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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by justHerb on 20 November 2003 4:33pm
Well we were driving X Country and across Northern Ohio in a thunderstorm. It got so bad we couldn't even see the road. I was following the lights of the car in front of me and when he pulled to the side of the road, I did too. Hail was pelting the car and you couldn't see a thing. When it cleared a bit we moved on to a rest area a few miles away. The whole place was strewn with branches and debris. The local news was reporting that a tornado had just crossed the highway at mile marker X, I went back and looked where we had just been and we were right there.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by justHerb on 20 November 2003 4:39pm
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Sophie-Louise on 21 November 2003 10:43am
woah! how exciting!!! that is so cool.

Sophie-Lou xxx
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Paul the Palinphile on 27 November 2003 4:48pm
Justherb must of been travelling in the eye of the storm the whole way:-)

Christine and I have been going to the Med since 1981 with no major problems at all, however; this July we were in Southern Italy and were due to fly home from Napoli Airport when the following series of events happened(this was a Package holiday).
We were picked up from the Hotel early in the morning for the run to the airport, there was a massive snarl up on the Auto-Strada just south of the Airport and by the time we got there we had 1 hr to spare before the flight took off, got to the checking in desk to find they had three flights through the same gate, the conveyer system for the luggage kept breaking down and there was also no rep from the company to help us as the GITS had buggered off around to Arrivals to see to the next set of mugs that had booked through them.
By the time we got to the Gate we were informed that they were not taking the7 remaining passengers for the Newcastle flight as the Pilot was frightened of loosing his take-off slot. so basically we were left stranded in Naples and it took 3 hrs to find representation from the Company(did i mention the crap co's name? MY TRAVEL!!!) they assured us they would get us an alternative flight and they put us on a Bristol flight (300miles south of Newcastle) 6 hrs later. we asked for transfer up to the North-East and they said they would lay on a mini-bus, we asked about an Easy-Jet flight up but they said they had tried that but no seats were available(not true). Got to Bristol and found out that no one there new anything about our plight. so to cut a long story short we all paid £87.50 each and hopped on the supposedly full jet for the 1 hr trip back to Newcastle(God knows how long the mini-bus would have taken,5-6 hrs?)
This was all against the back drop of the fact that i was due to start back at work on the Saturday morning for a 12 hr shift.
so, seeing as we should of been back home in Washington at 2.00 p.m on the friday we found that we eventually got back to the house at 1.00a.m on the Saturday morning, no thanks to My Travel.
and yes i did get up at 5.30 for my Saturday shift.

The Irony is that we only booked through them as they were the only co with a direct flight from Newcastle to Napoli...oh how we laughed.ha ha ha

sorry 'bout the rant but Sophie-Lou, you did ask:-)
We are on going with a claim against the USELESS GIT'S!!!!!!!!
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Sophie-Louise on 29 November 2003 10:33pm
oh no paul!!! that sounds so annoying! it's not fair when you pay for something then don't get it, especially when it involves getting home!

i bet that 12 hour shift was hell!!! :(

Sophie-Lou xxx
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Godfather on 29 November 2003 11:29pm
I would'nt say these are my "worst" because these were all "hairy" situations rather than disasters (although one was terminal). On a train in China, i remember our train suddenly jolting and then coming to a stop. The chinese were looking out of the window for ages, smiling and chatting amongst themselves. Because of the smiles i thought nothing of it. Later when the train began to move,i was eating a bowl of instant noodles and noticed a pair of legs lying to the side of the track. We'd hit a peasant farmer, and the chinese had picked him and up and thrown him into the bushes like a dog. Nothing much left of his upper torso either. I later realized why they'd all been smiling. Chinese smile whether they're afraid,angry,embaressed,or excited. But the "pick up and throw to one side" thing was an example of communist ways.

In Honduras once, a crack head tried to murder me with a rusty knife during daylight in a busy market in San Pedro Sula. Slashing and stabbing at me like a maniac. He did'nt get what he wanted in the end. Honduras was wonderful, and i'd been in Central America for 2 months without incident. Yet this happened 1 day before i flew back to England. Typical aye.

A tyre blew out once while speeding along in one of those death trap local buses in Honduras. We just heard an almighty bang, and the reflex action of everyone was incredibly fast. Immediately, every pair of hands were gripping with white knuckles the seat bar infront with all our backs erect and glaring bug eyes as we swerved all over the road, and then skidded sideways for a while before settling. Luckily nothing happened. But quite a hairy experience being totally out of control like that.

Another one was up in Kashmir. It was in 1997 when it was pretty dodgy up there. The entire road from Jammu to Srinigar was militarized. Our bus stopped at a military checkpoint, and while we waited we saw the military tearing off crates from the roof of a lorry they'd stopped. They were smashing the crates all over the road, booted the driver onto the floor, kicked him in the stomach and stuck a rifle into his mouth. They were trying to find out if he'd been smuggling anything into or out of Kashmir. Nothing worse occured.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by rtwbikerider on 30 November 2003 8:10am
Herb & Godfather, as a public service, could you tell the rest of us when and where your next trips will be? I think that we would all like to be a few hundred miles away when the mayhem begins again.

Paul, they used to say, "See Naples and die." That phrase has an entirely different meaning now. They have Third World traffic in a First World country. It once took me two days to bicycle across the city. Will they ever turn the traffic lights back on?

My worst travel experience was probably when a case of food poisoning made its presence known 15 minutes out of Cairo on a long flight to Mumbai. Through sheer will and a superhuman gastro-intestinal effort I managed to keep my insides inside during the flight. I did faint a couple of times though. Thank goodness I was in Business Class. I spent three nights in Mumbai's "best" hospital, and then bought a ticket on the next available flight to Perth. How many travelers can say that they "arrived" in India with food poisoning?
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by justHerb on 9 December 2003 8:27pm
We just came back from Disney World and flew into the 'Blizzard' in New York City on December 6th. It wasn't too bad, it just seemed to take forever. The pilot received a hearty round of applause when we came to a halt on the snow covered runway.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Sophie-Louise on 9 December 2003 8:49pm
aaaaawwwwwwwwwww i would love to go to disney world.... did you have a good time apart from the landing?!

sophie-lou xxx (who is very jealous...)
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by justHerb on 12 December 2003 6:24pm
Had a great time, but remind me never to travel with my Mother-In-Law again. Come to think of it, if Michael palin thinks he's an adventurer he should try travelling with HIS...
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