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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Countdown at Canavaral by George on 26 July 2005 3:38am

As it I look at the webcam, there are approximately 7hr. 20 min. till liftoff. No pressure.

It's all up to you now!

Re: Countdown at Canavaral by canaveralgumby on 26 July 2005 3:57am
Don't forget there are built-in holds in the countdown. The launch time is (for me right now) tomorrow morning at 10:39, which is about 13 hrs. from now.

Recharging the camera battery! Thanks, George!
Re: Countdown at Canavaral by George on 26 July 2005 6:17pm
Blastoff!! We are back in space! Congratulations to all!
Re: Countdown at Canavaral by George Dubya on 29 July 2005 2:05pm
How the hell are they going to get back down (safely)?
Re: Countdown at Canavaral by George on 29 July 2005 9:46pm
The small piece of foam insulation that came off didn't hit the shuttle itself. It came off of the external fuel tank that splashed into the ocean. I suspect this happens all the time, but nothing ever came of it until large pieces came off and fatally damaged the Columbia 2 years ago. The problem is, this wasn't suspose to happen at all. But, I can bet the engineers are saying, "You can't possibly test this on the ground, so...". It's just that now they have cameras on board to find damage, and hopefully repair it, before trying to land back on Earth.
Food In China by Snowey on 1 October 2005 3:14pm
I'm going on holiday to China in November and although it is a package deal it is at the budget end of the market so no meals are included. I always think that trying the local food is half the pleasure of traveling and normally try (almost) everything on offer even at the risk of a touch of Delhi Belly/Montezumas Revenge etc. which I have endured in the past. I was speaking to a frequent visitor to China recently who told me to avoid meat altogether or suffer the consequences. Normally I would ignore such misgivings and eat whatever I wanted but being that the nature of my holiday package involves a lot of daily travelling (i.e not within rapid exit to the bathroom distance) I'm a little unsure of what I should or should not risk eating. Has anyone any advice or experiences on what to eat or avoid while in China.
Your help will be appreciated.
Re: Food In China by tucsonmike on 2 October 2005 3:28pm
Keeping me fingers crossed. The National Georgraphic Explorer that had the DNA article also had an article about commercial space travel. People like Sir Richard Branson working to provide space travel. He says he will be ready for 2007.
Re: Countdown at Canavaral by edmo1960 on 2 October 2005 6:54pm
Is there a bigger waste of money on the planet than NASA. Let me know if you can find one. Just my opinion.
Re: Countdown at Canavaral by edmo1960 on 2 October 2005 6:57pm
Re: Countdown at Canavaral by George on 5 October 2005 8:55pm
Richard Branson is quite colorful. His Virgin Airways is the absolutely the last word in luxury. I'm really curious though whether there is enough of a market since the Concord went out of existance. Plus, I'm not sure if the technology for a "space plane" is here yet. I have a friend who is a subcontractor for NASA who is just now beginning serious work on one for the space program.

As for wanting to go into space, the Russians charge $10M per person. Several have actually done it. I don't know if that figure includes training or clothing for the trip.
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