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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Stupid Man!! by Spursfan on 11 September 2009 7:03pm
We went for our usual (fine weather only because of Tosun!) Friday lunch at a pub today, and, again as usual, went for a long walk along the adjacent canal path. It is a beautiful spot. (I had thought it was the river to start with, because it looks more like a river than a canal but still, I digress).

We keep Tosun on his lead, in fact we only let him off on certain walks.

On the way back, we saw a young dog (looked like a Welsh collie or similar) coming towards us off its lead, so we stopped to enable its owner to put it back on the lead. The dog kept coming towards us slowly, Zak put his hand up trying to get it to stay where it was, but it kept coming. Meanwhile the owner didn't make any effort to rush forward and put the lead on.

Zak said (in a friendly manner) 'He's not very good with other dogs'. Still no effort. The dog edging towards Tosun, who by now was in (what I call) a Staffie stance. Zak had him firmly 'reined in', so's to speak.

Zak said again 'He doesn't like other dogs'. The man said 'well you shouldn't bring him out if he's like that should you?'!!

I said 'he loves people and is a loveable dog but he just doesn't get on with dogs.' Still no effort to put his dog on the lead.

Zak said that at least Tosun was under control 'unlike YOUR dog'.

The man by this time had passed both Zak with Tosun, and me - leaving his dog wondering what to do on the other side of us!! Zak said 'He (Tosun) doesn't like other dogs. Some people don't like other people' (and he told me later he had wanted to add 'like I don't like YOU' but he thought why should I lower myself to his level!!).

The man just turned and walked off, still leaving his poor dog! I said 'Stupid man!!' and at that point the other dog made a run for it, past Tosun towards his owner.

We carried on our walk, but you can guess who the subject of our conversation was! THAT is the sort of person who gives dog owners a bad name.

Stupid man!!

Re: Stupid Man!! by kazzzz on 12 September 2009 11:10am
Well at least YOU'RE a responsible pet owner Anne. People like that don't train their dogs and if the dog then does the wrong thing they're probably punished for it :(.

I take Ava to a local lake/playground where dogs are more than welcome on leads and designated areas are for them to be off the leads. I have seen SO many people let dogs off the leads near the playgrounds and the wildlife (there's extensive wetlands full of native birds there). I've also seen a lot of dogfights there, from unrestrained dogs just attacking eachother. Such irresponsible behaviour spoils it for everyone including the poor dogs.
Re: Stupid Man!! by Spursfan on 12 September 2009 2:28pm
Ridiculous Kazzzz!! You're right - totally irresponsible.

I didn't like to dwell on how the dog was treated - though it looked well. It had an irresistible inquisitiveness about it - very cute. The husband said he was probably locked up most of the day - hope not.
Re: Stupid Man!! by TERRY S on 13 September 2009 1:19am
I agree with you. A prat! Here's my story. I used to have a black labrador and one time the guy down the street who was a complete loser, let his dog who on heat out into the street and then my dog tried to mount it. The guy then came screaming to my door (this is when I lived in Sheffield with my folks), and demanded money from us for vet fees saying we had ruined his door (we thought it was still in it's own garden at this point). We were so scared, that my dad gave hum the money. Stupid i know. It was later when the neighbour had seen him ranting that she told us he had a criminal record ( very common in this neighborhood as it's close to a famous place called the Manor; I think my family and our five neighbours were the only law-abiding people there!). She also told us the dog had been running around the neighbourhood. So it was his own fault his dog got, erm, shafted.
Re: Stupid Man!! by suzulu on 13 September 2009 2:00pm
What idiots! Irresponsible people should not own animals. It makes me so angry!!!
Re: Stupid Man!! by Lounge Trekker on 13 September 2009 10:26pm
True, irresponsible people shouldn't have pets. But dogs shouldn't be on leash.

Off-leash Trekker
Re: Stupid Man!! by canaveralgumby on 14 September 2009 12:30am
My PET PEEVE GET IT PET PEEVE?!?! is when people let their toddlers go running toward dogs they don't know. Insanely stupid.
Re: Stupid Man!! by Spursfan on 14 September 2009 7:46am
I agree Cori - even worse (to me) are those who instantly pick up their child because they see a Staffie - incidentally nicknamed the Nanny dog because they are so good with kids!!

You should always ask if a dog is friendly before you let your kids near it - let's face it, I ask before stroking a dog!

Pete, I have to disagree with you. Yes in an ideal world without cars and other dangers (not least dog nappers) dogs wouldn't have to be on leads. But they can run into the road (even the most well-behaved and well-trained dog could one day be distracted) and cause accidents. There are plenty of places where a dog can go unleashed but public footpaths and streets etc are not those places (by law). And rightly so in my opinion.

Re: Stupid Man!! by mrsteabag on 15 September 2009 8:45am
And parks. It's usually some bleepwit with a huge dog of questionable temperment. The $75 fine doesn;t seem to deterr many of them.
Re: Stupid Man!! by Spursfan on 15 September 2009 8:54am
We live more-or-less opposite the village hall, which has behind it a field that is mainly taken up by a football pitch and also has an area with swings and slide.

On the gate it clearly says 'NO DOGS' but I (and the husband) have often seen people take dogs in it. I once told some lads off who were kicking a ball about and had a 'loose' Jack Russell Terrier with them (I could see them over the hedge as I went past with Tosun). They put him? on the lead and left (I was expecting an argument because they must have been in their late teens!).

I wasn't trying to spoil their fun - but why should some people get away with it? We would love to walk Tosun there; it is so handy and would make a nice (shortish) walk. But we don't. It says no dogs for a reason - some people don't pick up after their dogs!!!
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