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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: i am shocked by xine on 30 April 2003 12:41pm
While we are talking about the English subject, can I get advice from you all - which is right or more right?

Never again will I make that mistake.

Never will I make that mistake again.

Re: i am shocked by KevM on 30 April 2003 10:42pm
xine.....don't make the mistake in the first place!!!

No no no no no no!! to make a perfick cuppa tea...chuck a bag of pg tips or typhoo in a big mug, pour on hot water from your kettle and squeeze the bag with your spoon, then add your milk and sugar(no sugar for me please!) and stir. Sit back, relax and drink, then dunk in your favourite (with a 'u'!) biscuit (dippers as we call here in the south east of England) but not too long as they get too soggy and break and fall to the bottom of the mug which is such bad manners! mcvities chocolate digestives are far the best dippers followed closely by rich tea bicuits. Enjoy!!
Trust me, I'm an Englisman!!
Re: i am shocked by risible-phyll on 30 April 2003 11:04pm
Kev. You use a tea spoon to fish out your teabag!!!!!!!!!!! ????????

It's more fun fishing the tea bag out with your fingers and racing at 40 miles perhour to the Kitchen bin and throw it at an angle to hit the flip top so that it slides down making a pretty brown pattern , you can achieve a cooling down of the asbestos fingers when you reach into the fridge for the milk, thus not using a spoon saves on the washing up!!!smart eh????

Ps Kev ,If making tea for someone else best stick to your spoon ,they may not appreciate the washing up thingy!!!

Re: i am shocked by KevM on 1 May 2003 12:58am
Phyll..how right you are and how foolish of me not to mention that you should you use your THUMB to squeeze the bag with the spoon thus also checking that the tea is at the correct temperature for dunking the said 'dippers'..too hot and dippers are too soggy to eat..resulting in yukky sludge with your last gulp of tea.
Re: i am shocked by sleepydumpling on 1 May 2003 4:10am
Kev - sounds good to me - so long as that water is BOILING when it hits the tea! And warming the mug helps too. The crucial bit is that the water is boiling hot, or the tea flavour doesn't happen properly. You get muddy tasting tea.

Speaking of dipping biscuits, hands up who likes drinking coffee or hot chocolate through a Tim Tam???

Re: i am shocked by pandk2 on 1 May 2003 5:03am
Well, this may be a huge suprise Kath, but guess what?
My hand is right up there!
I do.
A lot.
Re: i am shocked by risible-phyll on 1 May 2003 3:32pm
What is a Tim Tam Kath ??????????
and can it accomodate several newly hatched chickens??? of the chocolate variety??????

Karen what happens to the chocolate Dickerels, is there an obvious difference or is a chicken just a chicken, Please help me I am sooooo nieve!!!!

Shy Phyll xoxoxox:-)
Re: i am shocked by pandk2 on 1 May 2003 5:12pm
A Tim Tam, Phyll, is very much like your Penguin biscuits but..dare I say it...much nicer!
They come in a few flavours too..original (which you can't really beat).dark choc, caramel.
People here bite opposite corners from them and literally slurp hot coffee through the middle..it's to DIE for!!!

As for the chocolate dickerels...I'm not sure about YOUR dickerels Phyll, but ours have knocked off work and gone "down the pub" with their mates. The chickens are home trying to keep their dinner warm and tapping their claws on the floor in an annoyed fashion,and preparing to earbash the dickerels when they eventually come home and dinner's ruined.

Re: i am shocked by sleepydumpling on 2 May 2003 2:59am
A Tim Tam is heaven in the form of a biscuit! And yep, Karen is right, what you do is bite the ends off (it's a rectangular shaped chocolate coated biscuit) and slurp your coffee or hot chocolate through them like a straw.

It's a bit of an art to do it before the biscuit disintergrates, but you get this big chocolatey rush as the chocolate centre stuff comes up with the coffee!!

Re: i am shocked by Dianne on 3 May 2003 4:10am
Natalie thingee did that on 'So Graham Norton'! Natalie thingee!! You know that Australian singer who used to be in Neighbours many moons ago.

I don't dunk Tim Tam's in my tea, but then I'm a Kiwi. I dunk Gingernuts in my tea.
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