websites and the concept is feasable.
Would any budding or experienced astrophysicist like to comment please?
Michael Palin's Interplanetary Travel Website by Lounge Trekker on 10 December 2006 7:40pm
I can't help you in this, Ken. I don't even wish I could help you with this! I'm too busy enjoying what is tangible, malleable, feasible or edible. I'm just a poor, incurious, Earth-centric, intellectual cave-man if you will.

Ken must be bored!

I would be interested with what another academic could add to Ken's discussion.

Earth Lounger
Re: WOW by Ken Dunn on 10 December 2006 11:23pm
Thanks for your response Earth Lounger! It made me laugh.
Re: WOW by Sophie-Louise on 11 December 2006 1:04am
i just got lost on about the third word of that sentence... i am sorry! lol
Re: WOW by Ken Dunn on 11 December 2006 8:23am
After further consideration the theorem also proves that the universe is finite.
Re: WOW by kazzzz on 11 December 2006 11:21am
*unwraps a creme egg*
Re: WOW by arty_farty on 11 December 2006 11:59am
the universe is banana shaped!
Re: WOW by sighthound on 11 December 2006 11:44pm
I pretty sure heat energy radiates more slowly than light, Ken. What did you mean by "energy will be collected at the front"?
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