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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: WHAT a week!! by peripatetically on 29 August 2009 1:15pm
Super ruling, Kaz. Go get 'em! I know you've been searching hard for a new residence. I hope you find something soon so you can relax a little bit. There's always something to stress people out....
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 30 August 2009 1:07am
Ta Pats. I'm looking forward to being somewhere more settled for Christmas. Still got a way to go before that though.
Re: WHAT a week!! by Ken Dunn on 30 August 2009 11:28pm
kazzzz, I missed the beginning of the landlord story. Were you not paying the rent or has the landlord got new clients who want to pay more for renting your home? Is the problem a spin off of the fires which destroyed a lot of properties around Melbourne recently?
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 31 August 2009 12:40am
Paid the rent every month on time Ken.
The landlord won't maintain the property ( as in things that break down, collapse, like all the fences, like the front door blowing off, hot water service breaking down and us having no water etc). He's also pretending to live here so we are inundated with debt collectors and the sherrif threatening to seize property for his debts. He also stopped paying the mortgage and we were almost evicted.
Now he has illegally sold the rear of the land to a woman and is trying to build a property there (with no permits) and we are inundated with tradesmen turning up trying to carry out illegal works and blocking us into the property constantly. We had a court ruling that he was to stop this but he hasn't stopped.

The court ruled that we are good tenants who pay on time and maintain the house, it was ruled that he is the shittest landlord on earth.

Yes it's a problem, lack of rentals.

The landlord is moving back in here because he's on a register for bad landlords now and no real estate agent will take on the property. If he tries to rent it privately the neighbours will band together and warn any prospective tenants as to what sort of landlord he is so that noone else will find them in the position we have found ourselves in.
Re: WHAT a week!! by tucsonmike on 31 August 2009 1:11am
This is nuts, I wish you luck with a new place.
Re: WHAT a week!! by Ken Dunn on 31 August 2009 3:00am
Was your landlord's own house burnt down in the recent fires or is he re-letting it? Could you see what he would be asking for the rental of the property he is moving out of? Best to get it for the same price you are paying at the moment. In your property he would be able to oversee the building of the new property after he gets the permits.
Does the woman who bought the land have the permits for building? Is there alternative access to the land so that the builders don't block you?

Can you ask the landlord for help with finding a new home as he seems to want you out?

It seems your landlord has cashflow problems. Have you offered him a small increase in rental to let you stay in the property?

All this may be of no use but another view of a problem can sometimes lead to a satisfactory solution.
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 31 August 2009 5:02am
No Ken, he hasn't lost his house, he's moving out of the place he's living now to stay ahead of debt collectors, he moves from rental to rental every 3 to 6 months to avoid being found. The house we're in is the one he owns and he has no choice but to move back in coz he can't rent it. So I guess his time's up. To make it worse he has everything in his de facto's name here, as a further attempt to avoid people who are looking for him. He's absolutely vile. I told the neighbour yesterday that he's coming back and she broke down in tears.

There's no other access and at present the council are trying to find him as he's breached 4 by laws by having no permits. The woman he's 'sold' the land to ( cash payments for the last two years, we found this out coz she turned up and told us that it was her land) has actually bought nothing because there is no subdivision allowed and therefore no land to buy. He's defrauded her for about 80,000.

The property is thru a real estate agent (who we deal with) and they have said they are under no obligation to rehouse us and have nothing suitable.

So no Ken we haven't offered him anything. We are actually going to be compensated by HIM for our lives being made sheer hell for the last year. This was on the judge's suggestion last week. She was absolutely horrified at what we have had to put up with. We have, however, got the courts to issue an order on the agent to force them to disclose his location so we will be left the hell alone. He's been taken to court by all and sundry for an endless list of fraudulent activity over the last few years. He also uses three aliases. The judge was very perturbed that we have children here and that unidentified people are on the property day and night.

When the landlord didn't turn up in court again last week , his agent was asked where he was. He looked at the floor and mumbled that he was holidaying in Queensland. How nice for him.
Re: WHAT a week!! by johnnythemonkey on 31 August 2009 6:32am
Good suggestions Ken. Yes kazzzz, you meanie ; why don't you offer to pay a bit more rent ? :)
Re: WHAT a week!! by Ken Dunn on 31 August 2009 12:29pm
Well, I suppose even criminals need a holiday but if I had his problems I'd be trying to solve them rather than going off on a holiday. Have the police been involved?
I have an old two man tent which could hold 4 at a squeeze. Would that be any use to you? There are also some good motor homes that would do for temporary accommodation for a while.
Looking at your very first post, Kazzzz, have you offered your rent to the bank? That way you could become the owner of the property and kick all the interlopers out.
Re: WHAT a week!! by kazzzz on 1 September 2009 8:30am
Yes he does need a holiday. Behind bars.

Ken all we want to do is leave here, I hate this house more than I can tell you and when we go I'll never even drive down this road again.
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