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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Injured by mrsteabag on 26 November 2008 2:59am
I just saw Misty May Treanor, the volleyball player who blew out her Achilles tendon in this round of Dancing with the Stars--she's off crutches all ready. May your recovery go better!
Re: Injured by Lounge Trekker on 26 November 2008 5:50am
Seriously, I'll have less time at the computer, I do need to try to keep my leg above me heart for a few weeks. I have a hospital bed coming so that aspect of my life will be much easier.

I'd love to get e-mail from any of you. That will brighten my life considerably.

Lounge Trekkerat hotmail.com
Re: Injured by peripatetically on 26 November 2008 11:52am
HAHAHA, I knew when I said I stretched my groin it sounded wierd. Yes, I was doing an exercise that a therapist gave me about 10 years ago to relieve a low side pain radiating from a lower thoracic vertebra. I went overboard with it as it was feeling really awful and getting me down. I was sorta mad and angry about the pain I had. Let me explain... Lie on your bed, on your back and scoot to the far right side so your leg dangles freely. Push it back as far as possible and hold it. Well, I pushed and held WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much and I think it tore. (Knee and Groin. Maybe this is how people on the "rack" in medieval times felt as they were stretched and torn to bits (worse though for them, of course!) What I did sure felt good at the time though and the pain I was trying to fix isn't as bad these days. it was the following day that I realized something was wrong.
Re: Injured by peripatetically on 26 November 2008 12:22pm
Pete, is there a space between those names?
Re: Injured by elina on 26 November 2008 12:56pm
Pete, I hope that the evil snow won't bother you as much as it did last winter! But if it does cause you problems, send it to me and I'll sort it out!
Re: Injured by Spursfan on 26 November 2008 1:39pm
Hope you both (well all 3 including MrsT) feel much better soon.

Re: Injured by peripatetically on 26 November 2008 2:42pm
Thanks Annie. Today's not too bad yet for me. haven't been walking and bending as much.
Re: Injured by kazzzz on 27 November 2008 1:41pm
Oh Pete hope you're OK, you too MrsT and Pats xxxxxx
Re: Injured by geordiegirl on 27 November 2008 3:16pm
You too, Patty? Just picked up on this. Oh, honey, DO take it easy, and take care (easier said than done, i know).. Much sympathy.

You too, Judy, I know you have a lot of pain from sciatica & arthritis & I sympathise greatly.
Re: Injured by mrsthing on 27 November 2008 3:34pm
Patty, a variation on that exercise you did is to lie on your back with one knee bent and the ankle of the other leg resting on the raised knee. With your hand, push your other knee away from your body. Hold it for up to 30 seconds, and relax. That one works really well for me, and gives me some stretch in the inner thigh as well, as I'm just horribly out of shape.

Pete, it's Thanksgiving Day today, and I'm about to go out, but I'll send you an email tomorrow. I remember how lonely it is to be stuck at home and partially immobile.
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