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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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San Antonio. by tucsonmike on 16 March 2006 5:51am
I have to go to bed because I will be up in 5 1/2 hours. For those who want to call and harrass me, I will be staying in the Menger Hotel.
Don't know yet if I will have computer access or will be running all over the place.

Re: San Antonio. by Miss-M on 16 March 2006 9:59am
Should I just call the front desk and ask to be connected to your room then, Mike? ;)
Re: San Antonio. by kazzzz on 16 March 2006 1:36pm
HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wait till 3am his time Missy!
Re: San Antonio. by tucsonmike on 18 March 2006 5:36am
I just paid six bucks for a half hour computer access, but here I am. I am about to go to the bar which is famous for it is where Teddy Roosevelt organized the Rough Riders. Cori, I meant to pledge for you, but had to keep the credit card free for the hotel, mumble mumble. Good luck!

I got to lead everyone over to the Alamo. (The main entrance is 100 yards away). Just got back from dinner with my cousins.

My workshop went well. I get to read in public tomorrow across in Alamo Square.
I am having fun though.
More later.
Re: San Antonio. by tucsonmike on 18 March 2006 10:44pm
I had to pay another six bucks. Should have waited and done it all today. I have to check in for the flight. My cousins are picking me up and taking me to the missions tomorrow and then to the airport.

I will give a full report with all sorts of possible goodies when I get back.
Re: San Antonio. by arty_farty on 20 March 2006 11:06am
what's the Alamo?
Re: San Antonio. by sighthound on 20 March 2006 9:52pm
Oh, my dear girl, you just haven't watched enough American Westerns!

The Alamo is the site of the greatest Texan defeat and is considered absolutely sacred ground by all Texans. (Mike, do they still have that "Gentlemen, Please remove your hats" sign? I was chastised for giggling at it when I was a small child and I was surprised to see it still there in the 80's when men hadn't been wearing hats for a generation and a half - except for cowboys, of course, but then you wouldn't have to remind THEM to take off their Stetsons.)

The Alamo was an old mission in San Antonio that the Americans and Tejanos (Mexicans living in Texas)in revolt against Mexican rule over Texas, captured in late 1835. In early 1836, Gerneral Santa Ana's large Mexican army surrounded the place. The Alamo's defenders were greatly outnumbered and knew that they would lose the battle. The officer in charge, Col. Travis, drew a line in the sand with his sword and asked anyone who was willing to stay and die to step over the line. All but one did.

They held out for an amazing 13 days but all the defenders were killed when Santa Ana finally re-captured the mission. Among the dead were American icons Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.

The fact that men were willing to die in support of their cause gave rise to the use of the phrase "Remember the Alamo!" whenever Americans find themselves in a tough spot.
Re: San Antonio. by tucsonmike on 21 March 2006 3:20am
Well, I am home. Still winding down. I was a busy boy, (in between bouts in the Menger Bar). Sight, you still have to remove your hat at the Alamo. (More about the Alamo in a minute).

The Menger Hotel is the oldest in San Antonio. It goes back to 1859. The bar is famous. It is where Teddy Roosevelt organized the Rough Riders to fight in Cuba in the Spanish American War. The list of the men is on one wall of the bar. Not one man was killed. Animal rights activists be forewarned. The walls are covered with animal heads. The end of next month, the hotel is having an exhibit to commemorate the Rought Riders. They had some uniforms on display.
I checked in, to the hotel and for the conference, then took a walk. Little did I realized the hotel is IN Alamo Square. You walk out on to Crockett Street and by golly there it is! The Alamo visitors center is actually in the hotel.

Well, after helping to set up the bookstore, I was roped into leading the tour across the street to the Alamo. I guess having the cowboy boots and hat helped. It is a sacred place. I felt the ghosts. No other way to put it.
Tomorrow, my workshop and the conf. itself. Plus dinner with my cousin, the war hero.
Re: San Antonio. by tucsonmike on 21 March 2006 3:21am
Gee Missy, I was waiting for your call LOL! Kaz, you are a troublemaker. I am going to give you detention LOL!
Re: San Antonio. by arty_farty on 21 March 2006 11:08am
i don't watch Westerns as i find them boring. if i wanna watch men gettin killed (which i don't) i'll watch the Scorpian King. also im brittish and english tv don't show westerns.
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