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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Dreams by Ellerd on 15 February 2007 8:11am
They reckon that your dreams are supposed to have some sort of meaning. That they are telling you something on a subconscious level, something like that.

I had a dream last night that I'm not sure of. It involved me having to find two specific caterpillars in a garden infested with them. Anyone care to guess what that means?
Re: Dreams by foreignrabbit on 15 February 2007 12:10pm
it means that not only do you have an important quest ahead, but you also have to use more insecticide in your garden
Re: Dreams by Spursfan on 15 February 2007 2:30pm
What about mine the other night (not to mention the Sadaam one I had a few nights ago!) I dreamt that for some reason I had to amputate the top of my husband's thumb, as he had hurt it somehow. I remember feeling very reluctant but I was the only one who could do it! I remember also thinking that the instrument I had, which I think was a pair of scissors, would not be able to cut through the bone.

Re: Dreams by arty_farty on 15 February 2007 2:54pm
i had a realy weird one last night, i was lost in a posh dutch mall and an invisble man started kissing me...and used his tongue.
Re: Dreams by Lounge Trekker on 15 February 2007 5:05pm
The most recent dream I feel comfortable taking about with people other than my therapist was a few nights ago. I was sitting on a hillside overlooking some buildings with a grassy area in the forground. Hearing a sound above us I saw a parachute opening and a large object descending below it. We went to investigate.

It was a satellite recently de-orbited. With no further concern I remained asleep. It is unusual to remember a dream several days later.

Lounge Somnoptician
Re: Dreams by Caty on 15 February 2007 5:44pm
Interesting... I had a dream 2 nights ago, that maybe you guys can give me some insight on.

I dreampt that I had gotten shot, and that I was dead, but I had time before I had to go to heaven or something to say goodbye to everybody, but nobody believed I was dead. Then I recieved these angel wings which were made of magenta ribbon, but I needed time to say goodbye to more of my friends, so they disappeared. Then, I was trying to tell my dad about them in the dream and he didn't believe me.

Very VERY strange.
Maybe I have issues with people believing me about important things or something??
Re: Dreams by canaveralgumby on 15 February 2007 6:03pm
I always encourage people to journal their dreams, or if time is limited, at least the ones which felt intense.

It is important to get to know what the symbols/places/objects/people/actions in your dreams mean to YOU, NOT what they meant to Sigmund Freud, nice guy though he was.

Ex.: I had a bad, ominous feeling dream in which I was in an Advanced Auto Parts store. I was with my son (who in real life is in San Antonio TX in the AF). I was writing a check for something. I knew the check would be a bad check - I didn't have the funds to cover it. I knew it would be a great source of embarrassment to my son if I said so. I had to keep up appearances for him in front of everyone and write the check. I felt ashamed that I couldn't actually pay for the goods or services which he needed, but I felt that maintaining his image was more important than the legal repurcussions to me in the future.

The essence is what was important. I FELT that I should be able to provide something for someone who depends on me which I could not or cannot, in an environment "foriegn" to me. It might not be about my son. It might not be about money. I'm pretty darn sure it's not about auto parts! So I've been considering that maybe I'm letting someone down in some way. Maybe I FEEL I am although I'm not and I need to realize that. Maybe I'm more concerned about keeping up a facade than I am about being honest and doing what's right. Stuff to think about.

You could have two different dreams about, say, being in a church. One may feel warm and wonderful and the other may feel scary. You have to consider what the place means to you, but also what the feeling was.

Re: Dreams by Caty on 15 February 2007 6:46pm
Very insightful, thanks for the input canaveralgumby!!!
Re: Dreams by Spursfan on 15 February 2007 10:02pm
I did once dream that I was an outlaw in the midwest in the late 19th Century. I wore one of those long mac things. We were holed up in this shack, and the sheriff and his posse had us cornered. I knew I was about to get shot and then...I woke up.

It was so real it made me wonder whether it was more a memory than a dream...
Re: Dreams by arty_farty on 15 February 2007 11:23pm
i often have prophetic dreams, they're nothing major just small things that happen to me. one that shook me a bit was one that had me playing with a fan, the next day we go to a chrimbo market and et voila! there it was compleatly identical to the dream one.
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