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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Double Rainbow by ev on 31 January 2011 2:27pm
I really have to share this with you guys.. maybe some of you have seen it already but anyway..:

About one year ago a guy took a video of a double rainbow at his property near Yosemite.. he was rather umm.. ecstatic about witnessing the phenomenon, to say the least.. really funny to watch!:


6 months later it turned into a Youtube hit (25 million views!), with thousands of people around the world making songs, remixes, and remixes of remixes..

CBS News interviewed the guy:

Welcome to the internet.. :)
Re: Double Rainbow by suzulu on 31 January 2011 6:05pm
Good grief! LOL! Anyone would think he had found umpteen pots of gold at the end of each rainbow. :)
Re: Double Rainbow by TERRY S on 31 January 2011 7:06pm
Yeah, he was way over the top! They are good, but I've seen them loads on car trips and stuff. Geez!!
Re: Double Rainbow by Lounge Trekker on 31 January 2011 7:18pm
We must take time to stop and smell the roses. As simple as this display of physics is, this guy got quite an uplifting from it. Lucky man.

Refractured Trekker
Re: Double Rainbow by ev on 31 January 2011 9:50pm
Maybe the most amazing natural display I've seen was a storm front in South Australia stretching from horizon to horizon, rolling in off the Great Southern Ocean. As the storm hit there was a phenomenal display of lightning.. The electricity in the air was literally making one's hair stand up on end (ok I don't have long hair, but still..).
Re: Double Rainbow by sighthound on 1 February 2011 12:05am
Who among us who spends any amount of time outdoors in the country hasn't seen a double rainbow? I've seen lots and also many triples and, even once, I saw a hint of a fourth . (Now, I would have made a youtube video of that fourth one if I could have captured it!)

But maybe this only happens in California or, at least, only gets Californians enthusiastic enough to post on youtube. (FYI, I'm saying this as a native born Californian.)

I am sure that we all will now be continually and forever be asked to be amazed about totally normal things that get millions of hits on youtube from people who never bother to get outside of their city life and into the real world. This is just another manifestation that the human race is now mostly urban and is forgetting its rural roots. (Much to its detriment and peril IMO.)

P.S. would have loved to have been there with you ev!

P.P.S. I worked at an art gallery in Jerome, Arizona which is an old mining ghost town that has been transformed into a "tourist destination" (but it supports a lot of artists so I really loved Jerome.).

Jerome is perched on a mountain top that looks out over an amazing vista of the red rocks of Sedona to the east and to the four sacred mountains of the Navajos to the north. The gallery's north-east facing wall was all glass and provided an amazing panorama of the valley.
During the summer in that part of the world, there are thunderstorms almost every afternoon which don't produce much rain but provide the most amazing natural show I have ever witnessed which all of us "natives" and all the tourists would gape at in awe every day. (A curse and a blessing for all us shop-keepers - the display kept the tourists in the shop but totally distracted them from buying. LOL)

If anyone plans to visit the north of Arizona, please reply to me privately and I can let you know about many amazing places. (For southern Arizona, consult tucsonmike.)
Re: Double Rainbow by kazzzz on 1 February 2011 12:43am
I've seen lots of double rainbows too, what's this guy on???? I didn't make it through the whole 3.30 of footage I'm afraid.

Re: Double Rainbow by ev on 1 February 2011 6:10am
"This is just another manifestation that the human race is now mostly urban.." (Sighthound)

I heard that when there some blackouts in New York City, there were some people who, when they looked up, didn't recognise what the stars were because they'd never seen them before..
Re: Double Rainbow by Lounge Trekker on 1 February 2011 6:21am
Yeah, yeah, yeah, double rainbows. The most amazing natural thing I saw made me feel pretty small indeed.

We were driving atop some hills in southern BC in summer of '95, I think it was. No towns, no lights, no traffic and a full moon to light our way. Within a few degrees hung Haley-bop Comet with its tail pointing up, and Aurora Borealis was waving curtains of green, red and blue in front of them.

I stopped the car (a van with the whole family) and just enjoyed it greatly until the northern lights looked like they were fading in intensity.

Lounge Gazer
Re: Double Rainbow by ev on 1 February 2011 6:39am
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