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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Bridget Jones by Helen on 15 November 2004 11:11pm
I met Renee last summer. She was in my neck of the woods for a friend's wedding. I saw her at a local cafe. She's TINY, and very sweet. My friend Whitney spotted her and asked her if she was who she thought she was.
She said, "Yes, I'm Renee good to meet you." And she shook our hands and asked our names.
then Whitney, starstruck and confused, cut in front of her in line.
Re: Bridget Jones by gwen_dibley on 16 November 2004 1:16am
Darcy, Darcy Darcy Darcy, he's gorgeous, and suave, and sexy, and yuuuuummy!! Can I steal him please?
-x- Nic
Re: Bridget Jones by TwoSheds on 16 November 2004 11:04am
Wow. So far it is a resounding vote for Darcy. And I thought most women loved a bastard! ;-0
Is there anyone out there who'd prefer Daniel Cleaver ?

Thanks for the tips Rick. I prefer Old Spice to Brut, and I think my Pythonesque sense of humour doesn't go down too well with a lot of women. Although obviously not the ones who frequent this site.

Oh btw Mac. I counted 3 spelling mistakes in your posting so no gold stars for you. In fact, it's detention tomorrow night!
Re: Bridget Jones by peripatetically on 16 November 2004 1:40pm
If anyone has any doubts about preferring Darcy over Hugh-baby, watch "Pride and Prejudice". Colin Firth stars in that and he exuded appeal from start to finish! Grrrrrrrrrrr................ RRRRRfffffffffffff!!!!!
I must calm down. LOL. Whew!
Re: Bridget Jones by KateC on 16 November 2004 4:51pm
Oh yes Pride and Prejudice is great, I have that on DVD :D Colin Firth is great in that too! Watched BJ2 yesterday, was brilliant! I'd say its as good as the first one, VERY funny, literally is a laugh a minute! :) If you don't like Darcy already, you really will after watching BJ2! :D (Maybe i'm over-using exclamation marks a little bit!)
Re: Bridget Jones by Palinite14 on 18 November 2004 1:18pm
It's a very, very close call, but I think Darcy wins, for being not only gorgeous and suave in a non-slimy way, but for standing up for Bridget enough to throw Cleaver through a window and liking her just the way she is. (Awwww...)
Yes, I saw the first film at the weekend too...it really made me think;since I spent most of the summer lying around on the sofa in my pyjamas eating lots and lots and bemoaning the sad state of my life, I could really relate to it.

"Everything v bad especially love life, finances, family and career..."
Too true.
I also thought Renee Zellweger was brilliant and her British accent was spot on.
(Despite my stated preference for Darcy, Hugh Grant is also WELL FIT.)

Re: Bridget Jones by intrepid on 18 November 2004 4:36pm
A British friend of mine told me that Renee Zellweger was the only American actor who could do a decent British accent. It made me wonder about whether it is easier for a Brit to do a North American accent than for a North American to do a British accent. Anybody have any thoughts? I've listened to the BBC for years now and I can't do a good English accent to save my life. Not that I've ever been put into that situation.
Re: Bridget Jones by Mac on 18 November 2004 5:16pm
Oh phooy, 3 spelling mistakes...thats it, must be time for me to retire, or maybe time for me to find a decent bloke....
Re: Bridget Jones by KateC on 18 November 2004 6:27pm
Yes, she does do a brilliant job with the accent! :)
I think the problem with some Americans trying to sound British, is they usually try to sound too 'posh', if you try to sound less posh it might work a little better, since its only a small amount of people who do sound like that (Though some people have commented that I do) x_x
I suppose you could always try a different accent: Cockney, scouse, faaaaaarmer?

Re: Bridget Jones by TwoSheds on 19 November 2004 11:00am
Renee does a very convincing English accent. So does Gwyneth Paltrow, even b4 she married an Englishman.
As for a cockney accent, remember Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. So bad it was funny!

What do our US friends think of Kate Winslet's accent in Titanic ?
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