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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Michael googlisms..... by MissFruitcake on 15 February 2003 9:50am
As well as being a pleasing addition in flower arrangements, I am situated in a large woodland area with interesting walks, and am behind with my immunisations.

Re: Michael googlisms..... by ellenpc on 15 February 2003 12:23pm
Oh God!! I can hardly type for laughing...................


ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who needs Prozac with you lot for company!!!!!!!!

still laughing ha ha ha ha ha ha h a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta do mine now! :-}

El haha len
Re: Michael googlisms..... by ellenpc on 15 February 2003 1:15pm
The first five on the list, I kid you not...

ellen is getting a mac

no mention of the colour though!

ellen is back

from the mac shop, where else!?

ellen is crazy

common knowledge!!

ellen is ved


ellen is still gay

must be the Galahad wig!

ellen is so amazing on stage

thanks Mum

ellen is offering to make traditional pattern quilts for you

but I can only sew on buttons!?

ellen is wonderful

Thanks Mum

ellen is gay

what again??

ellen is single

and gay??

ellen is out

of the closet???

ellen is the chairperson for the Louisville Easter egg extravaganza

at last! Some real power!

ellen is richly brunnette

who told!???

ellen is the ultimate paradox

not the gay thing again?

ellen is one of the ferry terminals on the island

a girl gains a few pounds and .........

ellen is beccas mean older sister

har harrrrrrrrr

ellen is an unincorporated area in the northern half of the sonoma valley

well , ok a few more pounds!

ellen is an active member of the national alliance for the mentally ill

loony and lovin' it!

ellen is hot

Wow Mama!!

ellen is too gay

ohh darn!!

ellen is asked to be in a vanity fair "where are they now?" article chronicling demised dot

poor dot...

ellen is special to the people of little rock as she has been at our zoo since 1954

don't tell vanity fair!!
Re: Michael googlisms..... by risible-phyll on 15 February 2003 1:40pm
phyll is in jail or else she'd be looking in the window or hiding in the closet with a bat

phyll is fox page 3

phyll is extracted from fresh bamboo and infused into a high quality medium grain white rice

phyll is the main factor

phyll is biologically active

LOL Yip I'm all this and more !!! apparently

This has made me cross my legs Brilliant for finding this
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Piglet2 on 15 February 2003 4:06pm
Ellen - ROFL - can I join you

you are all lovable idiots

Lyn - tears and mascara running down my face!
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 16 February 2003 8:01am
Hee hee, Ellen, now you'd made ME get the uncontrollable giggles...

Alright, folks, I'll give in and go check for my own "googlisms".

Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 16 February 2003 9:15am
I wrote this entire post and then found out that I'd somehow gotten logged-out. Dang. I took me really long!

Anyway, here I go again.

mary is thinking
Yes, I am, so leave me alone!

mary is mary
How very profound. ;O)

mary is busy cd
Before putting me into your CD player, please be sure you are putting the right side down. 8O)

mary is committed

mary is a devil
Jeez! Am I that bad??

mary is the last thing i own
LOL! Once you've bought me, you don't need anything else!

mary is an eeo
I'm a WHAT?

mary is beheaded

mary is charged
Ah, must be why I was beheaded...

mary is a bonny lassie
Yes, 100% Scottish girl from the highlands of Wisconsin, land of cows and cheese. ;O)

mary is smiling
Why yes, I am!

mary is a chicken
:O) Me????

mary is the girl i love
*blushes* My! I've got a secret admirer!

mary is still there after all these years?
This is a good thing, no?

mary is a major research institution
Yes, yes I am. ;O)

mary is weeping
Weeping and smiling at the same time? Must be because I'm laughing so hard.

mary is 100 years young
My, how time flies!

mary is coming
So watch out! Muhahahaha.

mary is executed
Ye gods!

mary is still a virgin
That's a rather personal question, isn't it??? ;O)

mary is still waiting
Yes, so hurry up!

mary is busy
Indeed. :O( So don't keep me waiting!

mary is a gem

mary is beheaded execution was set for the morning of february 8

Yikes! I've been dead 7 days now.

mary is charged with treason

mary is the
...the...the...the bomb diggity?

mary is rich and positive
Now you're getting it!

mary is
Indeed I am. :O)

mary is for everyone
I reccomend myself for all your needs!

mary is a good example
Heh heh.

mary is mayor for killybegs
Sweet! Now where the heck is that????

mary is happy when she is permitted to write to leslie
It's the only source of enjoyment I've got!

mary is so happy that dr
Ooo, a doctor, eh?

mary is one of the top realtors in the country
Whilst being a mayor as well!

mary is hot
You flatter me!

mary is an angel_diva

mary is into ta

mary is priestess
Yes, and I live on the Isle of Avalon with Morgan le Fay and Queen Morgause.

mary is mentioned in paragraph 43
It's only the tiniest reference, quite small really, but I'm there! Honestly!

mary is driving to work; so mary is driving
ROFL! That's very astute of you, but your logic is wrong on one matter: I am in fact not driving, but sitting at my computer desk complacently.

mary is looking to hire hundreds of monsters
Anyone game???

mary is doing
Don't tell them!

mary is beheaded
YARGH! I've already lost two or three!

mary is charged
"I don't know what I'm accuse of!"

mary is moving

mary is a whore
Why I never!

mary is executed
I give in!

mary is not the whole story
For the whole story, please get Dianne.

mary is an extemely likable

mary is it real?
No; I hate to break it to you, but it isn't.

mary is no hoax

mary is clever
So watch out!

mary is that she looks like my girlfriend casie
How odd! Can I see a picture?

mary is beheaded

mary is charged
Of course!

Re: Michael googlisms..... by Dianne on 16 February 2003 10:01am
LOL! Mary, now the secret is out! Not only are you loony, but you lost your head for treason. That explains a lot actually. :-)
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Miss-M on 16 February 2003 10:17am
These googlisms are hilarious!! Here are just a few of the dozens that came up for "Michelle" (which would apply to half the Palinites here! LOL!)

michelle is front page news
Oh? I thought Dubya was front page news... :P

michelle is pretty
Awww, shucks...

michelle is highest rated in

michelle is the yummy girl

michelle is amazing
Why, thank you!

michelle is the most wonderful person ever
You really are too kind!

michelle is an adorable twenty inch
Errmm, I won't even go there...

michelle is a highly underrated comic
Finally, the recognition I deserve!!

michelle is really helping us modernize the bond films
Shhh! That's supposed to be a secret!

michelle is the best

michelle is such a great actress

michelle is already a legend
This is *too* much!

michelle is devoted to the issues of protecting our country
Australians all let us rejoice...

michelle is always striving to achieve
You betcha!

michelle is currently single
Why, yes I am!

michelle is human
You're kidding??

michelle is acting like a tramp
Hey! That was uncalled for!

michelle is sitting
How perceptive of you!

michelle is dazed and confused

michelle is in fact a welsh sheep farmer who drives a lorry
And Terry Jones and Anthony Hopkins are in fact my Uncles!

michelle is the youngest of eight in the palmisano family
Really? How odd! I thought my surname was Vercotti...

michelle is an animal lover
No "fierce creatures" policy here!

michelle is writing a series of books
Due to be released in the Spring - $49.95 in all good bookstores!!

Michelle :)

Re: Michael googlisms..... by CraigStanton on 16 February 2003 12:15pm
Lucikly there is a racing car driver out there with my full name, and hence..

craig stanton is a real find

I get the following from just 'Craig' after filtering out the boring ones

craig is very prim and proper
craig is craig
craig is a good driver
craig is that you?
craig is baffled
craig is fake???
craig is a troll
craig is a bitch
craig is such a hoot
craig is soooo vain
craig is not for me
craig is a sex god
craig is on the move
craig is still working
craig is suing hollywood
craig is a basterd because he likes to screw goats hes the only canadian i know with an ass infection
*wow someone sure has a grudge against this guy*
craig is too good for rosanna
craig is in a fine mess
craig is on exclusive list of world's beautiful people by chris semple friday 03 may 2002
craig is cool
craig is an entrepreneur of a number of successful businesses
craig is 21
craig is a natural
craig is keeping an eye out for an attractive young lady who is willing to commit to a totally noncommittal relationship
craig is no exception
craig is a real asset to the deep cove community
craig is dead in a coffin
craig is so friendly you can't help but like him
craig is the 288th most popular last name

Googlism rocks!
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