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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by thebookworm on 8 March 2003 1:03pm
I really loved Hemingway Adventure, I found that I couldnt put this book down..I had to finish it as soon as possible..I think what made it so special was that you could tell that Michael is a big Hemingway fan..He wrote the book from a fans view..Can anybody give me some imformation on Bill Bryson.I was told if i love Palins stuff I should also like Bryson..At the moment Im reading Paul Theroux's book called The Kingdom By The Sea..He is travelling around the coast of Britian..I know that its Non-Fiction, but the only problem I have with the book is that he Elaborates to much..Its too much written like a Novel..Has anybody got any good ideas for me concerning books..I LOVE NON-FICTION....Thanks for all your help Fellow Palinites....David.....
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by hoggle10 on 8 March 2003 4:55pm
Hi David

I love books too and yes, if you like Michael Palin's books then you could well enjoy a Bill Bryson book or two. My favourite was Notes from the Big Country - a real laugh out loud book. Down Under was also very amusing:-D A Walk in the Woods was not all that great though - the first half was funny, but then it went down hill:-( I would also recommend Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks (yes he really does travel around Ireland with a fridge in tow!). The trouble is there is just so much choice out there and probably never enough time to read all the books we would like to ...
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by Helen on 8 March 2003 4:56pm
AAACKKK!! Bill Bryson is WONDERFUL!!!!!!
I also love non-fiction! How great!
Read 'A Walk in the Woods' to start, and follow that up with "In a Sunburned Country."
And, if you like Bill Bryson, move on to ANYTHING by Garrison Keillor. Trust me on this one. His stuff is deemed fiction, but it's not, really. He lived it, that's why he tells his stories so well. Also very very funny.
Hemingway Adventure, the book, also had the same effect on me.
I'm going to the poorhouse because I buy too many books, but at least I'll have something good to read....
Peace and Pages,
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by Helen on 8 March 2003 4:59pm
while we are on the subject, do you happen to be a James Herriot reader/fan as well?
The All Creatures Great and Small series...
brilliant, funny, heartwarming, touching, fantastic, etc. etc, etc....Read them if you haven't already....
okay, I'm going now...
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by thebookworm on 8 March 2003 5:45pm
Guess What? This morning I bought Bill Bryson's "Notes From A Big Country", had a quick scan through and spotted a few quirky remarks on American life,that was enough for me to buy it..Im having trouble with my Paul Theroux book..too much like a Novel to me,but I will finish it..Helen glad to see that you love non-fiction just as much as me....Thanks to all the Palinites who gave me advice on book reading..thanks....David.....
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by Louise on 8 March 2003 7:49pm
David, I think Bill Bryson writes marvellously, comes a close second to MP. Have you yet discovered BB`s `The Lost Continent` & `Neither Here Nor There` ? I can recommend both!

Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by emartin on 8 March 2003 10:57pm
i love james herriot! I got the whole collection of his books when i was young and have been hooked ever since!! I haven't managed to read any bill bryce but it has been on my list for a while now. Hopefully i will be able to check it off soon!!!
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by pandk2 on 9 March 2003 3:50am
Hemingways Chair was certainly a great read..I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I like historical novels mostly, I,ve just read Twilight of the Celtic Stone by Michael Phillips...highly recommend it!
:) Karen
Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by Rusted on 9 March 2003 6:25am
Historical novels rock, Karen! (In fact I want to become a historical novelist, but you likely already knew that. LOL.) They're my main read too, along with (auto)biographies of rock artists. (Does anyone else have that gloriously beautiful Beatles anthology book?) What's the book about that you just read?

I must make a huge confession...I GREATLY DISLIKE ERNEST HEMINGWAY.

LOL!! It's funny that I like Michael so much yet we have such differing views on the author. But I've never liked Hemingway's stuff - just not for me. So Hemingway's Chair was quite an interesting read for me. (You can take a wild guess at which character I identified with, making special note that we're from the same country. Heh.) I have yet to read Hemingway Adventure, but I've looked it over and will be reading it soon.

Should be, uh...interesting. I'm trying to give the guy another chance. ;O)


Re: The Book That I Couldnt Put Down.. by sleepydumpling on 9 March 2003 12:08pm

I must admit - I don't like Ernest Hemingway either - but that doesn't mean I didn't find Hemingway Adventures fascinating!

I'll read pretty much anything - bar maybe horror or stuff about serial killers. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions below - I'll print them out and add them to my "to read" list. It's lucky I work for the largest library service in the southern hemisphere!

Anyone want to email about books and such? Drop me a line sometime [email protected] (please put Palin in the subject line - I get a lot of junk in my hotmail and don't want to accidentally delete you!)

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