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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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WYNC 2 Interviews by Dianne on 5 June 2003 10:18am
Has anyone checked out the two interviews of Michael on the WYNC site? Webmaster has the link on the home page and when you reach the site, you can type in Michael's name to search for the interviews. There is one called 'Survival Kit', which gives a little more insight into Michael and what he likes or would like to do if he had more time.
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by irishmanufan on 5 June 2003 12:15pm
hi dianne whats the web site address ?
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by Dianne on 5 June 2003 1:36pm
Linda - go to the home page of this site and to the right there is 'Latest News'. Click on WYNC.
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by Diamond on 5 June 2003 9:22pm
thanks Dianne

HOpe Michael is Ok on his travels
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by BB-Scala on 5 June 2003 9:46pm
I am listening to the 1st (I believe it's the 1st anyway) WNYC interview and I'm curious what everyone else would put in their own survival kits should they go somewhere extremely remote for several months(?) I guess the limit on "things" is 10.....

Here's my list:

1. A Martin "backpacker" model guitar and 30 extra sets of strings.

2. A solar powered (with re-chargeable battery pack) tea/hot water pot with coffee grinder and a years' supply of Guatemala Antigua blend coffee. (I do have the same addiction -- I grind my own coffee daily and I like the cone filter method).

3. I think I need my BIG tabby Cat, as well. This is my cat who's nickname is Moammar -- he protects me.

4. Also, My large Shepherd/Ridgeback (dog!), Memphis -- she is also a protector. These are my guard animals. I wouldn't go without them.

5. A digital video camcorder (solar powered/battery, etc.) with stereo mics and an endless supply of memory and tape -- if I'm going to take such an adventure, may as well document it! the stereo mics are for songwriting -- I can use the camcorder as a tape recorder, if need be.

6. oh geez........... a cell phone with solar powered, rechargeable battery -- just in case I can get a signal and feel homesick!

7. The Hubble telescope - this would provide months of entertainment and it would really be fun to carry around!

8. One really fat book on everything one needs to know about homeopathy and herbs, natural healing, etc. -- just in case.

9. One VERY LARGE bottle of vallium in case I get attacked by some crazy tribe or something and I have to keep my mouth shut or be killed. I have a hard time not going right for the insults -- like -- "That ring in your nose really looks stupid! You should have gone for the single nostril piercing." Stuff like that -- the vallium would keep me sedated enough to keep my mouth shut, I should hope.

10. My 2 Austrian seltzer/soda siphons and a year's supply of carbon dioxide cartridges (to make them work). Seltzer is the drink of choice for me!


Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by Kristine on 6 June 2003 5:36am
1. An espresso machine with 1 year coffee supply- I just love coffee, especially when it's made like this. It always seems to keep me stimulated and it smells so good! MM! If it weren’t so late I'd have a cup right now.
2. MY big lazy tabby cat AJ- He would be great company, not to mention warm and cuddly.
3. My acoustic guitar complete with a number of different sets of strings and instruction books- a good creative outlet.
4. A set of oil paints and canvases- I too would also like to experiment with this media a bit more for the same reasons Michael stated in his interview.
5. A manual camera and a year's supply of black and white film- Black and white film is much more dramatic and artistic then colour. Not only would I capture great shots, but it would also help me gather inspiration for songs and paintings. (also see above).
6. A Yoga Course- I've recently done some yoga in my phys ed. classes, and I absolutely loved it! Not only will it keep me flexible and agile, it will also keeped me focused mentally and physically.
7. A boom box complete with a GIANT CD collection. I just can't live without music. I can't and I refuse to.
8. Various works of fiction- Works I haven' read and work I'd be willing to revisit.
9. A Laptop computer with DVD-rom and wireless a wireless Internet connection-so I can keep in contact with my friends and family. I would also carry along nothing but comedic movies on DVD (OK, maybe a drama and horror flick or two, but that's it.)
10. Sir Robbie, the teddy bear Robbie gave me on valentine's day- He sits up on my desktop all the time, and he smells good. Not to mention that he's super cuddly.

Oddly enough, my list isn't very different from Michael's. Let's just say I was quite pleased to listen to this interview. I knew we shared certain outlooks on life, but I never knew we had so much in common! This interview made me like him more now than I ever did before, and I feel like I could just talk to him for hours on end about anything. He's certainly a person I wouldn’t be afraid to open up to at all.
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by Dianne on 6 June 2003 10:07am
I cannot find out anything about Michael appearing today.
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by macauley on 7 June 2003 2:23am
..it was (is still) posted on michael's home page just above the nigel BAFTA notice. it was a most entertaining half hour. wonder if michael was in NYC or if it was recorded earlier. couldn't tell. i was surprised that there were no books on his survival list...liked everything else including the case of single malts..altho' i would have trouble with his 10,000 piece puzzle after a sip or two of the whisky! will have to consider just what i would take to a snow-bound cabin for a year. maybe michael?!
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by macauley on 7 June 2003 2:33am
..forgot to mention that all i did was click on the WYNC in the latest news slot and tah-dah: perfect reception!
Re: WYNC 2 Interviews by Dianne on 7 June 2003 3:30am
The Survival item was on June the 1st, but I cannot find anything about Michael for June the 6th. What was the interview about you were listening to Macauley?

Was the same interview played again?
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