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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Euromillions... by Spursfan on 4 May 2009 12:20pm
...Jackpot is £110 million this Friday! Obviously with that sort of money on offer we have bought a ticket each!

I have daydreamed about what I would do if I won that sort of money.

Obviously the first thing would be to pay off the mortgage and then have a little shopping spree, but after that...

1. I would pay off our son's mortgage and buy our daughter a house (she rents at the moment). Buy a house for our 2 eldest grandchildren, and when old enough buy houses for the youngest 2 and our great grandaughter.

2. Wouldn't actually GIVE our close relatives/friends any money, but would buy whatever they wanted. That way they don't pay tax.

3. Put money (£5 million each?) in trust for our 4 grandchildren and greatgrandchild for when they are 21(? or 18 - if so Sophie would have it now!!).

4. Donate £1m each to Myositis Support Group (my illness), Diabetes UK (husband is diabetic), Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue; Save the Manatees and Amnesty International. Similar amounts to other animal charities.

5. Buy several houses to be converted into temprary housing for the homeless. Employ staff to run each house.

6. PROBABLY stay in the property we have now,(though we both long for a long curved driveway and big electric gates!!) but would have gardens re-landscaped and whole place re-decorated and new furniture etc.

7. Buy field next door to build indoor swimming pool with removeable roof, changing room, showers and loos.

8. Spend about 6 months in England and 6 months in Turkey - only flying first class of course!!

9. Employ housekeeper (not live-in) and gardener, and someone to clean the pool. Well!!

10. Travel to places we haven't seen yet.

Oh and loads more things - I am tempted to say have U2 play at my birthday parties but is that going too far?

Well, a girl can dream, can't she? !!

Re: Euromillions... by geordiegirl on 4 May 2009 3:36pm
Remember Oz in 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - he won the Spanish lottery but he had to claim his prize at 3.00pm and the storyline had him rushed out of Spain as a suspected criminal (or similar) and he never got it?

Make sure you put a cross for No Publicity.....
Re: Euromillions... by Spursfan on 4 May 2009 5:34pm
And Rodney winning the Spanish lottery in Only Fools and Horses!!

If you remember Del had sent in a picture Rodney had done as a kid and they'd won the holiday BUT Rodney had to pretend he was a kid with Del and Cassandra as his Dad and Mum!!

They couldn't claim the lottery prize because Rodney was supposedly too young to claim it (Del had changed his passport I think)!!!

We always do the lottery in Turkey - we've won the odd lira which we usually give to friends to cash in (well, £1 is 2.3 lira !)

Re: Euromillions... by kazzzz on 5 May 2009 5:09am
My cousin won a small prize with a lottery ticket that I'd send him for his birthday. Trouble was, as he was in another state, he had to send it back to me to cash and then I had to send him back the money, by the time we'd done all that it was hardly worth it! Next year I'm sending him a book voucher lol.
Re: Euromillions... by mrsteabag on 5 May 2009 4:41pm
I think having U2 play at your birthday is perfectly reasonable. Go for it!
On a related note re:donations, I heard a story once that after "Indecent Proposal," an elderly, very well to do lady contacted one of Robert Redford's charities. She offered them $1M US if he'd, uh, fulfill one of her lifelong dreams, shall we say :)?
Re: Euromillions... by bIG bLOGGER on 5 May 2009 4:52pm
I heard that before offering the role to Robert Redford,they offered it to Terry Jones! LOL.
Re: Euromillions... by Spursfan on 5 May 2009 5:05pm
Oh in THAT case, I'll also donate £1million to one of Deppy's causes, if he 'fulfills one of my dreams'. Dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, of course - or at least at the BEGINNING of the evening. ;)

Money well spent, I'd have thought.

Not that I'm elderly.....


Re: Euromillions... by Wild in Africa on 6 May 2009 12:50pm
Dream on Anne because it's going to be mine, all mine!!!
Re: Euromillions... by bIG bLOGGER on 6 May 2009 2:07pm
Anyone come across U2 frontman Bono's 1994 poem about Elvis Presley?
It will be given an airing on Radio 4 this month for the first time. It's already on YouTube,where it's been described dismissively as 'spam'.
Bono the poet says:

Elvis the white nigger
Kept getting bigger and bigger

--not very P.C.! Sounds rather crappy poetry as well.
Re: Euromillions... by Spursfan on 6 May 2009 2:25pm
Do I have to fight you for it WiA? !!

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