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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Michael googlisms..... by Dianne on 16 February 2003 12:31pm
Since we are having so much fun with googlism, I thought I would try out Monty Python. Here is what I considered the best.

“Monty python is not crap”
You’ve got that right bud!

“Monty python is the way to go”
I’m sure all here agree with that statement.

“Monty python is spread across the net”
And they will soon start a TV series and do four movies . . . oh, they did that already.

“Monty python is what life is all about”
Say no more!

“Monty python is just wonderful zany humour”
Woo hoo! What else can I say?

“Monty python is a "great combination of intellect and silly"
Keep it coming!

“Monty python is brilliant’
Googlism, you are so right!

“Monty python is my favourite comedy group”
Yip-pi-de-do-da, Yip-pi-de-day, my oh, my what a wonderful day.

“Monty python is funny”
I’m running out of different ways of saying I agree.

“Monty python is mentioned in the book”
The book? The Bible! Wow!

“Monty python is king”
King of comedy! Yes!

“Monty python is back”
Really? They’re back! Everyone rejoice!

“Monty python is also known as Monty python”
Okay, I’m Dianne also known as Dianne.

Monty python is loose
Who let them loose? Mary?

“Monty python is a real person who made a movie about the Holy Grail”
So really . . . they are not six individuals, but one person who can dress up to look like six individuals. Wow! He is so clever!

“Monty python is not a single person but a group of six making up the comedy troupe”
Oh . . . I liked the idea he was a real person very clever at making himself look like six people.

“Monty python is wise to realise the magic of llamas”
I cannot disagree with that. :-)

“Monty python is here”
Where? *Dianne looks around”

“Monty python is actually a complete waste of time”

“Monty python is a brand of humour which not all people appreciate”
Absolutely, only loonies appreciate it.

“Monty python is funny in German”
Having seen the German episode in German I cannot deny they are funny in German as well as in English.

“Monty python is a higher form of humour and that everything else is crap”
Tee hee
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Dianne on 16 February 2003 12:39pm
I thought I would try out something different on Googlism. I tried Dianne and Ellen and this is what it told me.

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about dianne and ellen yet.
Re: Michael googlisms..... by ellenpc on 16 February 2003 1:08pm


Watch out world!!!
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Quaylemonster on 16 February 2003 8:43pm
Okay, now it's my turn.

tim is gestopt
I say!

tim is tempe in motion
Not sure what that means, but it sounds complimentary.

tim is getting married
Really? Do I get to meet her?

tim is sick
Yeah, but I think I'm past the worst of it.

tim is dead
Apparently I was wrong. Someone tell my fiancée!

tim is my short name and i am 16
That one could have been really useful for me about 3 years ago, but now it just seems silly.

tim is a george god
Fear my wrath!

tim is an evil liar
Me? A George God?

tim is slim
This comes from being in college and not being able to afford food.

tim is faded
I get that a lot.

tim is a very lazy bass player
In all seriousness, that may be the most spot-on description of me I've ever heard.

tim is not one
Sure, I am!

tim is now featured on the international raquetball tour website
You guys should go check it out!

tim is just your everyday poser
I wouldn't say that, I happen to think I'm pushing poserdom forward.

tim is rock & roll's legendary bassist that put the bottom end and drive in bands such as vanilla fudge
Legendary? I've only been playing for a year. Have any of you ever heard of me?

tim is rob
I'll have to call Rob and tell him.

tim is the ultimate twit

tim is happy to announce that a track of his will be included in the guitars for freedom
But I have to warn you, it's not very good.

tim is that warm
Now that you mention it, it is a bit toasty in here.

tim is a practical and handy manual
Anything you need to know, I've got you covered.

tim is able to perform a "dead launch"
I hope that's not what I think it is.

tim is continually breaking new ground as a solo keyboard artist
Now that's just a lie.

tim is the doogie houser of the internet
Turn your head and cough!

tim is the only tim i know
All the rest are just pretenders.

tim is ideal for a couple
I can bring that spark back!

tim is red
Well, I did get sunburned at the beach yesterday.

tim is an alcoholic
Don't tell my parents!

tim is currently available for romantic dating purposes
Maybe the problem was that nobody knew before. Well, there it is in plain writing.

tim is capable of cracking large nuts with just his teeth
My dental bills are astronomical.

tim lets me eat lunch with him now
Anyone care to join us?

tim is a wizard
Not really, but that would make things much easier.

tim is webmaster for this group
You hear that, Webmaster? You're out, I'm in! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

tim is one of the nation's premier jazz woodwind teachers
Busy guy, huh?

tim is a focking genius and he doesn't know it
A genius, maybe, but a focking genius? Nah.

tim is a murder name
That can't be good!

tim is a red
Yeah, but I prefer the term, "Big fat Commie."

tim is an email away and the price is always right
You heard it here first, folks!

There you have it, and I apologize for the length of that, but I never know when to quit.
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Crutchgroovin on 17 February 2003 1:33am
This is the first time I've seen my name ANYWHERE!

bray is well worth a visit
-and he's really lonely!

bray is a gentleman
-I know a few people who would say something like that, but none of them can use a computer

bray is operating as a farm
-I can only assume they're refering to my numerous growths

The rest of them are just too confusing.
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 17 February 2003 8:59am
Ah, yes, Dianne! Losing your head that often must do something to you...you're right.

I can now get sleep at night knowing that I'm a loony because I've been charged for treason. ;O)

"I bet you can't guess what I'm in for!!!!!"

~Mary (Kudos to anyone who can place that quote. I'll give you a hint: he was in an English band that most of us like. Guess person and where it was said and I'll give you the GRAND PRIZE.)
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 17 February 2003 9:01am
Hey, Michelle - those don't apply to me, as I'm a one l'er, remember! ;O)

I admitt. I let Monty Python lose. But with my preistess and angel_diva powers, it was hard not to!

ROFL Tim. Thanks for the laughs!

~Mary (My TUMMY hurts from laughing.)
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Miss-M on 17 February 2003 9:11am
Don't worry, Mary, I kept that in mind when checking out the googlisms for "Michelle" - it would be interesting to do a search for "Michele" and see how similiar or dissimilar they are! *Hehe*

Michelle :)
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 18 February 2003 6:01pm
That would require extra effort, Michelle. ;O)

And I see I'm already QUITE behind here...

Re: Michael googlisms..... by Eloise on 18 February 2003 10:13pm
Hey, Mary. Was that wuote from "A hard day's night"? When Paul's grandad ends up in that barred cage. Can't remember which beatle sais it. Either George or John.
Just a stab in the dark
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