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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Tractor for sale....... by risible-phyll on 27 March 2003 12:46pm
Tony just how bad do you want this beast of a machine?,

are you atall from farming stock?,,Patty and Karen
? have you ever heard of such a thing I mean Tony everyone knows that bovine and twix are a no go area, imagine the consequences of mixing twix caramel with farm stock, it would be an "udderly" wrong thing to do,

Lyn pushing 4 1/2 million cream eggs up hill is an art you simply eat half ,fill any loose parts of lycra clothing( which is limited after eating that amount of eggs )ond off you go , tried and tested, although I must admit down hill cream egg rolling is considered by some to be an Olympic sport, I think Karen would get Gold in this one though!!!!

Patty jump on girl I'll take you on the ride of your life!!! lol.... I can see us now Patty wind through our hair the stench of new fertilizer...deep breaths now , hold on tight and away we go................................

Still for sale.........Tony?????

Phyll x
Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 27 March 2003 2:25pm
does your tractor have a name? TOM the Tractor is a tv character on ITV - my friend's brother does the animation for it!

and has it got satellite navigation and air conditioning? 18 furrow plough thrown in if he ups the bid by 6000 bounty bars!?
Re: Tractor for sale....... by peripatetically on 27 March 2003 2:34pm
Phyll, I'm ready to join you for the joy ride. Can't wait!!! Keep your mouth closed , though....Bug-covered pearlies are quite unattractive, you know. And Michael promises to meet us at the bottom for hugs and kisses. We'll win the gold!!!!!!!!

Re: Tractor for sale....... by risible-phyll on 27 March 2003 4:33pm
The tractor does come with it's own air conditioning , but what condition you want it to be is entirely up to yourself !!

It also comes complete with bar, a small selection of nuts and dips, a heated drivers seat and rice steamer.....only the best top spec. Tractor..

It was maufactured by the local firm of "Cadbury Combine" Ltd. hence its formal name........

No goal post moving , only interested parties need apply...

And Ellen Spam is non negotiable...

love peace and low insurance costs

Phyll x
Re: Tractor for sale....... by pandk2 on 28 March 2003 6:57am
I will trade my combine harvester, infinity creme eggs AND an autographed copy of "Farm Days...a Saga", in mint condition, I might add!
Do I have to pay the postage to Australia? :)Karen
Glad you're feeling better Phyll, after your horrible week :) XXX
Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 28 March 2003 3:55pm
do you mean to say that you have not read the 'Farm days A saga '- shame on you - a masterpiece if ever there was one - mine is a well thumbed copy phyll! so has much more character -

I bid - one farm horse and cart, with one very hunky workman (thrown in free) ten tons of hay to feed horse and loads of yorkie chocolate for hunky man to bite on!!

As I live in Uk you could drive said tractor to me!! no postage necessary (wont fit through the letterbox anyway!!)



Did I hear you say SOLD!! YIppee
Re: Tractor for sale....... by peripatetically on 28 March 2003 4:05pm
The only thing worth all that Phyll, is Michael, and I'm keeping him!
Re: Tractor for sale....... by risible-phyll on 28 March 2003 6:51pm
MMMMmmmmm let me sleep on this Karen, this can't be true do you really mean you would let your " Farm Days" go ??? let alone you're entire supply of cream eggs do I smell manure here or what.....??????????
The fact you say the book is in mint condition has its suspicions , A farm book with no evidence of any Doooings or curled up and folded corners at the "Barn scenes" I smell a fake........

Karen you are not trying to get a hold of me by the combines are you?????
Feel free to come over to scotland and heat up some rice and squeeze his horn if you wish, just remember to bring your wellingtons........

Lyn tut tut Yorkie bars ....flurp..yuk A man who eats chocolate and strong , now what chance would i have of fighting him off if he tried to get his hands on my snickers!!!!!!!!! way too risky

Tractor for sale... may now negotiate new terms .......

Farmer Phyll x
Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 30 March 2003 2:42am
Have you been too busy ploughing to let us know the new terms on this one Phyll?
you know you are supposed to go in a straight line, not make pretty patterns, in the field!

Mind the scarecrow - too late - damnation I had just spent hours making him too!


Re: Tractor for sale....... by pandk2 on 31 March 2003 6:14am
Lyn, is the hunky workman wearing an ex leper suit? Cos if he is you've already won, you know!
By the way, my "Farm Days" copy isn't Quite mint..there is a creme egg remnant on p.33 and a spam stain on p.121.
Oh and Lyn, you know all of those mysterious crop circles?
Phyll's responsible.
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