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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 31 March 2003 12:48pm
how did you manage to get a spam stain on p 121? there are only 99 pages in the whole book, Karen! or did your copy contain the missing 29 seconds.
Re: Tractor for sale....... by risible-phyll on 31 March 2003 2:53pm
Mmmmmmm yummy Spam stains eh???

I would like to thank all who took part in the bidding of this fine piece of machinery......

I have now decided ......drum roll..................................................................................!!!!!!!

To donate the tractor to none other than KAREN to take pride and place *down on the farm* providing the afore mentioned gets at least a token bit part in the forethcoming weekly sagas....

Karen the tractor is right this min.. chugging its way over the vast lands to Australia driven by a BIG HUNKY CHUNKY well oiled perfect male chauffeur... with a years supply of pie floaters and cream eggs just for you...

please be gentle with it ( and the tractor) as i'm sure you will be, but don't you seem to be a bit out of control at times behind the wheel of farm machinery.../

well! next chapter next week... hope you are not all disapointed as I am sure Karen will not leave antbody out in her next saga...

PS.. I have heard a rumour that they are going to pull down the Farm and put up a parking lot?????

Love peace and fries with your chicken??? lol

Phyll x

Re: Tractor for sale....... by fattcslim on 31 March 2003 2:57pm
disapointed!!!! disapointed!!!!!! im suicidal , i made a good offer and now what do you do you give the loverly tractor to karen. ive now got to hope my combine harvester will be able to handle the hurt and upset you've caused him
Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 31 March 2003 4:25pm
What about the farm dickerel- where will he roost from now on!!

Heartbroken, that we couldnt keep such a national treasure in this country - I have rung Tony at Downing St on the Hot Line we share and he said that he will get customs to stop the tractor as it hasnt got the proper visa / paperwork - (I only needed to bribe him with 2345 creme eggs as well -bargain I thought)

I am going to keep the hunky yorkie eating man to myself now - such a shame.

Tony dont worry - I have a spare flock of pedigree suffolk sheep - complete with prize winning wurzel gummidge to send you through the post, please feed and water regularly. LOL


Farm is grade 1 listed building and cannot be pulled down - you will be pleased to know everyone
Re: Tractor for sale....... by risible-phyll on 31 March 2003 8:15pm
lol Ha ha hee, Lyn, did you not partake in the consumption of southern fried farm dickerel at the weekend...?????

Apparently there was a mass BBQ down on the farm at the weekend !!!!!

Karen don't worry ! the tractor was smuggled out over the border before I made this announcement!!!
Mr Blair has made it quite clear that Britain is already full of old unworkable creaking relics... but... I refuse to talk politics on this site!!! lol

Let me know when the hunk arrives and For Tony and Lyn....catch!!!!

A trolley full of Cream eggs for you both ..no hard eggs ehhh???
Just a thought Tony you're not THE tony are you ????

Re: Tractor for sale....... by peripatetically on 1 April 2003 12:21am
Phyll, not only was their a mass BBQ down on the farm, we now need farm aid. Where's Willy Nelson, when you need him!!!

Someone call the Amish. We need a proper barn raising!!

Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 1 April 2003 1:39am
here is another spooky coincidence phyll

I get my free range eggs delivered weekly - straight from the chickens .....nest! so to speak, and my friend Phil (who farms nearby) delivers them - so You've guessed it - I have two farmer friends

one - farmer Phyll
two - farmer Phil.

spooky or what!!<><><>

time to call ghostbusters!!!
Re: Tractor for sale....... by Rusted on 1 April 2003 9:59am

Sorry, you'll have to wait until October for Farm Aid! (And Willie, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, and...that's right folks, here comes the name again...Neil Young...)

I need to stop making random posts on Neil Young that have nothing to do with Michael Palin. Once the anxiety over tomorrow's presale is over, I promise I'll be better, folks!!

~Mary 8O|

Re: Tractor for sale....... by risible-phyll on 1 April 2003 11:37pm
2 Farmer friends eh Lyn...??????

and two farmer Phylls (Phils)......

Mmmmmmmm, tell me Lyn, why do you get your eggs from Phil instead of Phyll ???..booo hhoooo 'cause my eggs are free Lyn, and they are made of chocolate???
I know not so practical when you are making a cheese ommelette or egg Mayo...
Try this........Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

egg thrown in your direction ....... now tell me Phils are better than Phylls !!

Phyll x

love peace and go to work on an egg..
Re: Tractor for sale....... by Diamond on 2 April 2003 2:05am
so sorry phyll but chocolate omelette!!?? scrambled creme eggs? tempting but - yours are free but phils are free range! and he is very hunky! must be all the yorkie I give him!!

thanks for the six million creme egss you gave me secretly to make up for the tractor going abroad though - very kind of you - sorry did you say not to tell anyone OOOOPS

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