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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: WHAT a week!! by Spursfan on 9 September 2009 9:44pm
Yes it pays to go by the book even though at times you feel like THROWING the book!

A couple of years ago we had to take our oil supplier to court. A long story, but basically everyone was on a communal tank to start with, and over the years people bought their own tank. We were the last ones on it. To cut a long story short the tank wasn't filled which caused problems (obviously) to our boiler etc. He denied fault etc.

At the small claims court he was really rude to the judge (we were at a table with just us, the supplier and the judge)- 'why do I have to do that?' etc. We won but he appealed and we had to go again. Again, he treated the judge rudely - I know they are just normal people but if you are wise you treat them well if you are before them!! - but the judge said I was eloquent!! I am not saying we won because he was rude, but it must have helped us!! I haven't explained this well, have I?

Anyway - pleased that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Any sign of a house? The landlord sounds a right b*****d.

Re: WHAT a week!! by mrsthing on 9 September 2009 10:43pm
He sounds like a mental case! I'm sorry you're having all this trouble, Kazzzz, and I hope it'll soon be over.
Re: WHAT a week!! by mrsteabag on 10 September 2009 3:04am
OMG, Kaz, he sounds like my ex neighbor. I wondered where he and his ended up--NOT, as long as it isn't here. Our current neighbors had to change their phone number twice because collection agencies going after the prior neighbors kept phoning. :P
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 10 September 2009 6:07am
Ohh you had a neighbour like this?? Horrible!! Apparently he's moving back in and I told the neighbours here and the woman started crying ( I may have posted this already) she said she can't cope with living near them again. I don't know why some people make a lifestyle out of making others miserable.

You're right Anne you feel like doing your nut but you can't

We have a few houses to look at , on the weekend :)
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 10 September 2009 2:52pm
Update : Ray's truck has been sabotaged in the driveway, wires cut, fluid leaking from the engine. They left a beanie hat as a calling card on the engine. I will find a house this weekend, not staying here with the kids anymore :(
Re: WHAT a week!! by Spursfan on 10 September 2009 3:35pm
That is seriously scary - don't blame you for wanting out. So sorry you are going through this.

Presume you have contacted both the police and the tenants union?

And take photos.
Re: WHAT a week!! by peripatetically on 10 September 2009 5:08pm
This guy is stepping beyond the law in a very very serious way now. He really needs to be put behind bars. I sure hope the police dust for fingerprints. He's dangerous to society. Be sure not to touch anything until the police come to investigate. He's liable to think burning the house down will teach you a lesson and he'll get insurance for the "accident". He'd be found out, but no sense in endangering yourselves by waiting for something like that to happen. He's definitely psychotic.
Re: WHAT a week!! by suzulu on 11 September 2009 12:28pm
That is very very scary, Kazzzz.

I hope you find a new house soon so that you can get out of there as soon as possible and don't tell him where you are moving to.

Good luck with house searching!
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 30 September 2009 2:04pm
Found a house, applied and got it! HOORAY! Now we don't have to live in Ray's truck! We move in a week, I swear I will NEVER drive down this road again!
Re: WHAT a week!! by peripatetically on 30 September 2009 2:07pm
Many congrats, Kaz! I know it's a huge relief for everybody. I'm so excited for you and can't wait for moving day. Well, actually, that's because I'm not moving. lol Seriously, wish I could help. It's always a big job.
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