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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Natasha Richardson RIP by tucsonmike on 19 March 2009 1:18pm
I was sorry to hear this. It is a major tragedy and she was a genuinely good person.
They lived in New York, because in UK, she could never really be her own person.
My best goes to Liam Neeson and their kids.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by peripatetically on 19 March 2009 1:25pm
I followed this sad story all day yesterday and without a promising word from anyone, knew it had to end in disaster. I feel so badly for Liam and the boys. She was such an ordinary person even though veiled with the weight of her royal theatre relatives draped across her shoulders. Very sad indeed.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by mrsthing on 19 March 2009 2:02pm
So tragic. I wonder what happened? News stories said she walked away with no visible sign of injury, just complained of a headache later on and went to the hospital as a precaution. So sad, and so hard on the family.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by geordiegirl on 19 March 2009 2:29pm
Isn't it awful for family & friends & indeed many admirers?

Yes, she relocated to NY to get away from the 'Redgrave Dynasty' label, Mike: Vanessa's always in the papers, Corin too. I saw her on stage once, she was lovely, & admired her films (I always have a soft spot for ANY version of 'The Parent Trap').

RIP, indeed.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by suzulu on 19 March 2009 2:37pm
Very tragic. She must have fallen so badly, even though it was only a beginners' slope. I feel so sorry for her family.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by peripatetically on 19 March 2009 4:26pm
According to reports here, it wasn't too bad of a fall. She suffered from what some call "walk and die". On first examination, all seems fine until about an hour later when possible clots and/or leaks run into the space between the brain and skull and often into the brain stem. Between the brain and skull, the brain swells due to less space and then more bleeding and leakage occurs.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by geordiegirl on 20 March 2009 2:26pm
that's so awful, Patty. In our newspapers it's reported that ambulances were even turned away when it happened, she seemed so well (how true that is, I don't know)

Nice tribute for a Brit, to have the lights on Broadway dimmed.I understand it so rarely happens.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by peripatetically on 20 March 2009 6:02pm
Those reports were reported here too, about the ambulances. So sad. They say the medics didn't even get far enough to actually attend her. They spotted her but she said she didn't need them.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by peripatetically on 21 March 2009 12:37pm
Had Canadian centers been set up for trauma and a helicopter been able to rescue her, she might have survived, but there's not much sense talking about that. It won't bring her back. Of course it could save another in the future though.

On a more bittersweet note, Charlie Rose featured all of her appearances on his show last night. It was beautiful seeing her speak and talk of her career and her acting family. She really lit up when she spoke of her dearest Liam and her boys. What an absolutely lovely woman she was. And some of what she said was prophetic regarding death. I hope some of you saw that show. It might very well be broadcast again on Monday. The late night show is usually seen again during the next broadcast day time slot , at least it is in Maryland. It was apparent Charlie Rose was moved by her death. She appeared with him on several occasions throughout her career and he said when she greeted you that you felt a huge love from her. I know I was moved. I never really saw her being interviewed in such an intimate way as Charlie has a knack of doing. This production was a beautiful tribute to her life.
Re: Natasha Richardson RIP by geordiegirl on 22 March 2009 1:32pm
Charlie Rose sounds lovely - we don't get his show here.

What we did have, on a news programme, was an interview with a ski-ing expert & the interviewer was trying to get the expert to say You should always ski with a helmet to avoid these things - expert just wouldn't have anything to do with that, if you were comfortable doing what you did, no-one pressed for helmets & they spoilt (being heavy & sweaty, he implied) the fine weather & surroundings of ski-ing. Interesting.
Don't ski myself, so don't know.
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