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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Scariest film ever made by Miss-M on 15 November 2006 3:37am
We've got threads devoted to our best and worst films, so I thought it would be interesting to hear what people think is the scariest film ever made.

My vote has to go to The Exorcist (although I'm not a fan of horror movies in general and probably haven't seen as many of them as a lot of other people). The original Psycho was pretty damn scary too.
Re: Scariest film ever made by arty_farty on 15 November 2006 9:41am
mine is the ring, it kept me awake for a week. don't think im going to see the second one.
Re: Scariest film ever made by Spursfan on 15 November 2006 11:02am
I thought the Exorcist was scary too Missy, I went to see it at the cinema when it first came out with my husband and some friends. When we came home I just HAD to take a friend with me to collect the baby from the sitter - who only lived next door!!!

On a side note, when I was at school they used to take us to the cinema sometimes to see old movies.

Once, we went to see Hamlet and I thought the scene of Hamlet seeing the ghost of his dead father very spooky, and afterwards mentioned this to my chums "especially his yellow eyes".

Their reply? "It was a black and white film!!!" Weird or what? I can still see his eyes, and they were defo yellow to me!
Re: Scariest film ever made by kazzzz on 15 November 2006 12:50pm
That first Nightmare on Elm Street one, I watched it at my friends house then had to drive home and I sat out the front of my house for ages too scared to get outta the car!
Re: Scariest film ever made by KateC on 15 November 2006 1:35pm
Would have to be IT. Simply because I watched it when I was about 6 or 7 (My older sister was watching it and I was in the room) I had nightmares for weeks!!

Just remembered.. I always found the Exorcist music (Tubular bells) scary too!
Re: Scariest film ever made by Sophie-Louise on 16 November 2006 12:31am
the exorcism of emily rose scared me soooooooooo much. i refused to go to sleep till 4am (if you've seen the film you'll understand why) for about 5 days afterwards. apparently between 3am and 4am is when the spirits are at their most active and aggressive (even tho i don't believe in ghosts and all that crap i was still scared), and that's when they can get you or something. arrghhhh so i didn't sleep till 4am.

AND last night i woke up at 3.30am and i was soooooooooooooo scared! i needed the loo but i lay their and waited till four. yeah i know that film has messed me up! i'm quite anxious now!!!*clutches knees and rocks back and forth*
Re: Scariest film ever made by kazzzz on 16 November 2006 10:42am
Oooh yeh Soph, that bit where she was all bent over and freaky oooh that was nasty!

Oh and that awful noise The Grudge makes :(. Scary as!
Re: Scariest film ever made by arty_farty on 16 November 2006 2:29pm
has noone else seen the Ring then?

honestly i was afraid of the tv and phone for a week and couldn't sleep well.
Re: Scariest film ever made by PalinFreak on 16 November 2006 4:27pm
I would have to say the scariest movie was the first Nightmare on Elm Street. Though I found Hostel scary, in a strange way.
Re: Scariest film ever made by Spursfan on 16 November 2006 6:26pm
I don't know what it was called (my husband would know) but a film I saw years ago on TV terrified me!

I think it was one of those films where there are several stories all connected; in this one, at the beginning of each story the hero or heroine went into a curio shop and bought something. The bit that really scared me was about a mirror, which the owner had to keep 'feeding' by killing people! It said "Feeeeed Meeeeee" in a scary voice which my husband used to tease me with - huh!!!

It doesn't seem very scary writing it, but for years I wouldn't look into a mirror at night!!!

Anyone recognise the film?
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