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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Dealing With Scammers by bIG bLOGGER on 23 October 2008 4:41pm
I am now wondering if it is such a good idea to have my e-mail address in the "Vital Statistics" section? This is because virtually ANYONE around the world with access to a computer can log on to the palins travels website, whether they have any interest in Michael Palin's site or not or,as some unscrupulous individuals seem to be doing,trawling the "Vitals" section for e-mail addresses as if it were a public Telephone Directory.

I would very much like to hear other members' views and experiences with this one. In the last month,I have been receiving tens of unsolicited e-mails from bogus Bank e-mail addresses,saying: "Update your online account details or your account will be suspended.."
Now,I am getting unsolicited e-mails from West Africa,from people I have never heard of.It's all starting to get a bit irritating,I mean,a joke is a joke...

Re: Dealing With Scammers by peripatetically on 23 October 2008 5:33pm
Well, I will remove your email address.

As for recent spam in your mailbox, from what my friend in Washington, D.C. tells me, this has recently become a huge problem world-wide and she is temporarily emailing me from an alternate email address these days. It doesn't seem to be affecting Apple products systems, however.

Nonetheless, people have always worried about their email addresses being posted, but many wish them to be . So, if anyone else desires theirs to be deleted, let me know. No problem. That's why I'm here, to edit what needs doing.

Re: Dealing With Scammers by mrsteabag on 23 October 2008 5:38pm
Patty,is there anyway that the list could be fixed so that only members would have access to each others' emails, perhaps protected by the penguin in the Scott of the ANtartic sketch?
Re: Dealing With Scammers by peripatetically on 23 October 2008 5:48pm
I think that's an excellent idea. Why not pose that question to the webmaster. He might be able to do something.
Re: Dealing With Scammers by Lounge Trekker on 23 October 2008 6:38pm
Why not, as standard procedure Patty, use the letters 'AT'(or another symbol) in the e-mail address instead of the @ sign? This deters 'spambots' from successfully using your e-mail address, yet a person will see it and manually enter the correct address.

Discreet Trekker
Re: Dealing With Scammers by mrsthing on 23 October 2008 6:59pm
You're only now starting to get the Nigerian scam? Wow, bB! I've been getting that one for years! Thank goodness for SpamAssassin!

Oh geez, does that sound like an ad or what? LOL

Seriously, I don't think there's any avoiding it, after awhile. Just ignore the scammers.

And enjoy watching some get elaborately scammed themselves:

Re: Dealing With Scammers by kazzzz on 24 October 2008 2:27am
BB that's why I don't have mine there. I did have one there listed for a while bit it had never been activated and didn't work anyway. I don't even know why it was there!
Saying this, I get an increasing amount of spam all the time, I don't think there's a lot you can do about it thes days.
Re: Dealing With Scammers by sighthound on 24 October 2008 2:41am
I've stopped getting the Nigerian scams that have been coming for years. Now most of them seem to come from Burkina Faso.

You can also put spaces in your e-mail address in Vitals. The automatic address harvesters don't seem to know what to do about that.
Re: Dealing With Scammers by MMMmmm... on 24 October 2008 3:36am
I don't usually put any info out like that out there - and I also don't get much spam. Nothing ever from Africa - just occasional viagra offers that I don't need :)
Re: Dealing With Scammers by mrsthing on 24 October 2008 1:30pm
Watches, viagra, peeniss enlargement products (I could have my woman begging me for my manhood next week!), someone named Victoria Kingolotto who keeps writing to me in Italian, and people who say, "I reprizent trussworthy older Brittish gentlemen from Bank of UK who want to give you many monies from annonimuss acount." Stuff like that. I love Gmail, because they put it all in a folder for you and delete old stuff after 30 days. It never appears in your inbox. It's amazing how good they are at catching spam and not catching legitimate mail. You can clear the folder yourself with one mouse click. I usually get around 900 messages a month.
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