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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 18 February 2003 11:11pm

Beautiful, Ello! It was indeed from AHDN. Paul and John are looking for Paul's grandfather and they end up coming upon that group of girls who think they're "prisoners". John pretends to be crazy and in handcuffs when he says that line, remember? LOL. It's a great line, one of my favorites. Heh heh.

And now...the grand prize:

The entire Norwich city council!!!


Re: Michael googlisms..... by Kristine on 18 February 2003 11:32pm
And here are some of the things they listed about me...

kristine is the most wonderful girl-Yep!

Kristine is an author and researcher whose passion for british history has led her down many varied paths-I also have a passion for certain Britons. *cough cough* Mike *cough cough*

Kristine is a specialist in pastoral counselling and an associate teaching supervisor pce with the canadian association for pastoral practise and education- Sounds about right, I've always took liking to dairy products....

kristine is a keeper of the past-Yep, I am the all powerful guardian of time...
kristine is also the liaison to various united nations agencies- WHO TOLD YOU THAT!?!

kristine is pursuing a major in international studies with a minor in conflict resolution-Yes, I'm trying to give peace a chance. Say no to war!

kristine is a superstar for this team- I love you :)
kristine is about 5'4"-I think you're talking about my mom on this one. I'm 5'8" and a half.
kristine is a 23-I hate you.
kristine is a composer and performer in the seattle- Yep.
kristine is a sweetheart-Yep.
kristine is a fine artist working with the mediums-Yep. And I'm looking for models...*wink*
kristine is engaged in a program of research exploring factors that influence an individual's success with nonpharmacologic interventions-Sounds good to me.

kristine is honored to be a part of speaking ring theatre company- I seem to posses many talants and professions accourding to this.

kristine is throwing a big party to celebrate the success she has enjoyed during the year-YEAH! AND YOU'RE ALL INVITED!
kristine is just a curious teenage girl who wants to experience what the world has to offer- Yeah, that's me in a nutshell...

kristine is a very special person and a wonderful teacher-Yep.

kristine is researching material for her next book-Yep.

kristine is the best-Yep :)
kristine is taking some time off-Well, yeah, that's obvious isn't it? I have a very bad cold. My thoats as dry as the Sahara. Sooner or later I'm going to hear the voice of certain Yorkshorian Hosting Travelouges from the bottom of my neck...

kristine is the most wonderful girl in all the worlds-Worlds? I knew there was intelgentlt life out there somewhere, but not THAT inteligent...
kristine is wonderful-Yep.

kristine is happy about the pretty little purse she just bought with her birthday money-My birthday was 7 months ago...

kristine is in awe of how the lord used her music to touch the lives of many people-Yep.

kristine is a biology major at the university of wisconsin at stevens point
-I've always liked Biology..
kristine is one of the lucky few who don't get any-What?

kristine is such a good actress-Yep.

kristine is putting the finishing touches on her new cd-Well, not on vocals anyways...
kristine is working on the ecophysiology of elevated atmospheric co 2 responses in trees in face-Wow, I do get around...
kristine is a gifted athlete who has the ability to play at the power forward or small forward spot-And yet I'm failing Grade 9 gym! The Cheek...

kristine is the friendliest- More friendly then Mike?

kristine is the resident canadian counterpart of the utena- Very cool, I dig cartoon girls like Utena.

That's all I felt like putting down...
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Kristine on 18 February 2003 11:46pm
Oh, just one more thing from Monty Python which I found very funny...

monty python is the british comedy troop made up of graham chapman-So would his nose be named Eric Idle, his feet be named Terry Jones, his hands named Terry Gilliam, His mouth be named John Cleese and his Eyes be named Michael Palin? I'm confused...
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 19 February 2003 9:15am
Hey, a biology major at UW-Stephen's Point? Must be quite a haul from Canada, Krissy, as that's only an hour and a half away from me. ;O)

Re: Michael googlisms..... by Quaylemonster on 19 February 2003 9:58pm
No problem, Mary. Happy to be of service.
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Eloise on 19 February 2003 10:07pm
Cheers, Mary! would you like an aceptance speech? maybe not........
the Norwich city council! How thoughtful. Just what i always wanted!
(nose grows at least 3 inches). Well, i lied!
Its the thought that counts! lol
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Rusted on 20 February 2003 8:41am
No, no, Ello, you're supposed to tell me you've already GOT one! ;O)

(Laughing at the thought of Michael in drag.)
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Eloise on 21 February 2003 2:22pm
Ummmm, ok, I've got one! How was that? I'm gonna leave this now, as I'm confused!
I've got a 1 week holiday, but what with the live chat, shopping, seeing friends, keeping up eith the posts, home work.......ARRRRR! But its been very jolly :) Going back to school will seem like a holiday from this holiday!
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Dianne on 22 February 2003 10:02am
Ello - I'm confused now. Are you on the 1 week holiday or have you just been on it?
Re: Michael googlisms..... by Eloise on 22 February 2003 5:55pm
Sadly, Dianne, I've just had it. Still, the joys of spring are nearly here to cheer me up! :)
Winter's nearly over! bye-bye scarfs! hello sun tan! Ok, maybe a bit premature....but a girl can dream!
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