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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
4 weddings part 5 by arty_farty on 11 February 2007 9:51pm
Mike and Emily

Arty and Hugh sat down next to Heather and Michael in the registry office "so who's he marrying again?" asked Heather " a playgroup teacher called Emily that he met in Vegas. i only saw a photo, thatís some scary looking teacher"

Michael raised an eyebrow. "That bad? What did she look like?"

Arty handed him the photo she'd put in her bag "like this" Michael flinched a little "a tattoo, on her face? good grief"
Arty passed the photo to Hugh. "Cor, how many drinks did he have?" he said.
"I don't want to know, i have a feeling my liver would pack up" "shhh, they're coming in" hissed Heather. Arty quickly hid the photo and smiled as Mike and Emily stood by the registrar. The group exchanged nervous smiles and got up to stand near the odd but happy couple. Arm in arm were Arty and Hugh. "You know, I had my heart set on a church wedding..." he muttered into her ear.
"heh heh. I'd melt you know, great way to start the honeymoon eh?" she whispered back. " can we all be quiet? this is a marriage not a market" huffed the registrar

Michael shot the registrar an uncharacteristically dirty look and Heather pressed her lips firmly together to keep from smirking. Arty did the same. The registrar performed the ceremony a bit too much like a headmaster speaking at an assembly but no one seemed to care, least of all Mike, who recited the vows like he had known them by heart for years.

Hugh winced as the sun shone into the room and the happy couple were married. Arty held his hand and went into the darker corridor as her friends started cheering "are you ok? you haven't been looking to well"
Hugh touched Arty's cheek with his other hand. "I'm okay. All this talk of weddings gets to me, though. When you're at them with the person you want to be standing up there with..." He trailed off.
"you want us to get married?" Arty asked going red "why didn't you say so?"

"I wanted to see if John was completely out of the way before saying anything. That and I wanted to be sure you were someone I could trust. Remember those marks on my neck? I've never had pest problems in that flat."

"vampires?" whispered Arty "i always guessed they existed, but why me?" Arty held on to Hugh as tightly as she could " I won't let them have..." the door opened loudly and the others came out "lunch time!" said mike "Indian ok with everyone?"
"Anything as long as it isn't snake," said Michael. "Never again." During the meal Heather couldn't help but notice that there were more red marks on Hugh's neck as he leaned forward to retrieve a plate. She nudged Arty. "Did you ask him about...you know?" She put her hand to her neck.
"yes, but I can't tell you, sorry" Arty buried her face in the menu " want to share a chicken passanda with me? it looks good"
"That does sound good." In a low voice she added, "Hope everything's all right. He needs to be in good health for the wedding, you know."
"you don't have to worry about me being ill at the wedding, Artyíll be looking after me" said Hugh leaning over to get a popadom.
"You're in capable hands, then." said Mike. "She's looked after me all this time. No man should go without a good lady around to keep him straight." Michael put his hand on the small of his wife's back and they exchanged silent smiles.
Arty gave Mike a smile "thanks"


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