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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Black Bear story by Lounge Trekker on 29 November 2006 4:38am
Black bear story

The saga of Lounge Trekker, living on the edge of the woods...

It was early summer and Bruno and I were beside a river walking in the woods. This is a beautiful spot on the Oyster River near the highway, but down in a ravine where there is niether sight nor sound of the traffic. We walked on a game trail for several hundred metres and saw some lovely pools on the river, with crystal blue water at the base of towering cliffs.

I was scouting the berry picking prospects for later in the summer when I heard a rustling in the bush; out burst a bear cub! He would have been a spring cub and under 45 kilos. He saw us, but was pre-occupied with a sibling bear cub that was giving him chase. When they had both come into view they saw Bruno, a male Rottwieler, well over 45 kilos, and bolted up a tree each.

Now Bruno, playful as he is, ran to the base of the trees and barked...he was overjoyed to have someone to chase and play with! "Yeesh", I thought "these might be baby bears but they'd seriously hurt the Brunoboy if it comes to physical contact! And where's Mama bear?" I turned and walked away calling Bruno. Thankfully, he, uncharacteristically, obeyed without hesitation, and he and I continued our walk.

We often see bears, 1 or 2 each year. I couldn't say there's a pattern to when or where I see bears other than we walk in the woods more in the summer months, therefore it being more likely in the summer. Our winter's are generally mild and I really don't know if these guys hibernate on Vancouver Island. I do know a guy wants to keep his head up when around a river in late fall. Bears may be fishing and you don't want to try to push them away from an easy meal.

Generally, I'd say you have nothing to fear about Black Bears. I keep my eyes open when in the woods and I usually see them before they turn to leave. If you do see a bear, you are lucky. They don't usually want anything to do with us people. Of course if you're camping in the woods, especially at a well used campsite, don't keep food in your tent...hang it above ground out of bear's reach.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Black Bear story by suzulu on 29 November 2006 12:13pm
How lovely to see the bear cub! I am quite envious - it must be so nice living where you do.
Re: Black Bear story by kazzzz on 29 November 2006 1:41pm
I suppose that the wildlife where we live is so exotic to others and we tend to take it for granted a bit. Patty has sent me lots of photos of wildlife in her garden which just captivates me, yet I don't think twice when I see a kangaroo or a possum or a snake. Squirrels in London, however, sent me into raptures!
Wildlife around the world by Lounge Trekker on 29 November 2006 5:34pm
Hey! I'd love to hear about animals from exotic locales. Please share!

Lounge Trekker
Re: Black Bear story by johnnythemonkey on 30 November 2006 4:37am
I just love bears!Always wanted to cuddle one like the crazy American tourist of urban myth(I hope!) in Jelly stone Park! (sic)Great writing Trekker ,I'm new to the Site and it is not what I expected.
Re: Black Bear story by tucsonmike on 30 November 2006 5:58am
Great story. Come here and watch the Roadrunners and Javelinas.
Roadrunners and Javelinas by Lounge Trekker on 30 November 2006 6:35am
Tell us about those guys, Mike! I just looked them up - this is the first I've heard of Javelinas. Are they abundant in numbers? Are they a problem around farms and sources of food?

Yes, Johnny, you'd be crazy to cuddle even a small black bear. While not a threat to humans, they aren't particularly freindly! They look large and slow, but in reality, they aren't really big. Their fur makes them appear large, they are fast and they have claws like cats. These animals can climb trees and can run very fast, I've always believed their top speed to be around 30 mph. This is supported by the info on this page: http://www.bear.org/Black/Black_Bear_Facts.html

According to this information they can get to be 500 pounds. Maybe I only see the younger, smaller, less wily bears.

Re: Black Bear story by johnnythemonkey on 30 November 2006 7:43am
you are very serious Trekker!Do you really think I need to be told cuddling bears is not a good idea!I'll stick to lions.They stalk the streets of Glasgow,most Friday nights.
Re: Black Bear story by Miss-M on 30 November 2006 9:49am
Would you like to visit the hippos in my shower johnny? :o)
Re: Black Bear story by johnnythemonkey on 30 November 2006 10:45am
Absolutely love to.MInus the hippos!
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