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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Pick Up the Story. by tucsonmike on 5 March 2006 5:09am
I thought I would try this and see how far we got. We had an excercise in my writing class last Tuesday. Using the questions, who, what, why, when, and how.

Because of the Branson letter, I thought of a London setting. I'll start.

He was riding in the airport shuttle in the sunrise up Interstate 10. Wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, and boots, he was headed to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix for the nine hour flight to Heathrow to an adventure not yet exposed.
The desert on either side of the highway was familiar and he was glad someone else was driving. He passed Picacho Peak, site of Arizonas one Civil War battle and over the long bridge spanning the Gila River. He boarded the flight and it took off on time. He read his books about Britain and slept, hat over his eyes.
He arrived in Heathrow the next day, awake excited and ready to do things.

Who wants to take it over?
Re: Pick Up the Story. by peripatetically on 5 March 2006 5:22am
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Mike, this is exactly how we wrote our "Life Down on the Farm" episodes, right Kaz, Missy, Bert, Lyn, Mac and others? It's a lot of fun and I wish that story could continue.

Missy, can you find some of those threads Honey-Bunny?
Re: Pick Up the Story. by peripatetically on 5 March 2006 5:34am
But this poor American hayseed came unprepared. A cowboy hat was surely not the right attire for a Cosmopolitan city such as London. Besides, it was raining and he didn't bring wellies or a raincoat or bumber-shoot! His happy-go-lucky attitude wasn't spoiled by the inclement weather, however, so off he went to the city center where he checked into The Creme Egg Hotel.

Ding! Ding! Ding! DIng! Ding! DIng! The buzzer sounded at reception, and the bellboy came to escort him to his penthouse suite. But when the doors flung open, his cheery mood changed. There before him was something completely unexpected. It was.....
Re: Pick Up the Story. by sighthound on 5 March 2006 11:00am
It was a man, a small man, actually an incredibly tiny man who thrusts an envelope into the American's hand. Un-nerved by this miniscule apparition, he, with trembling hands, opens the envelope and extracts a yellowing paper with faded writing in an antique handwriting style. He squints to make out the text. It says....
Re: Pick Up the Story. by perfectbitch on 5 March 2006 2:55pm
"Discover the Historical Wonders of Olde London.

Marvel in the majesty of Buckingham Palace
Experience the gothic horror of the London Dungeon
Be dazzled by the Crown Jewels

All this and much much more on an open topped bus tour by


Tours from London Bridge every hour on the hour

Why not finish your day of history with a candle lit dinner aboard "Ye Olde River Barge" and enjoy Father Thames at night.

"You will take this tour tomotrow morning at 10 o'clock sharp", ordered the wizened little man. "When you get to St. Paul's Cathedral, leave the bus and wait at the entrance. Your contact will find you. She will ask you the time and then say, 'I'm too early for my appointment." You will then ask her if she has time for a coffee. She will instruct you further.

"I must be off now. Cheerio."

Before the cowboy could respond or even say goodbye, this weird figure scuttled out of the door.....
Re: Pick Up the Story. by tucsonmike on 5 March 2006 5:13pm
That night, the cowboy, walked along the Thames Embankment staring at the lights. The lights blocked out the stars. Then again, it was cloudy and drizzly and there would not have been many stars.
What in the world, was the old man talking about? The cowboy was up to any challenge, though. "Well, I reckon I should head back to the hotel and get some sleep." Back to the Creme Egg Hotel he went.
The following morning, he woke up had the traditional English breakfast and felt loaded down. He headed off to the tour and got off the bus as instructed at St. Pauls. He wondered what was going to happen with this. He waited by the entrance. A woman approached...
Re: Pick Up the Story. by Ahren on 5 March 2006 5:44pm
Wearing two coconuts and a grass skirt. The cowboy stared in amazement, he'd never seen such lovely...
Re: Pick Up the Story. by Spursfan on 5 March 2006 5:56pm
Re: Pick Up the Story. by peripatetically on 5 March 2006 7:09pm
But , suddenly, a coconut fell to the ground and the grass laden girl blushed. or was she pretendng to blush, he wondered? "Hmmmmmm", he thought to himself and slowly approached her with a beckoning look on his face.

"What time is it, Sir?"

"it's time to put your coconut back, that's what time it is," he responded though very distracted by her beauty.

"I'm too early for my apointment", said she with a glint in her eyes.

He knew this was the woman of which the tiny messenger referred. She accepted his offer to have coffee and as they walked to the nearest pub, the coconuts clattered and grass strands fell from her waist. Our American in question wondered if a trail was being left by her. He looked around coyly several times but saw nobody in pursuit, although many curious eyes glued to the strange pair.

As they entered The Wet Halibut Pub, the woman led the way across the wood-planked floor to a dark corner where a booth was dimly lit and where darts flew past their heads. One dart was caught in her left coconut and a loud "OUCH!" eminated from her rosy red lips.

Finally seated, the woman reached into her right coconut and pulled out a map and a circular-shaped parchment paper which read..........

Re: Pick Up the Story. by tucsonmike on 6 March 2006 2:53am
Your goal is to the East. Follow this to the Tube and head to the Tower.
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