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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Cats poisoned when the tourists leave Rhodes. by johnnythemonkey on 22 September 2009 12:03am
This is shocking.

Re: The fate of cats and dogs in Rhodes. by suzulu on 22 September 2009 12:11pm
That is very shocking and upsetting. I started reading but couldn't read any more!
Re: The fate of cats and dogs in Rhodes. by peripatetically on 22 September 2009 12:39pm
I didn't even begin to read it.
Re: The fate of cats and dogs in Rhodes. by johnnythemonkey on 22 September 2009 1:00pm
I've cut and pasted the most relevant paragraph from the article, as I know a lot of people can't be bothered reading links and others may be put off by the thread title. Greece is my favourite destination and I have visited Rhodes but I think people should know about this.

And so I ask my ever-cheerful waitress Maria a question: 'What happens to all the cats come winter, Maria? When the resort is deserted and there are no tourists to feed them?'
I'm aware that this resort packs up at the end of October; very few people live here all the year round. Maria pulls a face, and is suddenly serious. In all my visits here, I haven't seen her serious before.
'You do not want to know.'
'I do want to know.'
'The cats - they do not survive.'
'They starve?'

'No - they are poisoned.'
'Poisoned? How?'

'Weedkiller. Different sorts of poison; it's easy to buy. Poisoned food is left for them; particularly in dustbins where they eat, or in puddles where they drink. We're not meant to talk about it. We're meant to brush it under the carpet, but it makes me too angry.'
'When is this done?'
'After the last charter flight leaves the island at the end of October. They do not want the tourists to see, of course.
'At the end of October last year, as I was walking one evening in Lindos, a cat dropped down in front of me, screaming. The poison kills from the inside, so it isn't pleasant. It died in front of me on the pavement.'
'And who clears up the bodies?'

'The dustbin men.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1214960/Remember-cute-little-cat-patted-holiday-Rhodes-Its-got-weeks-live.html#ixzz0RpshHTNy
Re: The fate of cats and dogs in Rhodes. by kazzzz on 22 September 2009 1:15pm
I didn't want to read it either :(
Re: The fate of cats and dogs in Rhodes. by Spursfan on 22 September 2009 1:38pm
Can't bear to read it, Johnny! I am sure it is very upsetting so I'll pass if you don't mind and change the subject slightly!

They don't do 'whatever it is' in Turkey. We have a small 'gang' of cats in our neighbourhood that are not only fed by us when we are there but are also fed by our Turkish neighbours. And they are there each time we go (we look for them - well actually as soon as they see us have something on the balcony they start mewing (and we are on the 2nd floor! 3rd if you are Turkish)) They are almost plump and can be quite fussy about what they eat, believe it or not! That's not to say they don't have a tough life though - we have had to shout at some local kids for throwing stones, etc. We have named one or two - the (we think) female in charge is called Bayram after the apartment block, though I was tempted to call her Top Cat!!

In town you get painfully thin cats around the restaurants, usually one or two not a gang. We always give bits off our plates.

We feel sorrier for the dogs in a way; cats can usually get by by jumping in the bins and scavenging there or what have you - but of course the dogs can't. As many as possible are rounded up by ex-pats who then put them up for adoption if possible - but of course it is a losing battle.

There is also a scheme run by ex-pats for both cats and (I think) dogs where they catch them, doctor them, and then mark their ears to show they have been done. They cut off the tip of one ear while they are still under.

I have written on here before about 'our' street dog - his name translates to 'Jackal'. He is lovely and rushes to us when he sees us, tail wagging away. He is also fed by other Turkish people in the street, so is quite healthy looking.

Last time we were there, June, we bought him things from the supermarket; heart and liver, that sort of thing and Zak would cook it up and then give it to him in his dog bowl. We bought these things particularly because we thought they would be very good for him.

One day Jackal sniffed it and looked up at us as if to say 'NOT liver again!!'!! But he ate it.


Re: The fate of cats and dogs in Rhodes. by peripatetically on 22 September 2009 6:07pm
Still won't read it.
Re: Cats poisoned when the tourists leave Rhodes. by ev on 23 September 2009 11:29am
Has anyone here heard of the Australian wildlife conservationist John Wamsley?:

Re: Cats poisoned when the tourists leave Rhodes. by perfectbitch on 23 September 2009 11:42am
A few years ago, I holidayed at a camping, caravan and cabin site in Spain. There were many cats on the site and one of them made itself at home in our caravan.

There was a similar scheme to the one Anne has described where, at the end of every season, they were rounded up, neutered and had an ear clipped. The owners welcomed the cats as they kept down any vermin etc. I was impressed with this scheme.

maybe one of the charities could promote this idea to tourist sites - maybe through legislation?

Re: Cats poisoned when the tourists leave Rhodes. by kazzzz on 23 September 2009 12:34pm
I've heard of him ev. While I can see his point I think he's pretty awful. The hat is a tad unnecessary.

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