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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Job and Career Search. by tucsonmike on 12 February 2007 1:20am
Well, as I said, my happy funny farm where I work is closing March 9th. There is one great advantage to this. I don't know what other nations have but this is how it works.

Part of unemployment is a county agency called Pima County One Stop. Because the place is closing and we are being let go through no fault of our own, we are being helped with everything. I took a resume writing class on Thursday. They have a software package to guide your resume. I can use it any time I want.

They will also do assessment testing which I have not had since Junior High School. Well I reckon at 50 years old, maybe I can find a final career if I don't get rich from writing. (If I get rich from writing, there is a beach, hammock and beer in Mexico with my name on it. This way, I can REALLY grow up to be Onslow on keeping up appearances
También la posibilidad "de la casa chica" en mi vejez LOL! Mi español mejora gracias a mi amiga por correspondencia en Monterrey.

But I digress. (I know show off LOL)!
If my testing matches certain skills, I can be sent back to school at state expense.

The people from One Stop actually come into my workplace as well. I will be assigned a counselor from what they call the Rapid Response Team. Their head is rather pretty and a flirt like me. Yes, I can practice my Spanish with her as well.

One lesson I must impart on the veterans who "know" me here. My How Not to Get Arrested Book has been growing during this process. Certain places will not hire me until my misdemeanor drops off, which will happen in two more sessions when I finish my naughty counseling.
So another important lesson for the kids.

You'd think I'd be scared. Actually I am kind of enjoying the adventure.
I have to check on my assesment testing this week.

Re: Mike's Job and Career Search. by Lounge Trekker on 12 February 2007 3:29am
Good luck with it Mike! Don't forget Lounge Trekker's Rule #1 - If it ain't fun...it's probably the wrong thing to do. We're all pulling for you in your quest for success...not riches, but success, happiness, personal reward and freedom.

Have fun with it. If you have fun...you can do anything! It sounds like you have the right attitude. If you're income is reduced just cut back...Yerbie is probably getting tired of caviar every night anyway!

Re: Job and Career Search. by fairygirl48 on 12 February 2007 3:30am
Hahahaha, tests and naughty counseling. La vida es nunca aburrida, verdad? Haces un buen trabajo con tu espanol.

(I took it for three semesters in high school, but that's all.)

Good luck with everything!
Re: Job and Career Search. by Spursfan on 12 February 2007 4:02pm
Good luck with it all Mike, even though you have called me a 'veteran' lol!

You're going to be a rich, famous author so don't worry! And I am going to be your advisor in the UK - who also gets to have chauffeur driven cars, her own jet, shoes and bags by the lorryload and Cadbury's choc on tap. Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, the odd date with Johnny Depp.

Seriously good luck with it all, we're thinking of you. I still have done NOTHING more with the 3 books I have on the go, but I have been asked to do a talk for the Annual Conference of the UK Myositis Group which I belong to in July, on gaining an Honours Degree with this stupid illness, and I have written that already!!
(This is third time lucky, they have asked me twice before and I was ill both times! I have totally rewritten the talk! All the other people giving talks are professors and/or drs, and then there's little old me!!)

Re: Job and Career Search. by johnnythemonkey on 13 February 2007 12:56am
Best of luck with everything Mike,I've been in your position a few times.
Hey Anne ,when did I change my name to Depp?
Re: Job and Career Search. by tucsonmike on 13 February 2007 3:18am
Gracias Heather. I am now to the point, where I can understand simple sentences and read basic Spanish.

Thanx guys. I can prepare to get what is suitable. Anne, I expect you to be my U.K. agent. Good luck with you stuff. That is a case of, it is not good you have this disease, but that you are doing all this stuff that can help others and you are not some professor or physician speaking over their heads.

If anyone is getting caviar, it is me! Yerbie might get a lick if he is really lucky LOL!
Re: Job and Career Search. by fairygirl48 on 13 February 2007 6:07am
De nada. With time and practice it starts to come easily, even those pesky verbs. Came in handy when I worked in a grocery store...at times customers looked so relieved that I could communicate with them.

Hahahaha, I'm sure Yerbie knows that he'll be entitled to a portion of the spoils!
Re: Job and Career Search. by Spursfan on 13 February 2007 10:23am
Er...you mean you're NOT that Johnny, Johnny?

Oh :-(

Oh well, a girl can never have too many Johnnys I say (er, that came out wrong!).

Thanks for that Mike. I admit to feeling honoured to be giving this talk, which is the Iris Hazel Memorial Talk, one of our members who sadly passed away. Even if on the day I shall be full of nerves!

I see that you have okayed me as your UK agent - presume that means with all the perks listed?!!!

Best wishes to Elaine.

And Yerbie.


Re: Job and Career Search. by kazzzz on 13 February 2007 11:44am
Cheers Mikey boy ;) I'm thinkin' sex therapist...
Re: Job and Career Search. by tucsonmike on 15 February 2007 2:24am
LOL Leave it to Kaz. Reminds me of the Python bit with the marriage counselor.

Anne, you have a while let me know if you need help with anything.

One of my friends got her test results back today. It was sort of like the Vocational Guidance Counselor routine. But I have done Medical and dont want to do it anymore. Back to the lab with you then.

I took my test yesterday. Of course, the verbal part I breezed through. The math? My goodness, I had not seen some of that stuff in eons. That is what calculators are for! LOL!

Oh and I discovered something Yerbie does not like. RED WINE! He sniffed and wrinkled his nose. Refried beans are not high on his list either.
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