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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by Wheelrim on 20 August 2007 3:17pm
Ok, that Lucky Scots Woman won £35 Million, yeah, ok, its a lot, but lets say ITS YOU! what do you do with a sum like that? be honest, put some thought into it, you probably have at some point anyway, I have my ideas, whats yours?
Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by tucsonmike on 20 August 2007 3:27pm
Pay off my house, invest, publicity, and taking care of my 14 nieces and nephews.
Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by Spursfan on 20 August 2007 4:16pm
Have U2 play at all my birthday parties.

But seriously (actually I WAS being serious!!) this is what I would do.

I (or should I say WE (my husband and I)) would buy 'posh' houses for our daughter and husband and son and fiancee plus certain other members of the family. They would pay a peppercorn rent as this would avoid them paying tax on it. We wouldn't give them money,(because of the tax) but buy them whatever they wanted (within reason).

I would also do the same for my best friend who had a stroke in her 40's and is now unable to do the work she used to. However she keeps cheerful and works wherever she can.

I would buy my son a seat in the directors box at Wolves (if this is the poshest you can get!!). He is alreay a season ticket holder.

I would upgrade the car and the campervan. Don't know what to (I'm tempted by a red Ferrari) - probably another Mitsibishi.

I would make a large donation (regularly) to Amnesty International.

Now: living arrangements. Not sure which of these I would do. Either, buy a fantastic house with loads of rooms and ensuites and big gardens, with a long sweeping drive up to the front door. Or, buy the bungalow next door (which is for sale) and (demolishing our garage) have them joined into one massive bungalow (they are already large). Then either buy the field next door to us and build a swimming pool complex on it, or in the garden.

It goes without saying that there would be a gardener, maid and cook AT LEAST.

I don't really (getting carried away!! I mean, I WOULDN'T really!!) want to change our apart in Turkey as it is gorgeous, but I might buy another, plus one in Florida.

If he's lucky, I MAY let my husband retire!!

And going on many trips abroad, of course I would travel 1st class all the way!!

And handbags and shoes? Goes without saying that there would be MANY of the must-buys in my walk-in wardrobe!!

Every so often I would have a 'do' and people like Johnny Depp (of course), Bono, and to use a phrase from my youth 'The Beautiful People' would attend.

You can see that I a) need b) deserve that money so GIVE IT ME NOW!!!!!

Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by Lounge Trekker on 20 August 2007 6:36pm
1 in 14 million chance of winning our big-time lottery. 1 in 7 million chance of being struck by lightning.

But we're dreaming here...

If I were to win the Big One, I'd look after me and my family. Family will get a little cash, but me?

I need a few people for domestic service, to look after me. Just one all-star, probably male, who would be a sports partner, give massage, is a gourmet chef, and will manage the household and it's needs. He will allow me to pop into a fully stocked kitchen and offer expert prep and guidance, then see that all is cleaned and maintained for the next time I show up in the kitchen.

This house would only be a little different than that which I live in now. A few more larger rooms with a nice finish and oh yeah, it will need to have an even bigger yard...like the Pacific Ocean, complete with pier to accomodate any yacht I may choose to charter.

Lounge Dreamer
Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by sighthound on 20 August 2007 8:12pm
I'd start a non-profit foundation to save endangered breeds of domestic livestock and then spend the rest of my life taking care of all these wonderful animals that are fast disappearing with the advance of corporate farming. (That would be heaven for me - to be able to keep all the animals I could care for.)
Would contribute to the organizations that are trying to preserve bio-diversity in fruit, vegetable and grain crops, too. (I grew up with family memories of the Irish potato famine. We're risking the same thing on a global basis now with the way the world's agriculture is going. And the heirloom veggies I've been growing this year are so much yummier than what is offered in the supermarket!)
Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by Spursfan on 21 August 2007 9:39am
Oh, Geraldine's made me think of another thing I'd do. I probably wouldn't have enough money to take over Wimpeys (!) but I would perhaps become a major shareholder and insist they reinstated toasted buns, burger and fried onions!!

Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by arty_farty on 21 August 2007 2:35pm
i'd set up my own bookshop/cafe, make my dream flat, buy a holiday home in italy, donate money to a charity, do one of those dna test thingies (are they expensive?) and visit all my wonderful friends round the world.
Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by Spursfan on 21 August 2007 4:27pm
Starting in Stafford I hope?

Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by geordiegirl on 21 August 2007 9:52pm
Geraldine, I knew you were a kindred spirit. Wed too grow heirloom vegetables, and once, discussing what we'd do with Lottery money we said we'd gift much of it (once we'd put aside a little for us) to HDRA, the British Organic Movement because of their educational purpose, which of course includes teaching everyone about diversity. And, yes, don't they taste good fresh....we like the heirloom peas best, so far.
Re: Fantasy Time, That £35 Million win. by sighthound on 21 August 2007 10:25pm
I have a French zucchini this year that is wonderful. I've always considered zucchini bland and boring but this one has amazing flavor. Definitely going to try to save seeds from that one and hope for some of that lottery money when next year's seed catalogs come out. Do the peas you like have a name, Linda?
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