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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Ted Kennedy, RIP by mrsteabag on 26 August 2009 3:44pm
OMG, at least I had my one cup of coffee in me when I turned on the news this morning. When one sees "legacy" in reference to a person, there's a problem. Sen. Ted Kennedy passed on from brain cancer shortly before midnight last night. Yes, even with Chappaquidik, he still had a great record of public service. I hope that he will be remembered for spearheading the movement to a liberal, tolerant, and just society rather than his mistakes in his private life.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by bIG bLOGGER on 26 August 2009 4:20pm
I hope so too,it must be a tough life being an American Senator.RIP.

Are there any 'presidential' Kennedy's left? I presume not,therefore in one sense it is the end of an era,or at least the end of one American Dynasty. But there is still Caroline Kennedy,and a few Kennedy children around although I don't know the names.

It was only recently I found out there is a band called THE DEAD KENNEDYS. Were they trying to be ironic with this name,or moronic,or playing about with black humour??
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by George on 27 August 2009 1:36am
The place where Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die is spelled CHAPPAQUIDDICK.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by kazzzz on 27 August 2009 1:39am
I saw this on the news but really know very little about the man apart from the scandal. I suspect that this will be what he's primarily remembered for.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by Miss-M on 27 August 2009 3:05am
RIP, Ted.

Like Kazz, I don't know much about him either, other than the fact that he was the brother of JFK.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by sighthound on 27 August 2009 8:49am
He was the second longest serving Senator in U.S. history. The list of the bills he got passed runs to 50 pages. He was behind ALL of the enlightened legislation passed in Congress for the last half century. He had a genius for reaching across the aisle to Republicans and working out a deal to get needed legislation passed, a talent that will probably die with him since Newt Gingrich transformed U.S. political methodology into "Kill the Bastards."

Ted Kennedy didn't become President like his brother (and his other brother was trying to be) but he survivied assasins' bullets and probably affected U.S. history more than John and Robert did.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by AGM on 27 August 2009 4:02pm
I miss him.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by Spursfan on 27 August 2009 5:53pm
This family always makes me feel so sad - they have suffered so much tragedy and, at the end of the day, they are human after all. No one should have to go through so much grief and unhappiness.

I was 10 when JFK was assassinated - (yes I remember where I was when I heard (standing on the stairs)), and 15 when Bobby was assassinated. Both events upset me greatly.

RIP Edward.
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by bIG bLOGGER on 28 August 2009 2:58pm
That's right,the 2 assassinations took place in 1963 and 1968,respectively. And Martin Luther King,Jnr was also assassinated in 1968,as well.Those were all huge events at the time,in the 1960's..

However I have to query geraldine/sighthound's statement in her last post,that Edward Kennedy "survived assassin's bullets..."
I have no knowledge of Edward [Teddy] ever being shot at,and his obituaries don't mention anything of the sort. Was geraldine mixing Edward up with Ronald Reagan perhaps,who DID survive an assassination attempt?
Re: Ted Kennedy, RIP by elina on 28 August 2009 4:06pm
I think Geraldine meant that he survived assassin's bullets since there was never an attempted assassination towards him.

Certainly sad times for the family, since their sister passed away very recently.
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