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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: ban the egg!!! by peripatetically on 4 April 2003 5:15pm
Ellen, you must come to the chat room! We'd love to share it all. it's gotten so out of hand and would takes ages to explain how it all started.

I'm sorry you feel left out, but I tell you the truth, I don't understand a lot of what many threads mean either. Maybe we are just gravitating in different directions, like in real life.

Re: ban the egg!!! by pandk2 on 5 April 2003 7:32am
Yes ellen...the chatroom moves at a million miles an hour...you have to visit us there and catch up...it could never all be explained in a post!

We're not talking about creme eggs though, that's for SURE Patty...hehehe!

By the way Kath, Midnight Mars Bars come in multi packs...12 snack size ones! :)Karen
Re: ban the egg!!! by Rusted on 5 April 2003 9:16am
Kath, I don't think I've had a Wisconsin Cow Pie.

And I'm from Wisconsin. ;O)

But maybe I have and I just call it something else!

And Patty and Karen, I never seem to be in the chatroom at the same time as you guys are - although I admit I don't go in much (you guys know the reasons, you've heard them before, LOL!)...when do you guys usually hang out in there? Patty, you answer that one, I can translate the time zone MUCH easier then. ;O)

Re: ban the egg!!! by my dear on 5 April 2003 3:19pm
I can't understand why everyone thinks this is funny.

You people are incredibly insensitive and I don't appreciate these comments, even though you happen to think that they're funny.

I happen to work for Cadbury. I have family members who depend on me. This suggestion that a Cadbury product be banned is not funny - I repeat: this is not funny.

This entire thread, wich was obviously designed by somebody who wants to get a rise, is incredibly unseemly.

I'm sorry that you think it's such a joke that I make a living making chocolate, but I do - so deal with it.
Re: ban the egg!!! by peripatetically on 5 April 2003 4:22pm
Mary, first , let me be the first to tell you about the Wisconsin cow pie. If my recollection is correct, it is a poo-poo cake!!! hahhahaha. Best way for me to describe it without being rude.... Let's put it another way---they fertilize the farm!!

As for the chat room, I check it often as I am not working. But we catch each other most often in mid-morning east coast USA time, and also 5-8 pm east coast time. It varies though. In fact, it happens a lot as we email too and ask if anybody's ready for a "live" chat!! Afternoons are popular with a few of us, but one just never knows. There is no set time, however...

Hope you catch us sometime, really!!!

The more, the crazier!!!

Love and kisses from Patty~xoxoxoxo

And don't forget, the clocks get set ahead tonight!!!
Re: ban the egg!!! by fattcslim on 5 April 2003 4:24pm
'my dear' , do me a favour and stop moaning, if you feel offened by my lack of love towards the disgusting cream egg,go and buy some like ive tried to say to you before (which appears unable to get throught you thick chocloty outer casing) i like ochocolate, in fact id say id marry chocolate and dont want to upset the loverly people who make it but cream eggs are gross and if you dont like this post STOP READING IT!!!! isnt that the easiest answer? and dont get to upset by this i still love you

Re: ban the egg!!! by fattcslim on 5 April 2003 7:21pm
karen doris is pauline's name i call her at home
Re: ban the egg!!! by sleepydumpling on 6 April 2003 7:57am

Karen - I wonder if Midnight Mars are available in snack packs in Oz? If so - sign me up - bite size would be brilliant!

Yes Mary, it is true, there is such a chocolate as a Wisconsin Cow Pie. It isn't poo - but it looks like a poo! Its a big gobby lump of caramel and pecan nuts coated in milk chocolate. I think the company name is Baraboo - or something like that. And they have of course, a cow on the box (Homer the Holstein). Do try one if you can - my friend Amy in WI sent me one and I nearly exploded with delight when I tasted it! Amy has promised to send me a box.

Re: ban the egg!!! by my dear on 6 April 2003 11:59am
No way, dude.

It's not that simple. If somebody writes something that offends me, then I have the right to respond. As long as you continue this ban the egg campaign of yours, I will be around with a counter campaign of my own.

This cavalier attitude must be stopped - think of all the Cadbury employees that may potentially be harmed by this campaign. Do you have any idea of the percentage of overall profits that are generated by the chocolate eggs near the Easter season - well, it's a lot.

I want to start up a new campaign in which people who want to ban the egg are themselves banned.

Ban the egg? Bah - ban the people who want to ban the egg, I say.

I stand with the working class. I salute all of my comrade Cadbury employees across the face of the globe and I encourage them to stand with me in solidarity as we struggle against the oppressive forces that be.

Long live the egg!
Re: ban the egg!!! by pandk2 on 6 April 2003 12:41pm
Kath, yes indeedy, Midnight Mars Bars are available in multi packs in Australia!
Oh And STEVIE>>> thanks for the EXCELLENT link to the chocolate bar site...I spent a very pleasasnt evening there last night!

Parcel on the way soon Stevie...
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