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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by pandk2 on 18 January 2003 9:58am
Hi Michelle, Karen from Melb here, we've chatted on other parts of the site but I thought I'd say hi to some other Aussies. I've been a Monty Python fan for many years and developed a bit of a crush on MP when I was a slip of a girl and it's never gone away! (have been married for 14 years with kids, husband copes with abovementioned situation very well) I have a Huge collection of Michael's books and records and even met him at the ABC shop a number of years ago, complete with photos (bit of a prized possession.) So, as I always like to remember, NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! (although I usually do!)
See ya
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by ellenpc on 19 January 2003 1:31am
Hi Michelle, Karen and Julie :-}}

Ellen the Pom from 'over the ditch' here in Noo Zellend. :-}}

Great to meet you. :-}} And nice to meet some more Mothers with MP obsessions! :-}} I too have been a Palin/Python fan since the age of 9 and it never left me when we emmigrated to NZ in 1982, when I was a spotty teenager.
I married a NZ'er and we have been married 13 yrs (hope this isn't our unlucky year!?) and have two girls, so you beat me Karen. Would you recommend the Fourteenth year as a goodie?? :-}

Ooo, it's getting close now for you, Michael will be there in a matter of days. Do hope you all get to see him.
When he comes to Wellington, it'll be the first time I have ever seen him in the flesh as it were. Yeeharghh!!


Ellen x
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by pandk2 on 19 January 2003 6:05am
Hi Ellen, welcome!
I have 2 girls as well, (10 and 13) and can highly recommend the 14th year!
Bet you're excited about your upcoming close encounter of the Michael kind..looking forward to a full follow up report. When are you actually seeing him? make sure you take your camera!
PS>>>Hi Michelle!
See ya
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by ellenpc on 19 January 2003 11:47pm
Hiya Karen :-}}

We're seeing him on the 4th of Feb for an evening talk and booksigning. Hubby and I are flying up from Christchurch and we're meeting up with Dianne which is an added treat. :-}}

Yes I am really excited and a little nervous also at the prospect of actually being in the same breathing space as him!! Pathetic I know, but, there you are!! :-}}

It must be quite a surreal experience. All these adoring fans, each having their 'once in a lifetime' moment while to Michael it's just another huge queue of friendly strangers.

Did it feel that way for you when you saw him last??? :-}}

Ellen x
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Dianne on 20 January 2003 1:11am
The main reason Ellen is coming up to Wellington is to see me. Michael just happens to be there at the same time. :-) Isnít that right Ellen?
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by nottlob on 20 January 2003 1:48am
Hi and welcome! I'm so glad you've seen American Friends, I've never seen it...yet. I don't even own ONE python video :( When we get a DVD player...mwahahahaha...
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Kristine on 20 January 2003 7:27am
Welcome and many apologies for my tardiness! It's true, we must be one of the nicest fan bases on the web! Never felt so welcome almost anywere in me life.

Ellen and Dianne,
I'm so happy you two are getting together to go and see Michael! I think it's so sweet when people meet up together like that. I hope you two have a wonderfull time together! And Ellen, I hope your hubby will be able to put up with you two *chuckles*
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by ellenpc on 20 January 2003 2:22pm
True Di. Very true.

It was very considerate of Michael to work in with our schedule as we are so very busy. You know how it is........places to go, people to annoy!! :-}}

Ta Kristine :-}}

I'm sure we'll have some fun, eh Di??

I'll make sure John doesn't get too *chuckled out*. Though he can get pretty *chuckly* too if the winds in the right direction, it's three whole days after a full moon and he feels like it!! :-}}

Ellen x
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by pandk2 on 20 January 2003 3:06pm
Well you haven't got long to wait have you? Yes, it certainly was a surreal experience and when I laid eyes on him it was almost like it wasn't really him, that is until he spoke! I really was on cloud 9 for ages! A lot of people were showing genuine concern for his wife's health which he seemed to be pleased about. He was SO nice and seemingly unaffected by fame, which would be a rare thing for one in his situation...it made him all the nicer! Have a great day, and ALWAYS EXPECT the Spanish Inquisition!
See ya
P.S. Don't forget to get Dianne's signature...she really is quite famous herself!
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Rusted on 20 January 2003 8:10pm
LOL...that's right. Ellen, bless your lucky stars that you have the opportunity to meet Dianne, a GENUINE member of the IDLS community. What an opportunity! What a chance of a life time! (Don't forget to take some pamphlets along, Dianne...do you think it's too late to convert Ellen? She could change her life around! I have faith!)

Judy, I know what you mean. We're fellow library-devotees, no? ;O) But I *do* have two Python vidoes now. And perhaps more by the end of the day, although I think we'll be looking for the Life of Michael book at Barnes & Noble!

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