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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Wow ! spooky. by johnnythemonkey on 6 August 2007 10:09am
I just had to shut down and restart the computer as my email on hotmail was'nt 'behaving'. Just as the computer was about to shut down, a picture from ' my pictures' came on screen. The picture sure was'nt spooky but as I had'nt been on 'pictures' at all, the experience was. As the eyes of the person in the picture are quite striking, it just sort of 'threw me'.
Re: Wow ! spooky. by suzulu on 6 August 2007 5:36pm
Re: Wow ! spooky. by johnnythemonkey on 6 August 2007 5:59pm
My life is weird suzulu, nothing should surprise me !
Re: Wow ! spooky. by Ken Dunn on 19 August 2007 9:32pm
I have just read another thread that confirms gollumit is a Troll and an insulting one at that. Please do not respond to troll messages
Re: Wow ! spooky. by Spursfan on 19 August 2007 10:16pm
I know, Ken, and therefore I have been ignoring him. He is Morse, KM1 and others. I suspect he is now using 'the G-man' or whatever. (G for Gollumit I expect, how predictable!!!).

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.

Re: Wow ! spooky. by sighthound on 20 August 2007 10:45am
When I first got here a few years ago, Ken, I thought that this site was infested with trolls which I found so odd considering the wonderfully benign nature of the site. There are over a dozen personas that I've blocked in the chat room but, the longer I was here, it became obvious that most, if not all, of the trolls were Morse/Michael/Gollumit/KM1 et al. I still find this exceedingly odd since he seems to have no interest in travel, Palin or Python so I cannot fathom why he feels so possessive about this site.

You're absolutely right, Ken, that not responding is the best way to go since his infantile ravings are designed only to get people angry and an outraged reaction is just exactly what he wants. I only respond now when it seems necessary to alert new people here (especially the young ones he seems to target in the chatroom) to who and what he is which is, of course, obvious to those of us who have been around for awhile. I suppose this post will probably provoke another outraged response with more threats of legal action [I've kept the evidence, Morse, and I have great lawyers in the family so don't waste your time.] so I will just leave it here and will not respond further.
Re: Wow ! spooky. by Wheelrim on 20 August 2007 3:03pm
Hey! when do I get my fair share of Bullying from Morse/Michael/Gollumit?

I demand my allocation, I work hard and feel I deserve it, (God I hate Favourtism).
Re: Wow ! spooky. by Ken Dunn on 20 August 2007 9:44pm
Well done Wheelrim, for lightening the issue!
Re: Wow ! spooky. by sighthound on 21 August 2007 2:14am
I'd be happy to share the abuse with you any time, Wheelrim. I'm sure Anne and arty would, too. <VBG>
Re: Wow ! spooky. by Spursfan on 21 August 2007 9:31am
Sure would!

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