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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Wacky Tobacky by Loretto on 28 February 2010 1:34pm

I'm glad Clinton "Never inhaled." In the article they say extended use of marijuana can cause psychosis, in the video the older man is saying it helps relieve pain. Now I am confused. Do older people not run the risk of psychosis as much as a 15 year old?
Re: Wacky Tobacky by kazzzz on 28 February 2010 1:50pm
I think that using it in advanced stages of a terminal illness for pain relief is vastly different to habitually using it in daily life, destroying your mind and turning yourself psychotic and destroying your own life and lives of those around you.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by Loretto on 28 February 2010 1:58pm
Yeah, agreed, my only concern for people using it for extended pain relief is that they now run the risk of suffering two ailments, the original reason they started using the drug eg: arthritis pain and psychosis. In Jamaica, you could smell it every 20 feet when you walked on the beach. There were fields of it growing.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by kazzzz on 28 February 2010 2:02pm
I guess it's a personal choice. The risks would have to be made clear beforehand.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by mrsteabag on 2 March 2010 2:25am
I was cajoled into trying it while in college. We had a 1-lb. bag of chocolate covered raisins for the inevitable munchies. Let's just say that in psychology, it's called aversion therapy and leave it at that. :)
Re: Wacky Tobacky by Loretto on 2 March 2010 8:15pm
Sorry to hear that mrsteabag... I know some people who could do with a good dose of it to chill them out. But I found the article interesting. The man in the video accompanying the article is very open about his use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. I suppose the big question is, how do you know who will develop psychosis from it and who will be fine? More research needs to be done.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by kazzzz on 3 March 2010 12:20am
We've had a heap of things like this in the media lately, it's a hot topic here. Experts are saying that dope is ally generally three times as potent now as it was 15 years ago for the home user and grower.
It's a real pet hate of mine, touches very close to home. I loathe it. I can't believe people want it legalized and think it's harmless.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by mrsteabag on 3 March 2010 2:10am
Well...my 2 cents based on my experience doing addictions counseling? It's hard to tell who's going to have an issue with what. There are some genetic markers that can indicate potential for problems, but there's no way to know unless one tries it.
I can also tell you that there's a huge world of difference between someone having the misfortune to take a hit or two at a party on Saturday and having to do a pee test at work on Monday and someone who has had their life fall down around them and been too messed up to notice. I had 70 clients on my caseload. Probably a third were there because they really wanted to change their lives; the rest court ordered or employer referred and pretty p.o.'d about it.
If legalized, I would want the same sorts of restrictions in place (ie, an age limit, penalties for driving under the influence; safe places to buy it) as with alcoholic beverages.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by Loretto on 3 March 2010 2:44pm
I had a professor of child psychology for my Masters in Education announce to the class ten years ago, mind you, that he would rather see his children smoking pot than drinking! I was dumb founded! I had a brother commit suicide 20 years ago, suffered from schizophrenia for 10 years before he took his own life, I truly believe he messed around with marijuana in college and it triggered an underlying personality disorder. Some people should just know that if there is a history of mental illness or addictive tendencies in their family history that there are certain "recreational activities" that are going to carry risks. I am no goody two shoes but I was very cautious about drugs.
Re: Wacky Tobacky by peripatetically on 3 March 2010 11:25pm
You speak wisely, Loretto. And I am truly sorry for your loss.
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