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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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how did you get your name? by jaime on 8 March 2006 1:48am
just out of curiosity?
Re: how did you get your name? by Sophie-Louise on 8 March 2006 2:11am
my grandmother was called sophia but my mum doesn't like that so she changed it to sophie, but she thought that was very unoriginal so she hyphenated it to Sophie-Louise. she just thought the louise part sounded nice!
Re: how did you get your name? by sighthound on 8 March 2006 5:04am
I was almost named Gertrude because my mother loved her cousin Trudy. Thank god they thought better of it....
Re: how did you get your name? by pandab on 8 March 2006 5:14am
I was supposed to be named Julia Anne after my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother. When I arrived, my father decided he didn't like it and talked my mother into Donna Lee. The Lee is a family name on HIS side, and he just liked Donna.

I know this sounds unfair to my mom, but she got her revenge when my brother was born. Dad declared he would be a Michael, but Mom decided she liked Steven Douglas and she got her way.

My mom's name is a strange one. She was Sydnor (pronounced Sid-nor). Apparently, it was a family name of some ancestor on her father's side. She detested it, and when I once said I would name my first daughter (which I never had) Syndor Anne, Mom threatened to disown me <G>!

Re: how did you get your name? by tucsonmike on 8 March 2006 3:10pm
LOL Jaime! My mother told me I am named after my Great Grandfather (his name was actually Mikhail).
Re: how did you get your name? by hunnicut.bj on 8 March 2006 3:12pm
It was that bloody Marillion song that did it! Until then it was going to be Tim for a boy or Michaela for a girl. Both would have been much better! Can't stand the name Kayleigh
Re: how did you get your name? by purple on 8 March 2006 4:31pm
Though there are some, paricularly by customers at my old job, who have thought it was after that awful song "Tell Laura I Love Her" - and by singing it to me, it would be hilarious to prove their point.
My parents wanted a simple name that couldn't be shortened or difficult to spell. Though my mum preferred Margaret Rose, my dad decided my grandmother's name was much better. Laura seemed like one of his better suggestions, as he was toying with the idea of calling me Marie Claire!
Re: how did you get your name? by Spursfan on 8 March 2006 4:46pm
Some people have thought that we named our (now grown up) daughter Genevieve after the car in the film. In fact we just liked the name (and I believe St Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris)
Re: how did you get your name? by canaveralgumby on 8 March 2006 10:38pm
"Cory" was a brand of appliances used by diners. After getting the news that they were expecting me, they went to the Fort Lee Diner and so I am named for a coffee pot. A coffee pot with an "i." That was Dad's story and he stuck to it!
-- Cori
Re: how did you get your name? by Sir Eggsalot on 9 March 2006 12:41pm
I am the son of Earl and Lady Eggsalot, my family have HUGE tracts of land all over both Sheffield and Brixton. And a bit in Nigeria but it's a bit hot for eggs there.
Our family name derives form the fact that we do a LOT of things with eggs and I do mean a lot!

The "Sir" bit, well the Queen gave me that. Prince Charles was watching too gosh his ears are big!
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