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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Nightmare !! by Spursfan on 12 March 2010 9:49am
I had an awful nightmare last night which despite waking up a few times and even going to the bathroom at least once seemed to carry on if you see what I mean.

Basically I was with this male friend (can't remember who it was now) and we were looking after a young child. It was a little girl, about 2 I guess, with short blonde hair. Anyway, we were in this room with a huge desk in the middle. It might even have been a hospital. I was one end, opposite the window, and he and the child were at the other end by the window. We were busy discussing something and then I noticed that the child was pushing open the window (one that opened if you push the bottom if you see what I mean). We were really high up - not sure what floor but it was at least 10 floors up. He went to grab her but it was too late, she disappeared through the window!! We stood looking at each other knowing full well that she would be dead - no other outcome possible. I said 'tell me I'm dreaming this' knowing full well that I wasn't (though I WAS!! Keep up!!).

Needless to say her parents were very distraught, and I can remember we held some sort of fund raising event for them in a school - by that time they had divorced (getting a bit like the Bulger case?). I can even remember putting 'Sympathy card' on my shopping list!!

It was just sooo real.

All I can think is that it is a combination of the Bulger case which obviously has come back into the news and a Matt Dillon film I saw last week (Armoured) where in one scene a bloke just steps off a high roof.

Re: Nightmare !! by kazzzz on 12 March 2010 11:02am
Ohh horrible!!!!!!!!!
Re: Nightmare !! by Loretto on 12 March 2010 1:44pm
That's amazing that you woke up and the dream continued on when you went back to sleep. My husband told me I was swearing like a sailor at someone two nights ago in my sleep!! I don't remember a thing.
Re: Nightmare !! by Spursfan on 12 March 2010 11:04pm
Sometimes when Tosun is asleep he starts barking - but because he's asleep and his mouth is closed it comes out all muffled!!

It's ever so cute!!

Re: Nightmare !! by johnnythemonkey on 12 March 2010 11:10pm
Loretto, when you've been on this site for as long as I have, you won't read Anne's dream posts. Believe me.
Re: Nightmare !! by Spursfan on 13 March 2010 9:10am
Johnny - go forth and multiply and yes that IS a euphemism.

Re: Nightmare !! by johnnythemonkey on 13 March 2010 9:21am
I heard that Tosun phoned a helpline for distressed dogs with devil owners. They woofed that he was a hopeless case.
Re: Nightmare !! by johnnythemonkey on 13 March 2010 9:49am
Believe it or not, I just read your post Anne.
How can you sit down and type such drivel ? 'Blathering on' yes, but do you really think that anyone in their right mind is interested in your sleeping thoughts ?
A less kind person than me would say that your waking thoughts are enough.
Anyone for turkey?
"Did I tell you about my Turkish friend's goldfish ?"
Re: Nightmare !! by Spursfan on 13 March 2010 9:58am
Get back to your whisky (or whatever you're drinking these days) and keep your bitchy comments to yourself..
Re: Nightmare !! by johnnythemonkey on 13 March 2010 10:00am
I love when you show the real Anne.
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