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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Enough good news. I have a complaint. by Lounge Trekker on 16 September 2009 4:32am
So the security light on my deck comes on at 4 am. I opened the blinds to be staring into the face of a two-point deer. I slowly tried to get my camera in a hurry, because he was looking right at me. As I get back to the window he was casually walking away to be joined by the three-point buck he was out dining with. My apples are still there thanks to the effective deer-repellent I use. The pictures aren't good. It looks like one of them ate half of a tomato.

So that's my biggest complaint. It's like they were in my living room.

Perturbed Trekker
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by kazzzz on 16 September 2009 6:46am
Pesky wildlife! We have a possum who spends most nights making heaps of noise outside Ava's window and pooing all over my car. The paintwork is absolutely ruined.
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by Lounge Trekker on 16 September 2009 7:45pm
I hope they fatten up. They are a few good meals as they are and another year or two they'll be wearing beautiful trophies on the end of their necks. I've seen these two in my neighbourhood all this year. They know they're safe in town, but taunting a carnivorous male is asking to test my marksmanship!

Too bad I didn't get any good pictures while they are alive.

Lounge Shooter
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by Ken Dunn on 16 September 2009 10:19pm
Oh deer!
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by kazzzz on 17 September 2009 2:19am
AArgh last night I went to take some rubbish out to the bin and there were 5 huge possums in the drive, all growling and carrying on, I almost died of fright and came running back in with the rubbish!!
(They're actually harmless but 5 against one isn't good odds lol)
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by mrsteabag on 17 September 2009 2:44am
I used to be against hunting deer,but then I almost got rear-ended when one decided to play chicken and run right in front of my car. One demolished the front end of Mr. Teabag's old car. Feh.
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by kazzzz on 17 September 2009 3:02am
I was brought up with deer hunters. My uncle was a deer hunter, he worked for the NZ government culling them, and later on had deer farms where he bred them. As a kid U used to make his bullets, (had no idea what they were for at the time, they were fun to make in the machine that filled the coloured cartridges full of shot) and grew up eating venison and lying on deer pelts. For may years he had the title of shooting the largest stag. His walls are still covered in deer heads.
These days I don't like shooting deer, I don't like hunting of any form for sport. Many of my friends are still deer hunters but it's not a PC subject to talk about so they pretty much don't.
If I had to shoot animals to eat I;d live on grass and tree bark! I don't eat red meat at all anyway. Just chicken and fish now.
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by Spursfan on 20 September 2009 7:50pm
I too am pee'd off about something. (sorry!)

As most of you know we have an apartment in Turkey. There are 7 aparts, it is a new build, and most of us are from England with one family who are Dutch. The latter have the whole of the ground floor as they helped with cash to build it (we all knew the builder prior to buying).

It's a private apartment block, not on a site. It is built to an exceptional standard and there is a lift - which we have not been able to use since soon after we bought about 5 years ago. We are on the 2nd floor and it is no problem using the stairs - until you have mounds of groceries or a delivery!

We all have our own electricity and water meters, and any other maintenance is paid into a kitty - one owner is the keeper of the purse strings.

Originally, we could not have the lift working until all the apartment owners had their Tapus (deeds) and there was a site licence. Now all that is done, of course the lift needs maintenance and most of the owners are refusing to pay for it!!

We have had several rows (by email as we haven't met all of them!) about this. It makes us so cross because some of the ones who are arguing are on the ground or 1st floor!! We originally bought it because it did have a lift, as sometimes with my illness I find it difficult to go up, and mainly down, stairs.

It is going to cost about £440 per year for the maintenance and contract - but this is between 7 apartments!! And also it is part of the framework of the building so we say it HAS to be maintained!!

We put in smoke alarms at our own expense and maintenance on each landing, thinking about everyone's safety - and yet we had an email from one couple (we haven't met, they are an older couple I think) which was really hurtful, talking about amongst other things 'useless smoke alarms'!! Tell that to our friend who has the duplex on the 3rd/4th floor (we were friemds before). She is a nurse in a specialist burns unit!

Thank you for your indulgence - I feel better for getting that off my chest.

Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by ev on 20 September 2009 9:12pm
I have a question for everyone - what do you call a deer without any eyes?
Re: Enough good news. I have a complaint by kazzzz on 20 September 2009 11:48pm
No idea!
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