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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Do they know it's Christmas? by TwoSheds on 16 November 2004 11:13am
I welcome all the money it has raised for famine relief in Africa but it is a bloody awful song, always has been.
I can't believe they are releasing it again. It's sure to be the Xmas #1.

Just get Bono/Williams/Minogue et al to dig deeper into their pockets. It's not as if they're short of a bob or two.
Re: Do they know it's Christmas? by Spursfan on 16 November 2004 12:08pm
This version is no where as good as the 'old' one (EXCEPT Bono's bit which is as good as ever, of course!!!)

But, as long as it raises money, who cares!

Re: Do they know it's Christmas? by ClareS on 16 November 2004 1:36pm
Comments like those from TwoSheds make me quite cross. We have no idea how much various celebrities give to charities, but, in the case of Bono, at least, I would imagine it is quite a bit.
But the point of projects like this is to allow those of us who are not millionaires to get involved. Another aim is to raise awareness, particularly among young people, some of whom will go on to find out more about the issues.
Re: Do they know it's Christmas? by TwoSheds on 16 November 2004 2:58pm
I don't care how much he gives or doesn't give to charity. He's loaded.


My point is that it was a crap song 20 years ago and it still is a crap song. Write a new one!
Anyway, my fiver has gone in the 'Children in Need' collection tin.
Re: Do they know it's Christmas? by finnguy on 16 November 2004 4:09pm
Celebrities are only as rich as we make them. If you don't like the fact that someones's loaded, then don't contribute to their wealth - don't go and see their movies, don't buy their CDs etc.

Who cares how much money Bono has, or indeed how much he gives to charity? Surely that's between him and his conscience. To dub him a hypocrite is way too extreme. Bono perhaps does not raise so much cash, but he does raise awareness and very often that's the first step.
Re: Do they know it's Christmas? by Wild in Africa on 16 November 2004 7:38pm
Bob Geldof clearly made the point two days ago that this song was not released to raise money but to raise awareness. If that is the purpose then surely some contact with the reality of the people for whom this song is designed to raise awareness about is important. There was a very good point raised above about the Ethiopians in 1984 being too far gone in their misery to realise any sort of Christmas spirit and that could be read as the true meaning of the song. Point well taken. This time around though it is about letting the world know what a bloody awful tragedy is unfolding in Sudan. I should know, I have just come back from working with an aid agency in Darfur and I was also with Oxfam in Ethiopia just after the 84 famine. I know that few other people have had such an opportunity to get such first hand understanding of these crises but when such a golden opportunity does arrive as Band Aid my plea is to produce something that recognises the reality of the people in need and really raise awareness about what is going on. The people of Darfur are Muslims and do not recognise Christmas. They are suffering terribly now, do need the world to sit up and pay attention but if we are really to educate lets put some real thought and intelligence into what we are saying on their behalf. Go out and buy the Live Aid DVD instead, it's a much better buy and the money still goes to Live Aid.
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