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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Any News Of Our East Coast US Palinites Are Doing After 'Isobel'?????????/ by Helen on 22 September 2003 5:08pm
I hope Patty bails herself out soon! We want to know if she's okay!
Re: Any News Of Our East Coast US Palinites Are Doing After 'Isobel'?????????/ by decomposingcomposers on 22 September 2003 9:40pm
dont really no her but i hope shes ok xxx
Re: Any News Of Our East Coast US Palinites Are Doing After 'Isobel'?????????/ by Diamond on 23 September 2003 11:47pm
Sent an e mail just now but may not get a reply if power is still out

I know Patty will let us all know as soon as she can

in the meantime - you are all in our thoughts



Re: Any News Of Our East Coast US Palinites Are Doing After 'Isobel'?????????/ by Louise on 23 September 2003 11:52pm
Lyn, just to let you know my emails to your inbox have bounced today :-(

Re: Any News Of Our East Coast US Palinites Are Doing After 'Isobel'?????????/ by Layla on 24 September 2003 12:03am
sorry to change the subject here but were you serious (Linda) about what you said about taking that old Dublin bus? I was in town there last Wednesday and didn't see anything out of the ordinary! Was it one of those manky old green ones with the green seats that used to be running around through the 80's and always sounded like they were going to conk out?...eh can I've a lift to DCU?
On a serious note though I really do hope everybody out there is OK...Hope not too much damage was done...
Re: Any News Of Our East Coast US Palinites Are Doing After 'Isobel'?????????/ by peripatetically on 25 September 2003 4:07pm
Hello Fellow Palinites.

I laid awake last night thinking of all the many things I could tell you about Hurricane Isabel in my area, but there was so much, I just can't do the reporting of it justice. But I want to thank everyone so very much for your concerns and support and wishes and prayers for the people affected by it. It was not good, I will say that much....

I am sorry to be so late getting back to your thread but my power was restored only yesterday after 6 days without it. Gratefully, my family and friends are all safe and had little damage, but many people living near me have not been so lucky. Loss of life, food, homes and property have taken their toll.

Although Isabel was downsized to a tropical storm by the time it reached Maryland, it was ferocious just the same due to the angle it hit the state. Most hurricanes that come this far north travel almost from due South. This one did not and packed the strength to cause widespread damage,erosion, flooding etc. from mountainous-sized water surges. Maryland is nearly split in half by water: (Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, many sizable and beautiful rivers, other bays, sounds, lakes etc.). All along the Chesapeake Bay shorelines, rivers and smaller estuaries, the damage was devastating, giving people within a mile or so very little chance to save their homes. Even small creeks threatened. We were one and came within inches of havng to bale out the house.

The cleanup has been lengthy and dangerous for those helping because of downed trees across wires, homes, cars and roads. The extent of the damage will not be known for more than a year from now, because it will, of course, not only affect property but the occupations and businesses of many residents. The water, especially the Chesapeake Bay, is a vital part of the economy of Maryland and parts of Virginia and that eventually extends to the rest of the country as well. Our port, the city's private and international docks, the shops and tourist areas were hit hard. Many people are now homeless, and the power has still not been completely restored in many regions of Maryland. Everywhere one goes, there are trees and yard debris along the roads.

According to the reports, this is the worst damage on the east coast in history.

A small example of food loss was the trucks and cars of food being taken to a local county dump here where 2 policemen were needed to direct the traffic. My mother alone lost over $500 in food. She also lost a huge specimen evergreen tree worth more than monetary value and value to the home site appearance, but also sentimental value because it was the first tree she and my father planted more than 28 yrs. ago. It was gorgeous and people have since stopped in disbelief when they saw it laying in the road blocking traffic. At least it spared the house!!

Anyway, the stories go on and on and I consider myself one of the luckiest citizens. We are completely surrounded by huge old trees. None fell in OUR yard, but our neighbors had several fall only inches from their home. Many haven't been as fortunate as they have, however.

Generators were used by some people but they can be grossly dangerous too. Several deaths have been attributed to them during this storm. A 5 year old girl and her dad died from CO poisoning. Another generator blew up and burned down a house, and so on..

But anyway, I am fine, thank you.

Oh, may I add this as well-----Perhaps adding to the fear of this storm, was that it hit Maryland at almost dark and lasted through the night. It was impossible to monitior what was happening outside. I used a radio and only pulled in Boston and the police band. The emergencies were frighteneing as I listened to them for hours and hours. Just before it became completely dark, I was able to see that the trees against the sky bending to limits of which I would never have dreamed (and I've lived through hurricanes before, I might add.)

God bless all those poor souls who are homeless, trapped and still without power and without a place to live.

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