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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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help!!! by sarahs on 21 February 2006 12:59am
i need encouragement guys!!!

i've got 4 essays to do this week. i've been working on my first one all evening, and i've only done 83 words out of 2000, so it looks like it'll be a long night, and to make it worse, i've got work in the morning!!!

if anyone's around, encourage me!! tell me i can do it!!!! i really need it!

Re: help!!! by tucsonmike on 21 February 2006 1:05am
Well you can do it and I will help you long distance. What are the essays on? Why do you think you are having such trouble? Email me if you need to.
Re: help!!! by sarahs on 21 February 2006 1:20am
the one i'm doing now is on the causes of the spanish-american war of 1898.

i've also got to do one on witchcraft in tudor and stuart england, immigration in 1830s america, and a final one on martin luther king and malcolm x, and they're just the ones for next week. argh!!!!!!!!!

i've got 3 for the week after - on the english civil war, jim crow laws, and the cuban missile crisis. and a couple of weeks after that i'm off on holiday for a month!!!!!

i just can't concentrate (well i can concentrate on my holiday) - i know what i need to say but don't know how.


Re: help!!! by tucsonmike on 21 February 2006 1:31am
OK Sarah, use your holiday as your goal, but let's gets u through these shall we?

1. The Spanish American War. Basically the U.S. Media helped stir up war fervor and the sinking of the Maine was the reason President McKinley needed.
2. Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England, that's a little harder.
3. Immigration in 1830's America? What about it?
4. Jim Crow laws? Well, they came after Reconstruction. What are you supposed to write about them? Well they were a bad idea. That's an easy one.
5. Cuban Missle Crisis. Basically payback for Bay of Pigs and Kennedy did well on that one. Khruschev blinked.
6. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X? In the same essay. They met once for about a minute.

Need more details, dearie!
Re: help!!! by peripatetically on 21 February 2006 1:36am
I think you can do it too, Sarah. The first thing you must do is get off this web site! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seriously, you can do it. Good luck!
Re: help!!! by sarahs on 21 February 2006 1:39am
1. i thought cuba would be the main cause, as the tension started over them
2. the question is why were people persecuted for witchcraft - that would be mainly social problem, etc. i'm guessing
3. how did immigration change american politics - i thought i'd look at the reaction to the immigrants, and whether new policies were introduced, and briefly talk about how effective they were (to make up the words)
4. did the laws change the lives of african-americans - again i'll have to write 2000 words saying why it was bad, but i can just look at the laws and be like no it was pants
5. thanks
6. compare their roles - i think it would be Martin Luther King was more peaceful, and Malcolm X violent, and basically compare their views

thanks so much - you're a darling.

Re: help!!! by sighthound on 21 February 2006 3:48am
Check out William Randolph Hearst's role in the Spanish American war. He pretty much started it with inflammatory propaganda so he could sell more newspapers. (Kinda like Cheney/Haliburton's role in the current war - get people to think they are threatened and you can convince them of almost anything.)
Re: help!!! by sighthound on 21 February 2006 3:59am
Don't know specifically about witchcraft in Tudor England but withcraft is a religion, just a pre-Christian one. As all religions grow, they tend to demonize the beliefs of the previous religion (and then they can feel rightous about persecuting or killing the people who do not convert.) There are some facinating passages in the "Malleus Malificarum" (Hammer of Evil) written by two Jesuit Inquisitors about how to deal with witchcraft. Since they didn't speak the same language, they are questioning witches through interpreters and, when the witches mention the name of their god in their own language, the inquisitors say "No. That is the devil" and the witches say, basically, "Well, if that is her/his name in your language, then, yes we worship the devil." Absolutely chilling testimony.
Re: help!!! by arty_farty on 21 February 2006 11:28am

sorry forgot to take caps lock off.
we worship gods like Artimis and Thor.
Re: help!!! by sighthound on 21 February 2006 9:20pm
Exactly my point! However there has been so much propaganda to the contrary for centuries that that idea is hard to disabuse.

I discovered long ago that, if you are being pestered at your house by Jehovah's Wittnesses, just tell them you are a witch and they will never come back and no other ones will come around to take their place. I think you get put on some national JW "Do Not Approach! Evil, evil, evil!" list.
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