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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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When will Michael retire? by vlad all over on 12 September 2007 2:04pm
It's a horrible prospect I know but I was just wondering how long we all think he will continue for. By starting to publish his diaries and from what he said about the reasons for New Europe it would seem that he might be about to wind down. Having said that he seems to be keeping himself extremely busy.

Of course he is 64 now and can't go on forever so I guess it's inevitable but I really hope he does at least one more series after this one. He has said that Brazil, Japan and parts of China are places he would like to go back to/visit.

If he continues publishing his diaries in 10 year segments then I think he might retire around 2009/10 which would also coincide with Python's 40th anniversary. If he could squeeze another documentary in there I'd be ecstatic.

Whatever he does, the day he hangs up his suitcase will be a very sad day indeed.
Re: When will Michael retire? by KShabby523 on 12 September 2007 4:54pm
Oh my goodness, what an extremely depressing thread! Anyway, I don't think the fact that Michael is 64 means he's going to pull the plug on his career and apply to a nursing home anytime soon. [Everyone sing: "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"... YES!] It's not like he's 74 or 84! Maybe you're young, Vlad, but for myself, as I get older, 64 hardly seems old anymore. And besides, Michael by nature is a very curious person who can become easily bored. At this point in his life, I sincerely doubt he continues to work for money. Also, having seen him last week with my own eyes, he is full of life and energy. Calling my doctor now to request a strong antidepressant...
Re: When will Michael retire? by vlad all over on 12 September 2007 5:07pm
Well I certainly wasn't suggesting that Michael is decrepit but just reading the interviews for his latest series it's fairly obvious that he and his crew might struggle in future to do another major series. You have to bear in mind that the next one, if there is one, might be another 3 years away and whilst Michael would still be 'only' 67 some of the rest of the crew, as he has mentioned, will be well beyond that. Certainly doing something on the scale of Himalaya again is, at the very least, a bit doubtful. Of course he could always use younger, replacement crew members but I'm not sure he would want to do that.

I suppose if he carries on as long as David Attenborough then in theory he could do another 5 or 6 series but I think it's highly improbable.

I do agree though, it's a depressing topic!

Re: When will Michael retire? by Palin_Lover on 12 September 2007 9:35pm
64 really is not that old...I think he could still go for a while!! At least, I sure hope he does. The world would be dull without new things from Michael Palin.
Re: When will Michael retire? by tucsonmike on 13 September 2007 6:46am
A depressing topic, but I wonder when it will happen. When he is ready, tired of traveling, whatever.

If we get anything from being on this site it is the fact that all of us here should be ready to take on the challenge and carry on in his stead.

Maybe that is what Mr. P would like us to do.
Re: When will Michael retire? by fairygirl48 on 13 September 2007 7:39am
I hope he continues on for several more years...depressing indeed to think of the day when we have no new books or shows to look forward to. And since Michael looks to still be in excellent condition, I hope this is still a long way down the road!
Re: When will Michael retire? by geordiegirl on 16 September 2007 4:41pm
Yes, he seems still so full of life & vigour. Watching him on '[email protected] the other night he was good at relating tpo the other guests by asking pertinent questions etc. I believe there was once (years ago) talk about the BBC offering him a chat show: I think he'd be really good at that.
Re: When will Michael retire? by vlad all over on 16 September 2007 7:03pm
Well Parkinson did ask him if the arrival of his Grandson would put him off future travels but Michael seemed to suggest there would be more to come. So I guess there are no signs of any imminent retirement. Phew!

Geordiegirl I agree that Michael would be an excellent talk show host but I think that seeing him confined to a studio would be a frustrating experience.
Re: When will Michael retire? by nmeakin on 18 September 2007 5:20pm
I can assure you that the crew is prepared to go on filming forever!
We all still love the travel and it's a joy to work with Michael.
Will he do one more???? Let's hope so.
Nigel Meakin ( Cameraman )
Re: When will Michael retire? by KShabby523 on 18 September 2007 6:55pm
Yay, Nigel! When Michael was in New York a couple of weeks ago, someone asked where he would consider going next for a travel series, and he jokingly said perhaps New Jersey. Can't you just see it now? "Michael Palin's New Jersey: More a state of mind than an actual state." What valuable info would viewers take away from that show (1 episode, max)? Visit if you must, but make it brief. Seriously, I hope Michael, you and the rest of the crew continue on as long as humanly possible. :))
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