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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by Spursfan on 26 November 2006 2:38pm
The above obviously thinks he has got revenge!! Pah! I'm above that!

He has enrolled me on a website which discusses the monarchy (Theodore's Royalty and Monarchy Site) - putting my hobbies as KM1 and Palinstravel, my fave movies as Disney (well, only those with JD in, dear) and nearly getting my home town right.

He has put my user name as it is on this site, and even put my name (Anne). He obviously has my email address though (which makes me wonder about the password messages - one of which I have also just had) as they have contacted me via that email and it is not on this site.

Unfortunately for our "friend" the site sends an email to you to check you want to register which obviously I have deleted.

Nice try - but must try harder next time!!!
Re:READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!!! by Spursfan on 26 November 2006 7:42pm
See my post above.
Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by Helen on 26 November 2006 10:12pm
not a good plan to devote a thread to this topic and invite them to "try harder."

can you try ignoring trolls? This is about trolls, right? This is all a bit cryptic, but the header shouted at me that it was important.

Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by tucsonmike on 26 November 2006 10:16pm
Yes I received it too. I just did not reply.
Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by Spursfan on 26 November 2006 11:27pm
Oh for flips sake - no!!! It is NOT just about TROLLS, moron!!!

And what's cryptic about it? My identity has been stolen by a - oh, shhh - don't say it aloud!!- t-r-o-l-l -and it may happen to YOU!!!

Ok it was no problem for ME, but what about someone less able?

I am warning people what may happen to THEM. It is not a case of "ignore and they will fly". This is identity theft.

YES IT IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! And I had to change the title from the original (KM1) as you all ignored it.

Ok - so next time I have news that will benefit you all I'll just keep it to myself.

I also deleted it, Mike, without replying, but noticed that all the details MUST have come from you-know-who.

Therefore he must have my email address which is not public knowledge, which I think must've been via the password problem somehow.

Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by Helen on 27 November 2006 12:13am
calling me a moron. That's nice.

It was cryptic--I haven't been on the site for a while and I had no idea what you were on about. Thanks for explaining further. You could have done so without throwing a tantrum or calling me a name.

Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by Louise on 27 November 2006 12:57am
Anne, as you have unsubscribed from those websites then I don`t see any further problem? It`s really not pertinent and I don`t see why you`re posting about it.

It`s not `identity theft` by any stretch of the imagination.

And if I may add, it does seem rather rude of you to call another poster "moron" which Helen is most certainly not.

Take care ...
Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by bandgeek512 on 27 November 2006 3:08am
It is identity theft, actually. It means her personal information is being used in a way that isn't at her consent. It means that someone has gotten hold of quite a bit of personal info--maybe more.

So, it IS a big deal. Now, unless everyone else would like to be rude and point out that her thread is pointless, take this seriously. I don't appreciate everyone treating everything Anne says as bull--if you treat her like that, you're only asking for it in return.

This is what I come back to after being to every doctor in the Atlanta area. Great job, guys. You can't treat each other like their opinions matter, so I don't know why I was looking forward to actually being able to come in here and post.

Thanks, guys. You have once again proved to me that there are no "good guys" left--even in a place I used to call home.

So, go ahead. Keep it up. I'm losing faith in people. Why not prove me right?
Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by sighthound on 27 November 2006 3:13am
Are you absolutely sure, Anne, that he could not have found out your e-mail address by some other means? Could you possibly have gotten an e-mail that he or, more probably, one of his alternate identities was copied on? It's very easy for addresses to get passed on inadvertently.

I do appreciate your letting us know what tricks the trolls are up to so we can keep our eyes open for problems but, since it has been so pleasant here now that this site has been free of troll activity for awhile, I think it would be great if any troll updates were kept in a low key. There's no sense in letting any trolls who may still be lurking see us get excited because that is exactly what they want and it will spur them on. Having one member call another names gives them joy, I'm sure.

I got four notices of being enrolled in the Monarchy Forum. Morse made up his own password and there is no reason to think he has my password so there is no evidence of a security breach. I did not respond to the notices and sent an alert to the list-owner so no harm has been done.
Re: READ THIS GUYS, IT'S IMPORTANT!!! by capri on 27 November 2006 3:18am
You could have done so without calling Helen a moron. I mean really *despairs*
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