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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Earliest Childhood memory by johnnythemonkey on 14 February 2007 11:33pm
Bear in mind that information from others over the years may convince you that you remember things.

My earliest memory is when I was four.I split my head falling from a makeshift see-saw that my eldest brother(10 years older)and his friends had made,high up in a derelict building.I remember him walking me home and seeing the blood drip on the pavement as we walked and him (Tam)trying to prompt me on what to tell my parents.
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by Ahren on 14 February 2007 11:41pm
lol! that is so typical!

My earliest memory is when i bit into a chili when i was about 3 or 4. It hurt so bad i remember thinking it was like a fire at the back of my throat that couldn't be quenched by water! I was a child prodigy..
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by sighthound on 15 February 2007 1:14am
Great topic, John!

I remember being in my playpen in the backyard (so I must have been much younger than 2), trying to get a cat to come into the pen. He'd approach and I'd try to touch him (probably flailing away like a baby) and he'd run away. I remember the frustration about that and finally realizing (the memory may be of several or many encounters) that, if I stayed still, he'd come closer. This is probably what set up my life-long fascination with animals.

The first memory I can date is from a family trip to British Columbia when I was a few months shy of 3, on the ferry to Vancouver Island. Being very small, I spotted a bill (a 20 dollar bill, my family tells me, a lotta money in the early 50's) on the deck. What I remember, aside from the family story, is being offered a handful of coins for the bill and KNOWING that I was being cheated but I had absolutely no resources to protect myself. (That probably set up my abysmal life-long relationship with money.)

I also remember the moment I understood the concept of writing for the first time (probably also about age 3) when I learned to differentiate between the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola logos and realizing, in an astounding flash, that "C" sounded like "c" and "P" sounded like "p" - a moment that absolutely changed my life. (Guess I'm a true American since one of the most significant moments in my life is due to advertising.)
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by kazzzz on 15 February 2007 1:27am
I can remember my Dad and I picking my Mum and baby brother up from hospital when he was born. I cannot, however, rememember wot I did yesterday!
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by Lounge Trekker on 15 February 2007 1:38am
My earliest, or most significant memory is a Christmas gift to me when I was about 5 years old. I'm sure there were other memorable events, but in true Canadian (or Swedish or Russian!) fashion I remember only My First Stick.

I awoke early Christmas morning and joyfully discovered a hockey stick leaning against the bed, and a helmet hanging on the bedpost.

The stick was straight, as my Dad didn't know which way I would shoot, and about .75 metres long. The helmet was the style that is known today as a 'Butch Goering style' helmet. I liked the style but as certification of the safety aspect of helmets became law, I ended up with a different style and eventually with a cage.

Thanks for the memories!

Lounge Trekker
44 yrs LW undrafted 1.86 m 102 kg
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by Caty on 15 February 2007 3:05am
This is a very interesting topic! Hmm... earliest memory? I think I was probably about four years old, and I only remember little bits and pieces, but I had this old diner play set called "Dixie's Diner" and it had a magnet floor and Dixie had a magnet on her feet so she could move around the diner. I remember thinking Dixie from Dixie's Diner was the same person as the character Dixie on the daytime soap All My Children. rather fragmented, but I don't have much of a memory for things like that! Movie quotes I can handle pretty well though! Go figure! lol
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by Spursfan on 15 February 2007 2:27pm
I can remember being in my pushchair on two occasions - first we were going to see my sister's best friend's mum and I was holding the flowers. My sister, who is 14 years older than me, kept saying don't squash them! Then I can remember going to church (not a very regular occurence it must have been a special occasion!) in the pushchair and the pavement was all bumpy! Then when we got to the church I can remember standing on the seat (pew as I know now) and then the man at the front (vicar) said hymn number whatever it was , and I thought it was a race to get to it first! I opened the book, obviously not at the right page, and shouted out 'got it!'. My mum and dad must have died with embarrassment but I was so proud!!

I can also remember mum and dad selling my pram, and being a bit sulky as I wanted it for my dolls! The lady who bought it was really kind and let me have a last go in it as she thought that was why I was upset!!

Those were the days!!
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by arty_farty on 15 February 2007 3:06pm
my earliest memory is from when i was about 4-5. my aunt was getting married and i was a bridesmaid so i had to try on bridesmaid dresses,they were all itchy so i refused to try any more on and stormed upstairs and hid under the bed.

even now i still hate wearing dresses and would rather slob round in jeans and an old t-shirt.
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by johnnythemonkey on 15 February 2007 9:38pm
Anne my post asked for earliest childhood memory.You start of with saying you have two,then go on to give three!As my mum would have said "all her eggs are double yolkers"

But I still love you!And where is the reply to my beautiful quote from Rabbie Burns?
Re: Earliest Childhood memory by Spursfan on 15 February 2007 9:57pm
No - I said I had two of being in my pushchair.

Be patient for the reply
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