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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by measter on 15 November 2005 4:18pm
Whatever the next series would be,im sure it would be very watchable.
However,in view of interviews Michael give earlier this year,i am slightly disappointed that a series around the Middle Eastern countries hasnt been further discussed(or perhaps it has).
And in order for it to have an edge over a series like Himalaya, a dip into somewhere like Iraq,would be fabulous.
I appreciate that there is no point in taking unnecessary risks for the sake of a documentary,but im sure everyone would like to see these places from a different angle...ie the way Michael and the team do it.
Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by Ahren on 15 November 2005 7:37pm
I think Eastern Europe would be fantastic. It's a chance to see the countries that are on our continent, and yet i know little (or nothing!) about.
I actually had to ask where Bulgaria was today! I knew it was in Eastern Europe, just not where exactly!
Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by canaveralgumby on 15 November 2005 8:17pm
tuscon, the constant changes in "empires," the ever-shifting border lines pre-WWI in Eastern Europe would make a very long and arduous series! I'd prefer to see John Madden do it, with his etch-a-sketch, drawing on the screen apparutus. :^)

Funny thing, reminds me of a story! (Egad, does canaveral ever shut up?)

TRUE: My grandmother's family came from a town called Chotin in the region of Bessarabia. Ethnically, they were Romanian-Jewish. Geo-politically, when they lived there, the region changed hands from Germany to Russia, back and forth, with some frequency. (Currently I think the region is within Ukraine?)

Grandma's Aunt Gertrude, a young single woman at the time, had the job of manning the watchtower and running up the flags. If she saw the German armies in the distance approaching, then she QUICKLY ran up the German flag. If she saw the Russian armies in the distance approaching, she QUICKLY ran up the Russian flag. This was done in many towns. This way, no army ever attacked or invaded, they just marched past, or stayed and lodged peacefully for the night, assuming their own armies had already taken the town.

What a way to function.

Eventually, they emmigrated to the Bronx, NY, until that, too, was bombed out and taken by marauding forces. It's a joke, I'm not being racist! The gangs in NY represent a wide variety of groups. Why, it's a veritable United Nations!

Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by tucsonmike on 16 November 2005 5:23am
LOL! Cori, maybe John Madden and Michael Palin could do it together, LOL! Keep in mind, John Madden would have to travel to Europe by ship (he's afraid to fly). Actually I've read Madden's books. He is a highly intelligent, insightful man. I would have been honored if I had the ability to play for him.
Michael Palin would do the narration, John Madden would take out his computer screens. We could also throw in some military men to help show the strategic battle situations.

Cori, I have some of the same stories. My mothers parents. Her father was from the Ukraine, her mother from what is now Belarus. My fathers grandparents were from Southeastern Poland. My great grandparents had passports of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
My fathers best friend's grandparents were from a city I've been to. Bratislava. When World War One ended, they decided they had enough of Europe. They were going to travel to Budapest to get passports until they were told they were now citizens of the new Czechoslovak Republic and had to travel to Prague instead.
A long, but good book is Paris 1919, which explains much of this. The Peace Commission members traveled all over Europe. They were questioning an Eastern European peasant and asked him, what he considered himself. He pondered the question and finally said, "I'm a Catholic of these parts."

Cori, my father grew up in the Bronx. When I was visiting my parents and my cousins in California in June, they told me the stories about the Bronx. My Great Grandmother was the last "white" woman on the block. She was a mean old woman and the neighbors were terrified of her. Also, in the 1960's if a white woman had been attacked, the cops would have beaten up the entire block. No entreaty would get her to move. I vaguely remember her.

My turn to tell a story.
Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by simon1287 on 16 November 2005 7:45pm
Actually I am pleasantly surprised by Eastern Europe as a realistic choice for the next series.
I have only returned from Poland two days ago and strangely enough felt really at home there!
I cannot wait to go back out there and continue where I left off in Poznan.
Therefore, it looks like it will be as soon as next month! :-)
Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by simon1287 on 16 November 2005 8:03pm
I refreshed the page and it re-published the above message.
Please ignore.
Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by simon1287 on 16 November 2005 8:42pm
I refreshed the page and it re-published the above message.
Please ignore.
Re: And the next series will be...... *drumroll* by measter on 19 November 2005 7:37pm
Yes,i was also surprised that Eastern Europe was at the top of the agenda for a possible next series.
I say this in a not disparaging way as many of these countries have become very accessible thanks to the likes of Ryanair.Also places like Bulgaria are easy charter destinations for a summer break.
The point im trying to make here is that the production team will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to beat Himalaya if Eastern Europe is decided upon.
My gut feeling is that ideally Michael and the team would have opted for the Middle-East, encompassing,Israel/Jordan/Syria/Iran/Iraq/Kuwait.Were it safe enough to do so.
Alas,it probably never will be.
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