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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: WHAT a week!! by peripatetically on 23 May 2009 2:53pm
You poor daring. How did you manage to hurt your back, Kaz. A compilation of activities or do you remember exactly when it popped?

Anti-inflammatories can often be better than pain killers. Hoe you don't need to go under the knife. And stay on top, or ahead of, the pain. Don't wait for it to get really bad before taking your remedies. If you wait, it often takes longer to get yourself under control again. On the good side, there are so many new ways to treat disc problems. Hopefully they are available to you if the time comes. But fingers crossed it doesn't get that far, but you are having acute pain from what you are saying.
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 23 May 2009 3:05pm
Well Pats you know about this sort of pain better thsn anyone I know. It's been bad since I was pregnant, that's when it started, it's just got worse and worse, I think with all the bending and carrying Ava really.
Yes I think the anti inflammatories are definately helping, have felt a bit easier these past couple of days, also on different pain killers. An op would be a last resort for me. I can't anyway, someone's gotta watch Ava 24/7, she's a terror. Pens have recently been banned in our house as several walls,floors and pieces of furniture have fallen victim to her and any writing implement she can get her hands on. She's only allowed to draw under strict supervision ;)
Re: WHAT a week!! by Spursfan on 23 May 2009 3:21pm
I don't know if it would work in your situation, Kazzzz, but when I have severe muscle pain (often, with this illness!) I have a sort of sausage shaped 'thing' which is stuffed with buckwheat and which you put in the microwave for a couple of minutes to heat up and then place on the sore bit.

It is bliss and really helps.

I'm going to try and google you something similar...hang on!!

Well this is the closest I have found:


The only other thing I can suggest is seeing an osteopath.

Re: WHAT a week!! by peripatetically on 23 May 2009 7:32pm
Yeah, Kaz, try anythng you can. Bags, braces, exercise, immobility---whatever works for you. I've done that just to make myself as comfortalbe as I can. And it changes all the time. Sitting lasts a while, then it's worse. Back to standing or laying, heat, cold, padding, brace, massage, pressure. It changes and moves all the time. I even have one of those contraptions you put your back against and it automatically kneads your neck, or shoulders or back, depending on how you lean against it. It's heaven but can make your muscles sore . But at least the pain part is eased for a while. It's powered by electricity so you can't use it everywhere.
Re: WHAT a week!! by Spursfan on 23 May 2009 7:53pm
A few years ago, I had backache so bad (it just 'went' when I was putting my socks on!) that the only way I could 'walk' to the toilet was using my Mom's old zimmer frame that my dear husband fetched from the garage!

Problem was, I got such bad giggles everytime I used it that it took me even longer to get there!!

I dreaded getting up again the next morning as it took me AGES to get into bed, and I had to have the zimmer next to me in case of visits in the night!! However, we still had the water bed in those days and the warmth of it seemed to soothe my back so I was right as rain next day.

Hope you're soon feeling better, Kazzzz.
Re: WHAT a week!! by mrsthing on 23 May 2009 8:03pm
Your Ava sounds like my Alexandra at that age! I had mild arthritis during my pregnancy that never went away after delivery (as the doctor said it would), and I finally started taking something when Alexandra darted into traffic and even with the sudden adrenalin rush I couldn't move fast enough to stop her.

I also tacked large sheets of white paper to the walls and let her go to it. Saved both of us a lot of frustration. She sometimes ripped the paper off and went at the walls, but for the most part, she understood "color only on the paper".
Re: WHAT a week!! by Miss-M on 24 May 2009 2:22am
I've already passed on my sympathy and good wishes for you Clagster, but I thought I'd add them here too :)

Patty wrote: "Hoe you don't need to go under the knife."

Now Pats, don't you be calling our Kazz a hoe! ;)
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 24 May 2009 9:44am
Thanx for the advice guys...Anne I've seen those, they're not cheap but if they're good I might invest in one. I've seen another thing it's a bit like a belt which puts pressure on the lower back and support, and can be heated.

Also, the white paper on the walls is a great idea. I've been over to my daughter's to try and get ink off her white leather couch (courtesy of Ava), I used eucalyptus oil which normally gets anything off but it didn't work. Any ideas folks?
Re: WHAT a week!! by Spursfan on 24 May 2009 10:39am
Oh I dont think the one I have was THAT expensive Kazzzz. I don't know how much it was exactly as it was a gift from the husband (not for birthday or Xmas, he just saw that I was suffering).

Another suggestion is a TENS machine? I don't know if these work as neither I nor the husband have tried one, but they are SUPPOSED to be good.

I've looked at Boots online and they are around the £40 mark. Not cheap, but of course it would last I suppose.

Re: WHAT a week!! by geordiegirl on 24 May 2009 10:39am
What do you think of chiropractors, Kazzz? Worth a try?
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