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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Injured by mrsthing on 6 March 2009 3:23pm
Great news, Pete! I'm not supposed to skate anymore because of my back, but I miss it, so I may give it a go next winter.

Gyms around here no longer have steam baths, a casualty of the AIDS crisis in the 80s. (People complained that gay men were having sex in the steam baths, increasing the risk of infection for anyone who used the steam bath.) I miss them SOOO much! It was the best part of my workout, and great for my skin and sinuses. Oh, well...
Re: Injured by peripatetically on 6 March 2009 6:54pm
Oh man. What a shame, really! I bet your back felt so much better after using them when you could. But, yuck, what you just said makes me ill! Bleh!
Re: Injured by Lounge Trekker on 6 March 2009 8:37pm
A ban on steam baths? A shame. The steam room in the public pool here in Campbell River is a glass doored converted sauna, not really a steam 'bath'. There are health concerns to all of us who us it and there is a hose to rinse it down if one is very concerned. I hope they comply with health regs and bleach it each night. I know the men who do this and I have confidence in their integrity.

I don't recall the nature of your back troubles, Judy, but when I skate a lot I spend considerable time and effort to stretch many different ways. The hip flexor muscles tend to shorten after repeated contractions, like skating would do, that it exerts constant tension on the lower back. If a guy skates a lot he must consciously stretch these muscles before and after a skate. I've found I concentrate on muscle balancing during my stretching routine.

Recovering Trekker
Re: Injured by MMMmmm... on 6 March 2009 10:27pm
*Congrats Pete!*

That's great news!

Good to not overdo it though!

I like to make baths into steambaths, but I've always wanted a sauna too. They have kits. :)

I was in one in someone's very garagy garage, & it was all pine - beautiful & professional! Then brave folk ran & jumped in the freezing river. (Not me :)
Re: Injured by peripatetically on 6 March 2009 11:47pm
That reminds me of something we do in Maryland---. Are there any Polar Bear Plunges" in other parts of the USA/world? In Maryland there are a few each winter where people jump into freezing cold water to raise money for charities. A doctor is on site in case there are problems. One such event is held at/in the Chesapeake Bay every winter. People are allowed to do this repeatedly for as many times as they wish with a certain amount of time between plunges. (Not sure how long that is.) The event brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars and is broadcast live right at the scene. Many local celebrities, government officials, as well as private citizens take part. It's a wonderful thing. I am not sure, but it might be for the Special Olympics and some other organizations. Wish I could remember. Also, some people participate every single year. Free t-shirts are given out to the brave souls who take part. Everybody seems to love it. A lot of screaming and laughing goes on.
Re: Injured by MMMmmm... on 7 March 2009 12:17am

We have at least one here, and I've heard of them other places too. It's a great idea.
Re: Injured by kazzzz on 7 March 2009 12:41am
I've only ever been ice skating once, when I was 8, I spent the whole time terrified coz I was told not to put my hands down if I fell in case someone skated over my fingers. I fell over a LOT and spent the afternoon in utter terror in case I lost a few digits.
I'll stick to rollerblading thanx ;)
Re: Injured by mrsthing on 7 March 2009 3:43am
I have osteo-arthritis (aka, degenerative arthritis--meh!) in 3 vertebrae in my lower back. The PT told me my days of high impact exercise are over, including any activity where I might fall hard. I might go anyway and take my chances. Maybe if I just skate slowly and don't try any fancy moves. Movement is NOT good for it--the PT said if it hurts, take it easy, which is NOT my usual way of doing things. It also makes doing anything hard enough to lose weight very difficult, because it starts hurting pretty quickly. I've got to go very slowly on getting back into shape.

But this is your thread, Pete. I'm glad you're getting better and finding your virutal friendships rewarding.

We do have Polar Bear plunges here in CT. I've never been brave enough to do it, and we do occasionally lose some fool to a heart attack--usually someone who knew he had a condition but went in anyway. The water temperature in Long Island Sound in January is usually in the mid to upper 40s--that's Fahrenheit, NOT Celsius! That's really, really cold! I went in last Spring when it was 57 degrees, and came out after a couple of minutes nearly numb all over.

Question: why is ice skating the one activity where they don't require kids to wear helmets? I got a pretty bad concussion last time I fell on the ice and had to go to the ER. I was stuttering and slurring my words. I still have a scar on my scalp where the giant bump ruptured. I made Alexandra wear her riding helmet after than when she went ice skating.
Re: Injured by Lounge Trekker on 7 March 2009 6:36am
I suggest hockey pads. If you get referee pads, you would get sufficient protection from the impact of falling yet have an easy time concealing them. Of course you would need clothing for this. Skating is low impact, it's the fall onto the ice that hurts, just like hitting concrete.

Polar Bear Swims are madness, but that's the idea...public insanity for those who might be afraid of their own shadow but find group madness somehow comforting. I've done it both at New Year's group swims and just for my own pleasure...hah hah hah! A summer swim at most North Pacific beaches is the same, except you can warm up without lighting a fire, or running the heater in your car.

Winter Trekker
Re: Injured by peripatetically on 7 March 2009 1:50pm
The most recent Plunge here was held only after they chopped through the ice, which was a few inches thick .

I've never taken part either.
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