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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: ban the egg!!! by MissTrixiB on 8 April 2003 6:02am
I REALLY HATE CREAM EGGS! It's like eating frosting in a shell of bad milk chocolate. The only Easter candy for me is Peep's. They get better with age and they're so cute! There, I said it and I feel better now. I'm sorry....I don't wish them to be banned, but I just think they're really foul and that's why I won't take part in the cream egg talk.
(the caramel one are OK though).
Re: ban the egg!!! by Rusted on 8 April 2003 7:23am
Is there a cultural division in the spelling of "creme" vs. "cream"?

If so, I suppose that's more proof that I'm an insane Anglophile...as I spell it "creme" and I'm most definitely situated in Wisconsin, USA. Please solve this dilemma for me. ;O)

(Who likes creme eggs, but doesn't love them or hate them. So :OÞ!)

Re: ban the egg!!! by pandk2 on 8 April 2003 7:37am
Well i like 'em!
A lot!


The official Cadbury spelling is "creme"!
Re: ban the egg!!! by sleepydumpling on 8 April 2003 9:20am
Trixi - what's a Peeps? Never heard of those down under!

Re: ban the egg!!! by peripatetically on 8 April 2003 1:41pm
Mary, I can take CREME/CREAM eggs or leave them. They are pretty sweet, but I bought a pack for Easter. JUST BECAUSE... No, I don't care if they get banned or not!! As you can see, I'm a "creme/cream" egg speller!! lol

Cream to me is a milk component. "Blend" is written as "creme" in baking recipes and may have little to do with milk.

But, you'll see me write Creme for the eggs most often.

Sleepydumpling, Kath: Peeps are little marshmallow chickens, strung in a row and covered in pink or bright yellow sugar. As they age for a few days, they get a little bit crusty and are fun to eat. I like them too, but they go down so fast, you hardly know you've had anything!!! They've been sold in the USA for eons!! Peter Cottontail always remembered to put them in my basket when I was a tot!!

And we used to always have the little diarama hard sugar -coated eggs with Easter scenes inside. I see diarama eggs these days, but they are not the kinds you had to hold to your eye like a peephole. Has anyone seen the ones to which I refer? I can only find the ones that show the scenes which can be seen from across the room!!!! Today, there are no little peepholes, just scenes placed in an open shell. Not as much as fun... no mystery...

Patty~ and her assortment of Easter basket thrills!

Re: ban the egg!!! by sleepydumpling on 9 April 2003 2:09am
Thanks Patty

Peeps sound SOOOO cute!! Why don't we have anything like that here in Oz???

Re: ban the egg!!! by MissTrixiB on 9 April 2003 5:20am
They ARE cute! And there's bunnies too. They come in all sorts of lovely bright colors. For Halloween they have bats (and they have a little chocolate flavor to them). Now, how am I gonna survive this easter without eating my Peep's?!? Atkins has it's major drawbacks. Sorry about the Creme/Cream mishap, but that just shows how much I dislike them....can't even spell it properly.
Re: ban the egg!!! by Rusted on 9 April 2003 9:02am
I haven't had Peeps in ages.

No, let me rephrase that - I haven't eaten Peeps in ages.

No...LOL. Well, you guys get my drift. It's just that one of my (male) friend's nickname is Peeps and that first sentence sounded kind of wrong to me. ;O)

Seriously, though - they are cute. And really not bad tasting. Sweet, though. Like creme eggs, they're best eaten in moderation!

Re: ban the egg!!! by pandk2 on 9 April 2003 12:17pm
Oh, I want a Peep!!!!

Hey Patty, started making your Easter chockies yet? hehehe

Re: ban the egg!!! by peripatetically on 9 April 2003 4:27pm
Karen, you are the devil. I think you are dying to see one, aren't you?

Well, I've retired from the confection business. The mood really has to strike me to pull that stuff out, but you just never know if I'll come out of retirement again someday, like Michael Jordan has.

I do occassionally look at the mold! hehehehe


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