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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Walk like a Python by watercub on 4 March 2004 6:23am
Back to the subject at hand...if you looked at the casting website the whole purpose in having open auditions is to find unknowns to play the parts...I think they want people that have not been previously typecast...
Re: Walk like a Python by watercub on 4 March 2004 6:26am
Oh, and as far as the American/Canadian casting arguments go, jump to thread titled "An Official Plea to Mark McKinney"....we've been discussing the concept...
Re: Walk like a Python by Martin99 on 4 March 2004 11:12am

Hopefully they will find someone suitable for this movie..I would prefer a brit though..

Didn't Britney Spears start her career claiming she was a virgin,and she didn't do sex before marriage?
What went wrong...?


Re: Walk like a Python by TwoSheds on 4 March 2004 2:00pm
I'd like to see Mike 'Austin Powers' Myers as Terry Jones. Although born in Canada he considers himself British (fact: his dad's a Scouser and Mike has a British passport). He's also a huge Python fan.
Re: Walk like a Python by Helen on 4 March 2004 2:13pm
It's fun playing "casting director"! Since we don't know any "unknowns" (what a strange, strange line) we are throwing some of the tried and true into the ring...
Mike Meyers-- that's a thought, too...
as for Britney---Martin, I don't know what happened. When I found out she had sex before marriage, my world was shattered. I thought she was a such a good girl... oh well.
Re: Walk like a Python by Martin99 on 4 March 2004 4:19pm
Does anyone remember a show called 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience'?..This comedy show was also a breakthrough in British comedy. Now if you look on the BBC's comedy website(www.bbc.co.uk/ then choose comedy section) you will see that the 'Whitehouse team all could easily have a role in the Python film. Look at Steve Punt -surely he must be related to Eric Idle? (maybe his mum never told him)..
Bye All..
Oh, they could have had a role in the film if it were made 7 or 8 years ago- They would all be to old now to play the required parts..
Re: Walk like a Python by canaveralgumby on 4 March 2004 5:59pm
Hey, all.

I wasn't really serious about Kevin Spacey playing JC! It was, um, what do you call it...an advertising campaign! No, it's just that there had been a previous joke about how it was Spacey playing the part of Osama in the videos after 9/11...

(BTW Spacey did win the Best Actor Oscar for American Beauty and Best Supporting for The Usual Suspects)

So, who the hell could play JC?!?!

I know my friends across the pond don't want to hear about Americans playing Pythons, except for Gilliam, I should think! How 'bout Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Re: Walk like a Python by Martin99 on 4 March 2004 6:25pm
I know who could play John Cleese really well. There was a show here on tele years ago called "Fawlty Towers", the guy who played the Manager was sort of like John Cleese. Cannot remember his name, has anyone else heard of this show?..I think they only made two series of it..

Bye yawl..
kevin Spacey would be in a film about
9/11 though, I can imagine all those Hollywood actors being dragged out by James Cameron to make a heavy blockbuster..
Re: Walk like a Python by canaveralgumby on 6 March 2004 3:36am
They MADE the star-studded motion picture in the 70's. It was called "The Towering Inferno." Different ending, though.
Re: Walk like a Python by Martin99 on 8 March 2004 11:02am
I went to see the Towering Inferno when I was around 8 years old, maybe a little older. My older brother used to drag me to loads of films. I really liked this movie when I saw it.
How would Americans feel if they made a movie about 9/11? Is it to soon, or would always be a taboo movie making subject?I reckon Spielberg could do a good job with this, Schindlers List is one of the Best movies ever made..
ta ta..
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