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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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question thingiebob by Sophie-Louise on 25 October 2006 11:17pm




Favourite food:

Favourite drink:

Favourite restaurant:

Favourite place:

Favourite TV programme:

Favourite Film:

Favourite celeb:

Favourite quote:

My best feature:

My most embarrassing moment:

Weirdest dream:

Things that annoy me:

Makes me happy:

Makes me sad:
Re: question thingiebob by Sophie-Louise on 25 October 2006 11:28pm
Re: question thingiebob by Lounge Trekker on 26 October 2006 1:53am
Name: Pete

Birthday: 1960's


West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Favourite food:

Steak and Prawns with Bearnaise sauce

Favourite drink:

Big, full-flavoured red wine, not too dry please!

Favourite restaurant:

Favourite place:

The ski hill beneath me, the hockey rink that's under me, the ocean above, the river rushing past, the beach I'm on, the grass through which my toes wiggle.

Favourite TV programme:

Palin's Travels

Favourite Film:

Dr. Zhivago

Favourite celeb:

Favourite quote: 'It's not get what you want, but want what you've got.' Cheryl Crowe

My best feature:

My backhand in squash

My most embarrassing moment:

Weirdest dream:

In my front yard is the beach: the sand so hot I couldn't walk across it in bare feet.

I go in my front door, put on my ski boots and step onto the top of the ski hill and slide away.

Things that annoy me:

Traffic noise

Makes me happy:

Good food, good wine, good freinds.

Makes me sad:

Young people that feel unwanted, that there is no where to go.
Re: question thingiebob by Robron on 26 October 2006 6:48am
Name: Robron

Birthday: 1970s

Location: London

Favourite food: Salmon

Favourite drink: Water

Favourite restaurant: Joe's

Favourite place: Fulham

Favourite TV programme: Blackpool

Favourite Film: Too many to mention

Favourite celeb: Peter Sellers

Favourite quote: I drink, therefore I am

My best feature: You tell me

My most embarrassing moment: Each time I have had to speak publicly

Weirdest dream: My cat giving birth to a litter of 35

Things that annoy me: Nothing--except King Michael I

Makes me happy: everything--except...

Makes me sad: Humanity
Re: question thingiebob by Miss-M on 26 October 2006 7:24am
Name: Missy

Birthday: 7 December 1980

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Favourite food: Lasagna

Favourite drink: Hot chocolate/iced chocolate

Favourite restaurant: Spaghetti Tree

Favourite place: I haven't travelled widely but I am quite fond of the Gold Coast (Queensland) and Merimbula (New South Wales).

Favourite TV programme: The Young and the Restless!

Favourite Film: Too numerous to mention! My Fair Lady is definitely up there.

Favourite celeb: Also too numerous to mention! Michael Palin, of course, and Shaun Micallef and Sir Rex Harrison.

Favourite quote: Nothing in life is to be feared. It is merely to be understood. (Not sure where this quote comes from.)

My best feature: My eyes

My most embarrassing moment: Getting pins and needles in my legs after sitting for a Politics exam, then stumbling to the back of the classroom and bumping heads with a guy and falling onto another guy's desk!

Weirdest dream: Don't get me started! My dreams are very interactive. I talk in my sleep and sometimes I get out of bed and walk around my room. Great fun.

Things that annoy me: Bullying.

Makes me happy: Dancing, watching movies, going to the theatre, spending time with family and friends.

Makes me sad: Feeling misunderstood/being put down.
Re: question thingiebob by perfectbitch on 26 October 2006 1:58pm
Name: Lindsey

Birthday: 2nd October

Location: Notting Hill, London

Favourite food: Indian

Favourite drink: Tea

Favourite restaurant: Bombay Bycicle Club

Favourite place: Barcelona

Favourite TV programme: Have I got news for you/QI

Favourite Film: The Third Man

Favourite celeb: Richard Dawkins/MP/Attenborough

Favourite quote: "Most people would sooner die than think. And they do." Bertrand Russel

My best feature: Hair

My most embarrassing moment: In a shared house, one tenent had many debts and one day someone called at the door to speak to him. He wasn't in and I didn't want to get involved in any way. The caller asked for our phone number and I don't know why but I said, "We're not on the phone."
At that very moment - RING RING

And this will amuse you SL - it was my mother!!

Weirdest dream: That I died and went to another very weird world with no metal in it.

Things that annoy me: Thoughtlessness, bullying, politics, religion, etc.

Makes me happy: Friends,good conversation, writing, music, art, drama, cryptic crosswords, travel

Makes me sad: politics, religion, dishonesty
Re: question thingiebob by PalinFreak on 26 October 2006 5:07pm
Name: Kristina

Birthday: January 14th 1990

Location: Troy, NY

Favourite food: chinese food

Favourite drink: pepsi or Dr. Pepper

Favourite restaurant: don't know

Favourite place: my room

Favourite TV programme: don't know

Favourite Film: Gone With The Wind

Favourite celeb: don't have one

Favourite quote: can't think of one right now

My best feature: my eyes

My most embarrassing moment:

Weirdest dream:

Things that annoy me:

Makes me happy:

Makes me sad:

Re: question thingiebob by PalinFreak on 26 October 2006 5:17pm
My most embarrassing moment: laughing so hard i almost shit my pants. no lie.

Weirdest dream: i don't know i've had a few

Things that annoy me: people who think they're better than eveyone, people not liking me.

Makes me happy: hanging out with my little brother, good food, watching movies, chess, and Michael Palin.

Makes me sad: being alone.

Re: question thingiebob by kazzzz on 27 October 2006 11:10am
Name: Karen

Birthday: September 1965

Location: Orstraylia

Favourite food: Well....let's see...er....ummm...Creme eggs!!!!!

Favourite drink: Iced coffee

Favourite restaurant: Forget wot it's called but it's an Indian one in Norwich, England

Favourite place: Lilydale Lake

Favourite TV programme: The Bill / Ripping Yarns/ The Comic Strip presents

Favourite Film: The Full Monty

Favourite celeb: Freddie Mercury

Favourite quote: I don't like religion, it tends to F**k people up (Roger Taylor, Queen)

My best feature: My hair maybe

My most embarrassing moment: I played in a 10 pin bowling comp and was bragging about how I'd win and I cut my finger open badly on a pineapple tin, couldn't bowl properly coz i had a huge bandage on my finger, and got the lowest score of anyone!!

Weirdest dream: Um, er, um, I'd rather not say but it involved a creme egg and Michael Palin :)

Things that annoy me: Australian men (not me dad tho, he's ace)

Makes me happy: walking around Lilydale lake with my daughter Kathryn on a summer evening :)

Makes me sad: Thinking about the past

Re: question thingiebob by peripatetically on 27 October 2006 1:14pm
Name: Patricia Lee

Birthday: 20th century

Location: Earth

Favourite food: choccie

Favourite drink: Ghirardelli dark hot choccie

Favourite restaurant: Mom's home cookin'

Favourite place: The wide open spaces, atop a mountain, a warm, balmy Caribbean island, a place rich in history and in front of a fire at home.

Favourite TV programme: Project Runway (at the moment), but I also like Britcoms: As Time Goes By; Last of the Summer Wine; Darling Buds of May.
Nature and animal shows.
Current Comedy: My Name is Earl; Office; Scrubs.

Favourite Film: Not the film on my teeth or food in my frig.

Favourite celeb: Oh, gee. So many out there, but I basically like real stars... not celebs, if you're referring to Hollywood.
Cary Grant, Deppi, Meryl Streep--but way more. (I'm not awake enough yet to finish this part of the survey!)

Favourite quote: "Let's book a trip."

My best feature: Lips

My most embarrassing moment: Extending sympathy over the death of a mother, when it was a father.

Weirdest dream: I've had a few weird ones, but can't remember them now.

Things that annoy me:
That's a loaded question!
People who argue when they obviously don't know the subject about which they are speaking.

Poor grammar and poor punctuation.

People who constantly don't pay attention to what is being said and then ask later what was said or they forget and/or deny they were told.
I'm so glad I'm no longer working which is when I had to deal with that nonsense.

Makes me happy: Family (including extended family and our Willy the dachshund!!!!), the beauty of nature, faith, traveling and good memories.

Makes me sad: Not having my Dad alive anymore and living too far from some dear dear friends
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